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Advent Life News’ Mission , by Nic Samojluk

Jesus 4
Our New Name

Someone may ask: “Why have you replaced SDA Forum and Let’s Focus on Life with Advent Life and Advent Life News? The reason is more than one. Technology is constantly advancing, and what seemed great a decade ago may not be as attractive and useful as what is available today. Since we are giving our web presence a new face, we might as well update and sharpen our mission as well.

As the name suggests, the emphasis of our now old site was human life; the focus of the new web page is the glory of God, the creator of heaven and earth and of human life. We believe that, in spite of the moral fall of humanity, the glory of God is still revealed in the things he created:

The starry heavens; the huge ball of fire in the sky; the romantic presence of the moon; our beautiful planet earth; the incredible variety of flowers; the majestic trees; the ever flowing rivers; the impenetrable ocean; the large variety of animals, birds and fish; and the incredible potential of the human race from its very beginning, throughout its amazing development, and its exit from life. They all still reveal the glory and majesty of our merciful and beneficent God who designed everything for our happiness and for his own glory.

What is Special About the Advent Life’ Mission?

So what is particularly special about Advent life’s mission? How is it different from the mission of the Adventist Church? The main difference is that our mission is pro-life, while the policy of our church is pro-choice. Originally our church held to the pro-life policy of the Adventist pioneers, but then when the sexual revolution of the sixties took place, our church adopted the so-called “therapeutic” abortion.

If the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest, if there was evidence of physical malformation in the unborn child, or if the unwanted pregnancy affected the mental health of the woman, our hospitals were allowed to kill the unborn baby prior to birth. Of course, the therapeutic treatment was not for the benefit of the baby but rather for the protection of the lifestyle of the woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

Then, in 1970, when the State of Hawaii legalized abortion, our church made another moral compromise by allowing out hospitals to offer abortions on demand and at least five Adventist medical institutions took advantage of this liberal policy, and thousands of unborn babies perished inside the hospitals that were founded–not to kill–but to heal.

The Hippocratic Oath, which had reigned supreme for two thousand years, was relegated to the thrash bin of history and replaced with the Physician Oath for the sake of profit. The church feared that if we failed to take advantage of this lucrative business, some of our hospitals would not be able to survive.

What is Wrong With the Pro-choice Position?

The question is: Why is this departure from moral duty so wrong? Because right from the beginning we prided in the fact that our denomination was the only church in the world still defending the validity and permanence of the Ten Rules of human behavior given us in Exodus 20. Our respect for the Sabbath and our adherence to the Ten Commandments gave us the right to claim that we were God’s “Remnant” Church on earth with the last warning message of salvation to a morally bankrupt and perishing world.

This is why the mission of Advent Life is to sound the alarm warning the church that we have departed from the clear teaching found in Scripture. Unless we repent from this great sin against the Creator, we are doomed to the same fate experienced by the Jewish nation.

The Sabbath is very important; it points to the Creator. But the Bible states that the Sabbath is a “sign” of our allegiance to God. If we compromise on the Sixth Commandment, which forbids the killing of innocent human beings, then the symbol of our allegiance to God looses its meaning. All we need to remember is what happened to the Jews. They killed the Author of life, and rushed home to keep the Sabbath Holy.
Let me illustrate this as follows: The sign posted in front of a hospital which reads “Emergency” is very useful. It is designed to save lives. But, if behind the sign there is no hospital staffed with doctors and nurses, said sign becomes a distraction and more than useless; it can distract an ambulance driver and result in the loss of human life.

Another Deviation from Sound Doctrine

Is this the only deviation from sacred duty we are guilty of? The answer is “No.” We have also compromised on our doctrine of Creation. A large segment of Adventist members, including science teachers in our schools, no longer believe that we are the result of a special creative act by God. They have accepted and are actively teaching that our ancestors were apes, and that our history goes back millions of years into the distant past.

They no longer believe that we were created by God as the Bible teaches from Genesis through Revelation, but rather that we evolved from lower forms of life. This is anathema to true Adventism. If our forefathers were to come back to life, they would have a hard time believing their eyes and their ears.

