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Day Four of Creation Week Dilemma Solved!

Stars 2

Those who favor a literal reading of Genesis One have been plagued by the problem of what to do with the alleged creation of the stars on day four of creation week. How can we reconcile the recent creation recorded in Genesis One with the creation of the stars whose light takes millions of years to reach our planet earth?

Most Adventists believe that the stars have been in existence for millions and billions of years, yet the official position of the church is that the creation story recorded in the book of Genesis is rather of recent history. How can Adventists reconcile an old universe with a relatively recent creation of life on earth?

A possible solution seems to be in the proper understanding of two Hebrew words used in Genesis 1:1 and 1:16. Those two words are: “created” and “made” : In Gen. 1:1 the word used is “created” while in 1:16 the term “made” was used, and those two words are not exactly synonymous in the Hebrew language. Notice the following:

Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary on Genesis 1:16

“Both these lights may be said to be “made” on the fourth day—not created, indeed, for it is a different word that is here used, but constituted, appointed to the important and necessary office of serving as luminaries to the world, and regulating by their motions and their influence the progress and divisions of time.”


When I checked the interlinear version of the Bible for those words, I discovered a confirmation of what Bible commentator Jamieson affirmed above:

In fact in Gen. 1:1 the Hebrew term is “created” [בָּרָ֣א], while in verse 16 the word used is “made” [וַיַּ֣עַשׂ. This suggests that the sun, moon, and stars were not created in the fourth day, but rather assigned to act as luminaries for our planet. This seems to indicate that the sun, the moon, and the stars were probably already in existence when God assigned them the role of illuminating the sky for us.

The same is true about Exodus 20:11. Here, again, the word “made” is used in reference to the six days of creation. This might be interpreted as follows: Our planet earth was likely in existence when God decided to make it suitable for life during the creation week. Perhaps this is why in the reference to the creation act in the book of Exodus the term used is not “created” but rather “made.”

If this interpretation is correct, then the actual creative activity in genesis 1 began when the Lord said: “Let there be light.” in verse 3 of Gen. 1. This understanding of the story of creation may allow us to read the story of creation in a literal manner in spite of the reference to the creation of the stars in verse 16. What do you think?

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Advent Life News Stories you Might Have Missed

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Dinosaurs Lived With Humans

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The Role of the United States in Prophecy


“She began by noting that, “under our laws currently, that is not something that exists.“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” she replied. …

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League said, “Hillary’s position is eerily reminiscent of what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney said in his infamous 1857 Dred Scott ruling on slavery. He declared that blacks had ‘no rights which the white man was bound to respect.'” …

”The pro-life amici briefs in Roe v. Wade argued that the unborn child is protected by a host of constitutional rights, including the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee that the government not “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The Roe decision agreed that, if the Fourteenth Amendment applied to the unborn, the case for abortion “of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the Amendment.” …”

My Comments: I noticed that when Donald Trump blundered with his comments about abortion, this was all over in the news; but when Hillary misspoke, no one bothered to criticize her awkwardness in defending abortion yet referring to the unborn as a “person,” which would call for the protection of the unborn under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.



Ervin Taylor commented on Should Ben Carson’s Church Get Out of the Abortion Business? By Nic Samojluk

“Should Dr. Ben Carson’s Church Get Out of the Abortion Business? That is a “Have you stopped beating your wife?” type question. The Adventist Church is not in the abortion business and never has been. Some Adventist physicians do abortions as part of their medical practice. The Adventist Church wisely does not tell them how to practice medicine. And that is a good thing.”


Your comments raised several issues I would like to address:

“The Adventist Church is not in the abortion business and never has been.”

Your claim that the Adventist Church is not and has never been involved in the abortion business must be based on wishful thinking and or perhaps a willing ignorance of what the facts of the case are.

I suggest you read what Adventist historian George Gainer documented for posterity on the pages of Ministry some years ago, and the document known as Guidelines on Abortion approved by the General Conference Autumn Council back in 1992. You will discover that some of our hospitals began offering elective abortions to their patients back in 1970 with the full knowledge of the church leadership.

