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Word Study: Nephesh – “Soul”

There are 700 references to soul in the Bible.

In the Bible you do not have a soul, you are a soul.

[This has implications to our view of abortion. The unborn does not have a soul; but it rather is a soul. From the moment of concption.]

[The notion that the soul is implanted at birth is pure doctrinal garbage.]


I am assuming that you are aware that the Adventist Church is planning to revisit a document created five decades ago and approved by the General Conference Autumn Council in 1992 known as “Guidelines on Abortion.”

This move by the leaders of the church is probably in response to the growing number of Adventists who consider that when the church embraced elective abortions back in 1970, this unbiblical action was in a direct violation of the Sixth Commandment of the Decalogue and a violation of the Scriptural prohibition of “shedding innocent blood.”

When I learned that Gerald Winslow, the alleged architect of said abortion document, was offering his office for the collection of suggestions for the planned revision of those guidelines, I decided to write to him. Here is a copy of the email I sent for his consideration on July 28, 2019:


“Dear Gerald Winslow,

From reading the article published by Spectrum titled “Decisions and their Stories” I learned that you offered to collect information regarding the General Conference [GC] plan to revisit the Adventist Guidelines on Abortion.


After many years of Bible study and prayer I have concluded that said guidelines on abortion should be abolished for the following reasons:

1. They allow what the Bible prohibits: the shedding of “innocent blood.”

2. They justify the killing of certain babies with abnormalities

3. They permit the killing of innocent babies for the sin of their fathers which is condemned in Scripture.

4. They justify the killing of healthy babies when the pregnancy affects the mental health of the pregnant woman. You will probably agree with me that mental health is a temporary condition while abortion is final and irreversible.

My question to you is: Where is the Scriptural justification for all these killings of totally innocent human beings?

And let me remind you that the Bible makes no moral distinction between a fetus and a born baby. It uses the same Greek word “Brephos” both for the baby in Mary’s womb and the baby in the manger.

I believe that we Adventists should be in the forefront in the defense of the Ten Commandments instead of voiding one of them with our abortion guidelines.

When I and others wrote to the GC asking why the church justified abortion, the answer we received was: “Read the Guidelines on Abortion.” This surprised us, because when someone asks why we keep the Sabbath, the usual response is: “Read Exodus 20:13.”

This illustrates the fact that our abortion tradition is not based on the Bible but rather on a document created by fallible human beings.

May the Lord use you to correct what went wrong when our church deviated from a “Thus said the Lord.”

 Have a Happy Sabbath!”


I you are concerned about this moral detour by our SDA church five decades ago, I encourage you to talk or write to Gerald Winslow and express your opinion regarding the right to life of the unborn.

The Lord will bless you if you do this.

Nobody alive has done more on behalf of the guidelines on abortion.

In the video, Winslow cites Psalm 139 and the NT reference to John the Baptist leaping in his mother’s womb as metaphors–not literal.

Is the manger also a metaphor?

In his presentations Winslow cites historical inaccuracies regarding abortion.

Winslow claims that in the 19th century abortion was very common, but cites no statistics—because there is none. Historical evidence proves the opposite.

Even feminists were against abortion, and so were the slave states.

Lindsay Hall was built in honor of an Adventist pro-life physician who condemned abortion as murder.

Contrary to Winslow’s claim, Ellen White was not silent about abortion. Adventist pioneers described abortion as murder, but Winslow ignored this.

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He Knew!

Stephen Bohr has been very vocal against women’s ordination but silent regarding the killing of innocent unborn children.

He is on record acknowledging that those defending abortion were wrong.

Bohr predicted that our erroneous position on abortion would eventually affect our eschatology. But for 30 years he has chosen to be silent about abortion.

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Why a notorious abortionist follows Adventist teachings

Evidence that Dr. Edward Allred did not believe that the unborn was a human being.

Allred admitted having performed 250,000 abortion.

He is the product of Adventist education.

We find in the Adventist Dictionary a definition of soul that agrees with Dr. Allred views.

The same erroneous doctrine regarding the soul is found in the Adventist book “Adventists Believe.” The greatest holocaust in our world history is based on this erroneous teaching.

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“Ellen White was SILENT on abortion”

The Bible defines the unborn as children.

Ellen White was not silent on God’s Commandments.

One of those Commandment forbid the killing of innocent human beings.

Mrs. White was not silent about prenatal care.

Is dismembering the body of the unborn a correct form of prenatal care?

In expensive car showrooms there is no sign warding people not to damage them. Does this means that damaging them is permissible?

Are children more valuable than cars?

Should Adventists be also silent about rape?

Ellen White was also silent about child rape. Can we therefore conclude that raping children is morally acceptable?

Ellen White warned pregnant women to abstain from alcoholic beverages because this harms the unborn.

So injecting poison to kill the unborn is OK?

The Bible states that no murderer will inherit eternal life.

Ellen White was behind the temperance movement because alcohol is harmful both to adults and children, even the unborn.

Note: Most videos are now posted on the following Internet site:

Documented proof that over 90 % of Adventists representatives did approve the guidelines on abortion in 1992.

This documentation was secured from reliable Adventist publication.

Notice: Most videos are now posted on the following internet address:

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To Kill or Not to Kill, That is the Adventist Question!

I want to share with you a video that shows that we need to make a major adjustment to our church teaching.

To Kill or Not to Kill, That is the Adventist Question!

The church’s adherence to a non-combatancy position jars with its justification of killing the unborn under a variety of circumstances. If it is wrong to kill an enemy in wartime, it should be even more wrong to kill our own unborn children during peacetime. The Seventh-day Adventist Church was born as a prolife movement, and it remained so for a long century, but five decades ago the church leaders introduced a non-biblical concept of soul whereby a baby became a soul at birth instead of at the moment of conception. This led the church to embrace elective abortion. We need to do away with our guidelines on abortion!

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Is the Adventist Church wrong about the soul?

I want to share with you another video created by the Noble Berean, aka as Prolife Andrew

Is the Adventist Church wrong about the soul?

If the Adventist Church is wrong on its concept of the soul, then it is also wrong on abortion, which means that the Guidelines on Abortion must be abandoned.

The book “Seventh-day Adventists Believe” teaches that a baby becomes a soul at birth—not at conception. If this is true, then Jesus became a soul at birth. This is negated by our Fundamental belief titled “The Son”

Notice that the Bible describes Mary as being “with child” before birth and not at birth. Notice also that the same Greek word βρέφος is used to describe both the unborn baby and the baby in the manger. Watch the video and share it with others. The Lord will reward your good deed!

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A Noble Berean Among Adventists

In Acts 17 we find a reference to the “Noble Bereans” who after listening to Paul and Silas, went home and searched the Scriptures in order to verify the accuracy of Paul’s preaching.

Believe it or not, but a new chapter of Acts is being written today. We have among Adventists a young man who is following the Noble Bereans example.

Instead of accepting everything that comes from the General Conference without any question, he digs deep in the pages of Scripture in order to ascertain the truth of statements made by Adventist leaders.

His name is Andrew Michell, also known as Prolife Andrew. If you have any doubts, take a few minutes to watch one of his recent video:

“Politics, Abortion, and the Church. Adventist President Dan Jackson”

Here are a couple of examples for you to consider:

NAD President Dan Jackson condemns child abuse, but he is neutral regarding child killing? Does this make moral sense?

If you were to rape a child, the church will condemn your action, but if you decide to kill your own unborn child that is your personal choice? Is this biblical? Please, watch the video and share it with others. The Lord will bless you for doing this!

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