The Need for Revival and Reform

We need a revival of the faith manifested by the founders of the Adventist movement. This revival has already started by our new president, Ted Wilson. It needs to continue, but we need to expand it to include the respect for human life, from conception through old age.

The God who created the heavens, the earth, and everything in it, is also the Creator of human life in the womb. When we do what the Bible condemns, we dishonor the Creator. Our church needs to get out of the abortion business. The only exception to said rule should be when there is solid evidence that if the pregnancy is carried to term, both the mother and the unborn baby will certainly die. When the physician can save only one life instead of two, he is still faithful to the pro-life policy we find in Scripture.

We need to abolish our “Guidelines on Abortion” and disconnect ourselves from all medical institutions unwilling to adopt a strictly pro-life position on abortion. It was a lack of faith that led us to compromise on this moral issue. When there is a lack of faith, the fear of God is replaced with the fear of men and the fear of financial failure.

We also need to divorce ourselves from all medical institutions that manifest an unwillingness to stop profiting from the lucrative abortion business. Such entities should not be under the “Adventist” name umbrella; we should cut the umbilical chord that connects them to our Remnant Church and let them function independently like “3ABN,” “Amazing Facts,” and “The Quiet Hour.”

If we do this, the Lord will bless our church again. Our church is getting old. The average Adventist member is now 58 years old. This is dangerous. Many of our churches have hardly any children. We are on the path of moral irrelevancy, decadence, and extinction. We need to do this in order to start growing again. We need to regain a fresh vision of our sacred mission.

The Need for a Bold Vision

We need a bold vision of our past, our present, and our future. From the beginning we have been known as those who keep God’s Commandments and believe in the validity and permanence of the Decalogue. There is no conflict between God’s Law, God’s love and God’s grace. They are all integral components of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I used to give Bible studies to Catholics; I can no longer do this with a straight face since we have mimicked what Rome did to the Law of God. The Catholic Church altered the true meaning of the Sabbath Commandment, and we have redefined the Sixth Commandment that forbids the killing of innocent human beings. This must stop if we want to continue belonging to God’s Remnant Church of God on earth. We need to resurrect the message found in Revelation 14 that gave life to the Adventist movement a century and a half ago:

Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people. He said in a loud voice, “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.” A second angel followed and said, “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great, which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.”

The one who created the heavens and the earth and everything in them is the same one who created the human life in the womb. We have no right to destroy what the Lord has or is creating. We need to give glory to God instead of the Darwinian evolution that teaches that we should honor Natural Selection and Chance. We know by experience what happens when humanity departs from a clear “Thus Said the Lord.”

We Must Learn from History

What took place in Germany is already being repeated in our country on a larger scale. We have already 56 million victims of abortion and the current genocide of the unborn must stop. The Lord wants his people to depart from those who are transgressing his Law and teaching others to do the same.

A century ago, when adultery was threatening to derail the sacred mission of our nascent movement, Ellen White warned us that we were in danger of becoming “a sister to Babylon.” I wonder what she would say today that we have now added abortion to the sin of adultery. We need to repent and beg God for forgiveness. The Lord is merciful, but public sins must be publicly acknowledged and repented of. There is hope, but we must act quickly and in earnest!

More:===> If this topic is of interest to you, I suggest you secure copies of two books I recently published entitled: “From Pro-life to Pro-choice,” and “Murder in Paradise,” from the printer. Here is the link:

White Horse Media 3
Believe it or not, but some Adventist leaders are beginning to break the silence on abortion, a silence that began some years following the adoption of a document entitled “Guidelines on Abortion” that sanctioned the killing of innocent unborn children in our Adventist hospitals under a variety of circumstances including when the unwanted pregnancy was the result of rape, incest, when there was evidence of malformation in the developing child, and even when pregnancy affected the mental health of the pregnant woman.

Between 1971 and 1996 I counted 95 Readers’ comments and articles dealing with abortion in the pages of our “Ministry” magazine. The readers’ interest in this controversial issue was so great that on July 1988 David Newman wrote the following:

“Our articles on abortion have touched a sensitive nerve. We are receiving more email on this subject than on any other recently published article. The letters are running 10 to 1 in favor of the church adopting a stricter standard.”

Then suddenly, a few years following the publication of our current Adventist “Guidelines on Abortion” a long silence ensued on the pages of this periodical.