Between 1975 and 1982, for example, according to a Washington Post report, our Washington Adventist Hospital terminated the lives of 1494 unborn infants, and the church never apologized for this shameful departure from moral duty. Our medical work was founded with a healing ministry objective. Killing should have never been added to what we do as a church.

Ref.: Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines:

Ref.: Guidelines/Abortion

“Some Adventist physicians do abortions as part of their medical practice.

You seem determined to minimize the work of Adventist physicians performing abortions. It is true that the church cannot control the behavior of every Adventist doctor. They are free to engage in killing in addition to healing, but we should not rent office space to those who depart from the healing mission of the church.

What would we do if one day ISIS succeeds in defeating the U.S. and imposes its sharia law on our citizens? Would we then agree to rent rooms to rapists because it is legal? And do not forget that the victims of rape are in most cases allowed to survive and eventually recover from such a tragic ordeal. The victims of abortion are not granted such benefit. The action is final and irreversible.

May the Lord grant repentance and forgiveness to his children!

Nic Samojluk

Three Angels

Some months ago Donald Trump, who is a Presbyterian, attempted to put in a bad light the evangelical authenticity of his then rival presidential candidate Ben Carson’s Seventh-day Adventist Church [SDA].

In his response to this criticism, Dr. Ben Carson, who is renowned for his extraordinary work as a neurosurgeon, expressed his pride in his church’s long term commitment to health living and its extensive network of hospitals and medical clinics.

A Pro-life & Health Movement

This dedication to health was the result of the work of a woman named Ellen White, who guided with her prolific writings the development and worldwide influence of the Adventist denomination for seven decades until her death in 1915.

Thanks to her vision, Adventist flagship health work at Loma Linda, California, was born; it prospered, and now is known around the world for its dedication to healthful living–In fact, the city of Loma Linda prides itself for the large number of long living residents who exhibit the advantage of a vegetarian diet and a positive attitude towards life.

In view of this, you may wonder the appropriateness of questioning the need of reform in the Ben Carson’s church. Is there something amiss in the teachings and behavior of this church that needs to change?

A Serious Moral Detour

The Adventist movement was born as a pro-life denomination a century and a half ago, but in 1970, the then leader of the organization in North America, Neal Wilson, issued a declaration that astounded many of its members.

He publicly declared that his church was leaning towards abortion because there were too many people and too much hunger in the world.

“Though we walk the fence, Adventists lean toward abortion rather than against it. Because we realize we are confronted by big problems of hunger and overpopulation, we do not oppose family planning and appropriate endeavors to control population.” [1]

What motivated this man of God to make such a morally flawed pronouncement in a country with an overwhelming oversupply of food? The answer is quite simple, but troubling.

The Fear of Revenue Loss

The management of the Castle Memorial Hospital, located in the state of Hawaii, which was owned and operated by the church, was under intense pressure from half of its non-Adventist physician’s staff to offer elective abortion services to their patients.

The concern for the potential loss of sorely needed revenue prompted the church to compromise with evil on this issue. The fear of the Lord went out the window and the church began to profit from the killing of innocent unborn children. Soon after several Adventist hospitals decided to take advantage of this additional source of revenue.

This created a controversy in the SDA church that lasted a couple of decades until the Autumn Council of the General Conference of the denomination approved a set of abortion guidelines [2] which set a limit on the number of elective abortions permitted in its large number of medical institutions.

A Feeble Attempt to Undo the Moral Damage

Was this effort to reduce the number of abortions in Adventist medical institutions enough? Many concerned members of the church strongly believe that it is not. How can a denominational that invested so much in health living dared to also profit from the death of innocent human beings?

Since its beginning Adventists criticized the Catholic organization for altering one of God’s Commandments—the one mandating the observance of the Sabbath [3] as a day of rest.

Messing With God’s Moral Law

How can then Adventist dare to alter another of God’s rules [4] for human behavior—the one protecting the right to life—and replace it with its humanly created guidelines on abortion?

Someone may wonder what is wrong with those guidelines. The answer is quite simple: Said document seems to justify the killing of unborn children under a variety of circumstances, including when there is evidence of malformation; when the pregnancy is the result of rape; incest; and even when the unwanted pregnancy affects the mental health of the pregnant woman.

