Most Adventists are not aware that three of our major books published by the church contain a flagrant doctrinal error regarding the moment at which the unborn baby becomes a living soul. They are: “Questions on Doctrine,”Seventh-day Adventists Believe”and the “SDA Bible Dictionary” of the “SDA Commentary.” If this doctrine is right, then the unborn has no right to life and can be destroyed with impunity. Can you guess why this error was introduced by someone? Watch this video and share it with others.

Posted by: adventlife | May 8, 2020

Surprise! Evangelist Finley Justifies Abortion

Pastor Mark Finley is one of my favorite evangelists in our Adventist denomination. His knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines is outstanding, and his dedication to the church is remarkable. Does this mean that we can blindly trust everything he says? Yes, except on the issue of abortion. Following the General Conference approval of the new abortion statement, he published a video in which he faithfully described the main section of the document, but he made the mistake of blessing what the Bible condemns. I am referring to Section Six of the document that allows the abortion of malformed unborn babies. Please, watch the video and share it with others!

Posted by: adventlife | April 30, 2020

‘Disability’ is about possibility, not a lack of ability

The General Conference director of Children’s Ministries published an article with the picture of a happy Down Syndrome girl. This is evidence that the Adventist Church believes that children with physical or mental birth defects do have a right to life. My question is: Why is then that the new abortion statement adopted by the church on October 16. 20-19 allows for the killing of malformed children prior to birth? Why this harsh treatment of children with imperfect genes when in the womb by the Adventist Church? Please, watch the video and share it with others.

There is nothing wrong with the church accepting financial contribution from the government. Nevertheless, the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is advising churches against accepting Covid 19 funds from federal agencies. Contrast this with the church’s acceptance of financial contribution from a notorious gambler and abortionist in a direct violation of the General Conference policy of rejecting monetary assistance from questionable sources. Can someone explain this to me? Please, watch the video and share it with others!

Posted by: adventlife | April 19, 2020

Missing in Action–Mark Finley & Most of Adventist Leaders

The phrase “Missing in Action” has a double connotation: a literal one and a symbolic one. The Adventist leaders were and are not physically missing in action. They were and presently are missing in action when dealing with the Sixth Commandment that forbids the killing of innocent unborn children. They drafted a true to the Bible new document dealing with abortion, but allowed the enemy to insert into the document an abortion loophole thus spoiling the entire effort at painting the church as truly Prolife, and Evangelist Mark Finley gave it blessing to this unholy effort. I need your help. I do not have a megaphone to warn Adventist members of this said situation. The church will not publish what I write. Please, share this video with your friends!

Posted by: adventlife | April 12, 2020

Who is to blame for the Corona Virus?

Jeanine Pirro asked Evangelist Franklin Graham who he thought was to blame for the Corona Virus plague. His answer was simple and direct: It is sinful humanity. When asked the same question, a New York Times writer stated that the blame for the pandemic virus was on conservative Christians. If Franklin Graham was right with his answer, that means that everybody was to blame; and, since Adventists are members of the human race, then we also share in the blame. What was our Adventist contribution to this dire situation? Make sure to watch the video until the end and share it with your friends!

Posted by: adventlife | April 5, 2020

“Should I Sacrifice My Business to Save One Person?”

The author of an Adventist Review article asked a rather probing question: “Should I Sacrifice My Business to Save One Person?” He relates the case of a bakery business owner who was forced to close his business in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus. My question is: Is there a moral virus our church needs to confront head on before it continues to spread among our people. Share this vital video with your friends!

Posted by: adventlife | April 1, 2020

“Coronavirus A Sign of the End”

As we watch the alarming advance of the corona virus, many Christians have been wondering whether this is the sign of the end. Two writers, one an Adventist and the other a Catholic, have attempted to answer this question. In this video, I have attempted to combine their wisdom with mine in order to draw some valuable lessons from the current health care and moral unique moral crisis. Please, watch the video and share it with others. The future of our church and of our own is at stake.

Posted by: adventlife | March 24, 2020

GC Session: Cancelled—Prayers Not Cancelled

By now, you probably know that the June 2020 General Conference Session has been postponed for the month of May 2021 due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Tragic as this is, there seems to be a silver lining in spite of the tragedy. The State of Ohio has ordered all abortion providers to stop their business. This, of course, will save many lives. You may wonder what our Kettering Adventist Healthcare management will do. Will they join Planned Parenthood in their opposition to the governor’s order? Please, watch this video and share it with your friends!

Posted by: adventlife | March 19, 2020

Loma Linda University Church: The Empty Sanctuary?

The doors of the Loma Linda University Church were opened for worship services every Sabbath morning since 1960 and were never closed on God’s Holy Day.  Nevertheless, on March 14, 2020, the worship service was conducted to a totally empty church building. What lessons can we draw from this enigmatic event? And why did California seem to initially lead in the spread of the fearful Corona Virus to the rest of the country? Are there any spiritual lessons we can draw from what is happening? Please, watch the video and share it with others.

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