What happened? Why the sudden silence? Did the interest in abortion diminish, or was this the result of an intentional desire by the pro-choice elite and the liberal Adventist leadership to silence the pro-life opposition whose opinions were running, according to Newman, “10 to 1 in favor of the church adopting a stricter standard?” We cannot be 100 percent sure, but the timing of the comments on abortion blackout is rather suspicious! [1]

A Long Silence on Abortion is Broken

This long Adventist silence about the murder of the unborn that lasted for almost two decades was recently broken when Evangelist Steve Wohlberg, of the White Horse Media, decided to record a thirteen TV series on the topic of abortion and 3ABN decided to air the opening program to the public. The rest of the programs are available for purchase from the White Horse Media. [2] You can also order copies of the “Hidden Holocaust” booklet by the same author.

This unusual action by Pastor Wohlberg was followed by Shawn Boonstra, the Speaker/Director for the Voice of Prophecy who wrote an article dealing with this issue. Here are some excerpts from it:

“Expectant mother Michelle Wilkins answered a Craigslist ad for baby clothes, and when she arrived at the seller’s home, she was viciously attacked. …

“Prosecutors, naturally, wanted to throw the book at Ms. Lane, but they were unable to bring murder charges against her. Why? Colorado state law does not recognize a fetus as a person unless the fetus can survive on its own. …

“Perhaps that story didn’t make it out of Colorado. The story that broke last week made it everywhere, because it has stirred the abortion debate in ways the nation hasn’t seen since the Kermit Gosnell incident. Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services for Planned Parenthood was clandestinely recorded discussing the sale of fetal body parts. …

“Tragically, abortion has largely been used as a form of birth control in America, and in those cases, the question of personhood becomes all-important. If the unborn child is as much as person as I am–if she has the same moral worth that I do–then terminating the pregnancy amounts to murder. …” [3]

Comments by Martin Weber

On Jul 30, 2015, I received an email from Martin Weber from which I extracted the following comments:

“Wow, how great that Shawn has spoken out in the aftermath of Steve’s advocacy for life. I believe the Planned Parenthood scandal must speak to the conscience of all but the most hardened church official. (How different from when I worked for IIW, and they tried to force me to edit a “pro-choice” abortion script and I had to threaten to quit for them to back off.) For what it’s worth, I posted the news video on my Facebook, which has sparked quite some response. …

The following video message of integrity and conviction could and should be coming from Seventh-day Adventists. How could Revival and Reformation ever come to our church unless we take a stand against the slaughter of unborn babies? Two of the 10 Commandments are thus broken: obviously the 6th regarding killing of human life–but also the 4th, since the Sabbath memorializes Creation life. What good does it do to teach Creation as a doctrine in our classrooms if we are unwilling to protest its destruction in the womb? Elective abortion is the most blatant example of cultural accommodation and compromise, which those who resist women’s ordination claim to oppose. …

That Seventh-day Adventists should have no moral voice in this matter is the ultimate cultural compromise. Moreover, God has entrusted our church with the ministry of healing rather than the administration of death, which makes such permissiveness a betrayal of our life-giving message and mission. …”

If you are interested in this topic, I suggest you read the following comprehensive account of how our Adventist Church got entangled with the lucrative abortion business for the sake of profit. [4]



[2] file:///C:/Users/Nic/Desktop/White%20Horse%20Media%20-%20About%20Us%20%29%20Newsletter%20%29%20Abortion%20Resources%20NOW%20AVAILABLE%20from%20White%20Horse%20Media.%20Special%20Offer.htm#.Vbt-Lvka5Vc


[4] “Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines”,

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Protecting the Good Name of the Church, by Nic Samojluk

Jesus 4

I discovered a long time ago that some church employees believe that their most sacred duty is to protect the good name of the church regardless of what the truth is. There are exceptions to this rule, especially when we are dealing with minor issues like diet, for example.

I was able to verify this the other day as I studied the Sabbath School Lesson online. The topic was the amazing example of fidelity exhibited by Daniel the prophet. He was tested over and over again on what seemed minor issues like partaking of the food provided for him and his companions by the King of Babylon, or praying with his windows opened towards the City of Jerusalem.