The Need for Real Reform

Mental depression is undesirable, of course, but it is temporary; while abortion is a permanent and irreversible condition. Society allows a rapist to live, but it permits the killing of the innocent victim of rape. Isn’t this a travesty of the justice system?

How can a church that has prided itself on insisting on the validity and permanence of God’s holy Law, justify the violation of one of its most significant precepts for the sake of profit? Is the sacredness of the Sabbath more valuable than the right to life?

Isn’t it time for Dr. Ben Carson’s church to abandon its guidelines on abortion, stop the profiting from the violation of God’s Law, and return to the pro-life commitment of its original truly pro-life pioneers who founded the Adventist movement a century and a half ago? You be the judge!


[1] [George Gainer, The Wisdom of Solomon? Spectrum 19/4 (May 1989): 38-46.]


[3] Exodus 20:8.

[4] Ibid. 20:13.

Note: Nic Samojluk is a second generation Adventist and the author of two books on abortion and the Adventist Church and of a large number of published articles: ;


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Is the Adventist Church Still in the Abortion Business?

Shady Grove Hospital

As editor of Advent Life and Advent Life News, the question I am most often asked is: Is the Adventist Church Still in the Abortion Business? Every time I am asked this question, I try to do some checking in order not to misinform the readers.

Recently an Adventist pro-lifer sent to me a link to the Florida Hospital, which is a part of the Adventist Health System, and as a result of some exploration of their web page, I discovered what I needed in order to answer this question with as much accuracy as possible.

Abortion Services at our Adventist Florida Hospital

“Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Dilation and curettage (D and C) is surgery to remove tissue from inside the uterus. The gynecological specialists at Florida Hospital are among the profession’s most highly skilled in performing the procedure for both diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. A team of professionals in women’s health care combines compassionate care with the most advanced technology available to provide women with emotional reassurance as well as surgical expertise. …

Doctors often use this technique to terminate a pregnancy for health or elective reasons.” [Emphasis supplied]


“Conditions Related to Dilation and Curettage

A dilation and curettage (D and C) is used as a diagnostic tool as well as a treatment for several related conditions. A doctor may recommend a D and C to

  • Diagnose or treat abnormal or excessive uterine bleeding
  • Remove benign fibroid tumors or polyps
  • Detect cancer of the endometrium of uterus
  • Prevent infection by removing pieces of the placenta that are not passed naturally during child birth or in a miscarriage (also called a surgical evacuation)
  • Help determine reasons for infertility
  • Treat an embedded intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Treat thickening of the uterus
  • Provide a therapeutic or elective abortion” [Emphasis supplied]


This tends to confirm my own investigation into this matter. Some months ago I contacted the Adventist Health System, which controls a large number of Adventist hospitals, and received the following confirmation:

Adventist Health System Abortion Policy

“Hi Nic,

Regarding your request for our policy/practice regarding termination of pregnancy:

Adventist Health System is dedicated to the preservation of life and the welfare of every human being that is cared for in our hospitals. When a situation requires the termination of pregnancy be considered, we follow the guidelines set forth by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


Previous Confirmation by General Conference President Pastor Ted Wilson

I would like to briefly refer to an event that took place five years ago In the City of Redlands, California: Pastor Ted Wilson was in town and held a conference on behalf of Adventist retirees. When his address was over, he announced that he would answer some questions from the audience.

I took the opportunity to ask about the incidence of elective abortion in our Adventist hospitals. He replied that the number of abortions had been reduced to almost zero. Then he added that abortions were now performed inside clinics.

I thought that he was referring to public clinics, but when I went home I discovered that some of our hospitals do have clinics that offer abortion services to their patients. A good example is our Shady Grove Hospital in Germantown, Maryland.

An Adventist pro-lifer I know decided to contact Shady Grove Hospital by telephone and their representative informed him that said institution followed the Adventist Guidelines on Abortion approved by the General Autumn Council back in 1992.

This means that our Shady Grove Hospital performs the following type of abortions enumerated in said guidelines:

  1. Rape
  2. Incest
  3. Malformation
  4. When the life of the pregnant woman is in jeopardy
  5. When the mental health of the female is being affected



I conclude from all of the above that our Adventist Church is still involved in the abortion business. This is highly regrettable because our Adventist pioneers took pride in their pro-life position on abortion; they considered that the killing of innocent unborn children was a direct violation of the Sixth Commandment which forbids murder and the shedding of human blood.

