Posted by: adventlife | January 25, 2019

“How to Excuse Rape & Murder”

In the Old Testament we have the story of King Saul who thought that a small deviation from god’s will was no big deal. This erroneous attitude brought tragic consequences to his personal life and it ruined the future of his progeny. The Adventist Church made a similar mistake in 1970 when it embraced elective abortion for the sake of cursed profit. There is still time to repent and thus undo future damage to our mission. Please, watch this short video.

Posted by: adventlife | January 10, 2019

What Pastor Mark Finley Overlooked! [Full Version]

Is it possible that renowned Adventist evangelist Mark Finley perhaps overlooked a fundamental biblical principle in one or more of his videos? Please, watch this short video and decide!

Posted by: adventlife | December 20, 2018

The Future of Adventism [Full]


I invite you to watch a short video dealing with the future of Adventism:

Both Dan Jackson, the president of the North American Division of Adventists, and Spectrum Magazine described the future of the church as in serious trouble. I agree with said assessment but for a more fundamental reason: the church’s position on the unborn’s right to life.

Posted by: adventlife | December 12, 2018

Fountainview Academy Music


Posted by: adventlife | December 2, 2018

Hot Burning Issues in our Church


We have hot burning issues in our SDA church that we can no longer ignore and sweep under the rug. They include women’s ordination, the recent destruction of church properties in California, and the deceptive advertising by most of our evangelists and pastor.

Posted by: adventlife | November 19, 2018

Did Mark Finley Overlook a Basic Biblical Principle?


Could it be that renowned Adventist pastor and most successful evangelist overlooked a fundamental biblical principle. Take the time to watch this short video I created for you and decide.

Posted by: adventlife | November 3, 2018

No to Abuse; Yes to Murder!


This short video was designed to call your attention to a glaring contradiction between our Adventist Church’s claim regarding child abuse and our document known as Guidelines on Abortion. If we really condemn child abuse of any form, how come we allow for abortion– the ultimate form of child abuse?

Posted by: adventlife | October 22, 2018

The Most Prolific American Serial Killer


Today, I want to share with you three short videos I created with you in mind. Please, take the to watch them and share them with those on your mailing list. They deal with issues of great import for those who care about their loved ones and the welfare others.

The “Gosnell” film protagonist was described by the filmmakers as “the most prolific serial killer.” Is this claim factual? The correct answer is NO. There is one who claimed 250,000 victims–four times the victims of Dr. Gosnell. His name is Edward Allred, an honoree of La Sierra University.

Adventism Examined by Batchelor & Jesus Christ

Women’s Right to Life

Posted by: adventlife | October 2, 2018

Adventism Examined by Batchelor & Jesus Christ


In this video you will find two apparently contradictory opinions regarding God’s church on earth. Who is right, Pastor Doug Batchelor or Jesus Christ, “the faithful Witness”? Consider this incredible contrast between two expert witnesses.

Posted by: adventlife | September 20, 2018

Women’s Right to Life


This presentation was designed to introduce a powerful video created by Prolife Andrew in which he challenges Pastor Dwight Nelson to explain how he can defend women’s right to ordination but deny their right to life.

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