I pray for the day when the Adventist Church leadership will repent of this great sin against heaven and seek forgiveness for this serious deviation from moral duty. If we are against rape, theft, and the sexual abuse of children, which cause great harm to the victims of such criminal behavior; how can we be neutral regarding the taking of human life and actively participate in the massive slaughter of the innocents?

Time is short, and if we fail to acknowledge our sin, the Lord will come and take our ministry from us and give it to others who will perform God’s will on earth.

New International Version
Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. [Revelation 2:5]

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Advent Life News Stories you Might Have Missed

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Here is a list of news items you might have missed if you are not following “Advent Life News”:

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Advent Life’s Mission, by Nic Samojluk

Three Angels

Our New Name

Someone may ask: “Why are you replacing Let’s Focus on Life with Advent Life?” The reason is more than one. Technology is constantly advancing, and what seemed great a decade ago my not be as attractive and useful as what is available today. Since we are giving our web presence a new face, we might as well update and sharpen our mission as well.

As the name suggests, the emphasis of our now old site was human life; the focus of the new web page is the glory of God, the creator of heaven and earth and of human life. We believe that, in spite of the moral fall of humanity, the glory of God is still revealed in the things he created:

The starry heavens; the huge ball of fire in the sky; the romantic presence of the moon; our beautiful planet earth; the incredible variety of flowers; the majestic trees; the ever flowing rivers; the impenetrable ocean; the large variety of animals, birds and fish; and the incredible potential of the human race from its very beginning, throughout its amazing development, and its exit from life. They all still reveal the glory and majesty of our merciful and beneficent God who designed everything for our happiness and for his own glory.

What is Special About the Advent Life’ Mission?

So what is particularly special about Advent life’s mission? How is it different from the mission of the Adventist Church? The main difference is that our mission is pro-life, while the policy of our church is pro-choice. Originally our church held to the pro-life policy of the Adventist pioneers, but then when the sexual revolution of the sixties took place, our church adopted the so called “therapeutic” abortion.

If the pregnancy was the result of rape, incest, or if there was evidence of physical malformation in the unborn child, our hospitals were allowed to kill the unborn baby prior to birth. Of course, the therapeutic treatment was not for the benefit of the baby but rather for the protection of the lifestyle of the woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

Then, in 1970, when the State of Hawaii legalized abortion, our church made another moral compromise by allowing out hospitals to offer abortions on demand and at least five Adventist medical institutions took advantage of this liberal policy, and thousands of unborn babies perished inside the hospitals which were founded to heal.

The Hippocratic Oath, which had reigned supreme for two thousand years, was relegated to the thrash bin of history for the sake of profit. The church feared that if we failed to take advantage of this lucrative business, some of our hospitals would not be able to survive.

What is Wrong With the Pro-choice Position?

The question is: Why is this departure from moral duty so wrong? Because right from the beginning we prided in the fact that our denomination was the only church in the world still defending the validity and permanence of the Ten Rules of human behavior given us in Exodus 20. Our respect for the Sabbath and our adherence to the Ten Commandments gave us the right to claim that we were God’s “Remnant” Church on earth with the last warning message of salvation to a morally bankrupt and perishing world.

This is why the mission of Advent Life is to sound the alarm warning the church that we have departed from the clear teaching found in Scripture. Unless we repent from this great sin against the Creator, we are doomed to the same fate experienced by the Jewish nation.
The Sabbath is very important; it points to the Creator. But the Bible states that the Sabbath is a “sign” of our allegiance to God. If we compromise of the Sixth Commandment, which forbids the killing of innocent human beings, then the symbol of our allegiance to God looses its meaning. All we need to remember is what happened to the Jews. They killed the Author of life, and rushed home to keep the Sabbath Holy.

Let me illustrate this as follows: The sign posted in front of a hospital which reads “Emergency” is very useful. It is designed to save lives. But, if behind the sign there is no hospital staffed with doctors and nurses, said sign becomes a distraction and it becomes more than useless; it can distract an ambulance driver and result in the loss of human life.

Another Deviation from Sound Doctrine

Is this the only deviation from sacred duty we are guilty of? The answer is “No.” We have also compromised on our doctrine of Creation. A large segment of Adventist members, including science teachers in our schools, no longer believe that we are the result of a special creative act by God. They have accepted and are actively teaching that our ancestors are apes, and that our history goes back millions of years into the distant past.

They firmly believe that we were not created by God as the Bible teaches from Genesis through Revelation, but rather that we evolved from lower forms of life. This is anathema to true Adventism. If our forefathers were to come back to life, they would have a hard time believing their eyes and their ears.

The Need for Revival and Reform

We need a revival of the faith manifested by the founders of the Adventist movement. This revival has already started by our new president, Ted Wilson. It needs to continue, but we need to expand it to include the respect for human life, from conception through old age.

The God who created the heavens, the earth, and everything in it, is also the Creator of human life in the womb. When we do what the Bible condemns, we dishonor the Creator.

Our church needs to get out of the abortion business. The only exception to said rule should be when there is solid evidence that if the pregnancy is carried to term, both the mother and the unborn baby will certainly die. When the physician can save only one life instead of two, he is still faithful to the pro-life policy we find in Scripture.

We need to abolish our “Guidelines on Abortion” and disconnect ourselves from all medical institutions unwilling to adopt a strictly pro-life position on abortion. It was a lack of faith which led us to compromise on this moral issue. When there is a lack of faith, the fear of God is replaced with the fear of men and the fear of financial failure.

We also need to divorce ourselves from all medical institutions which manifest an unwillingness to stop profiting from the lucrative abortion business. Such entities should not be under the “Adventist” name umbrella; we should cut the umbilical chord which connects them to our Remnant Church and let them function independently like “3ABN,” “Amazing Facts,” and the “Quiet Hour.”

If we do this, the Lord will bless our church again. Our church is getting old. The average Adventist member is now 58 years old. This is dangerous. Many of our churches have hardly any children. We are on the path of moral irrelevancy, decadence, and extinction. We need to do this in order to start growing again. We need to regain a fresh vision of our sacred mission.

The Need for a Bold Vision

We need a bold vision of our past, our present, and our future. From the beginning we have been known as those who keep God’s Commandments and believe in the validity and permanence of the Decalogue. There is no conflict between God’s Law, God’s love and God’s grace. They are all integral components of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I used to give Bible studies to Catholics; I can no longer do this with a straight face since we have mimicked what Rome did to the Law of God. The Catholic Church altered the true meaning of the Sabbath Commandment, and we have redefined the Sixth Commandment which forbids the killing of innocent human beings. This must stop if we want to continue belonging to God’s Remnant Church of God on earth. We need to resurrect the message found in Revelation 14 which gave life to the Adventist movement a century and a half ago:

6Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people. 7He said in a loud voice, “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.” 8A second angel followed and said, “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great, which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.”

The one who created the heavens and the earth and everything in them is the same one who created the human life in the womb. We have no right to destroy what the Lord has or is creating. We need to give glory to God instead of the Darwinian evolution which teaches that we should honor natural selection and chance. We know by experience what happens when humanity departs from a clear “Thus Said the Lord.”

We must Learn from History

What took place in Germany is already being repeated in our country on a larger scale.
We have already 55 million victims of abortion and the current genocide of the unborn must stop. The Lord wants his people to depart from those who are transgressing his Law and teaching others to do the same.

A century ago, when adultery was threatening to derail the sacred mission of our nascent movement, Ellen White warned us that we were in danger of becoming “a sister to Babylon.” I wonder what she would say today that we have now added abortion to the sin of adultery. We need to repent and beg God for forgiveness. The Lord is merciful, but public sins must be publicly acknowledged and repented of. There is hope, but we must act quickly and in earnest!

More:===> If this topic is of interest to you, I suggest you secure a copy of the books I recently published entitled: “From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventists’ Attitudes Towards Abortion,” and “Murder in Paradise” from the printer. Here is the link: You will need to type my name, Nic Samojluk, in the blank “Search” space to access my book’s web page.

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