As I was pondering the incredible example of fidelity to duty by this man of God, I noticed some comments that had been posted by one of the SS lessons participants. This person had written about the careless way we deal with our diet, especially the generous use of sugar, which is harmful to our health.

No doubt the careless use of sugar is something we need to address, because a bad diet tends to shorten our lives. But, I thought of some practices that tend to shorten our lives much more than the use of too much sugar. A good example is our church policy regarding the practice of abortion that shortens the lifespan of the unborn to zero.

I decided to respond to said comment with my answer. Below, I am including the comments about the use of sugar followed by my answer. Needless to say, the comments about the careless use of sugar were published, but my posting about abortion in our own medical institutions was deleted. Would the TRUE WITNESS of the book of Revelation have deleted my comments and impeded its publication?


“I have been a SDA all my life. The health message is very important to our Church, yet today at our pot lucks we show God how much we defile him. Most of the time the table is full of SUGAR. Am I right? This lesson should hit home to us. Look at us preaching one thing and doing another. Are we falling apart as God’s remnant Church. We should learn from what we are reading here. My prayer is that we get back on track.”


“I agree! Our health is very important, but there is something even more important: our life and the life of every member of the human race. You expressed your concern about our excessive consumption of sugar, which is bad for our health, and your comment has been accepted, but what I am about to say about life will probably be deleted.

Back in 1970 our church decided to permit our hospitals to offer elective abortions to their patients. In my view this compromise is more serious than the excessive use of sugar. Four decades have gone by, and we still have our “Guidelines on Abortion” on our books which justify the killing of innocent children under a variety of circumstances such a malformation, rape, and even when the unwanted pregnancy begins to affect the mental health of the woman.

We let the rapist live, but we kill the innocent and perfectly formed unborn baby. This is evil and a violation of God’s Law. We invested a lot of time discussing the issue of women’s ordination, but have no time to discuss the value of human life.

The topic of excessive amount of sugar and the use of tobacco products is allowed in our church papers, because they shortens human life, but depriving an unborn of 80 or 90 years of life is an issue that is not allowed to be published in our church papers.

I know that you will not be allowed to read this! What a tragedy!”

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Stop Abortion Grass Roots Efforts, by Nic Samojluk

White Horse Media 3

I received an encouraging email communication from a highly motivated Adventist po-lifer who suggested that we need a grassroots effort in order to convince our SDA leadership to take our medical institutions out of the abortion business. Here is a portion of my response:

I agree with you that we need to start at the grassroots level, and we need the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. If the Lord does not bless our efforts, we will be working in vain. I did notice this illustrated in my own backyard. Our city has restricted the watering of our lawn to two days a week, and my backyard was turning brown, but when it rained, the grass revived.

I also agree with you that we have done great on certain minor issues like smoking and diet. Those are important issues we have done well in addressing. Thousands have benefited from our stop smoking program and our emphasis on a healthy diet, but these important issues pale in comparison with the mass killing of innocent unborn children.

I do not know whether you follow the SS Lesson online. Yesterday, I noticed that someone had written a comment about the unhealthy effect of too much sugar in our diet. This comment was in connection with the healthy diet of Daniel the prophet. I wrote my response reminding the readers that if diet can shorten our lives by a few years, abortion shortens the lives of the unborn by an entire life.

Needless to say, the comment about the sugar in our diet was published, by my comment about prolonging the lives of the unborn was deleted. So how do we implement a grassroots effort if the leaders of our church prevent us reaching to the roots of the grass?

This means that we have no other option but to use other avenues to reach our people like Facebook, the internet, and our personal comments when the opportunity is open in ourlocal Sabbath Schools.

There is also the opportunity of reaching our young people at our academies. There is now excellent abortion material prepared by Adventist evangelist Steve Wohlberg from the White Horse Media. He recently recorded a 13 TV series dealing with abortion. We can order the CD and a generous quantity of the “Hidden Holocaust” booklet he wrote as a gift to our academies. This is a project the Lord would bless, I believe. Here is the link for this:


info search

I want to share with you my response to a list of pro-life questions I received from a motivated Adventist pro-lifer that is eager to share this information with others. I will skip the queries and go directly to my answers:

Elective Abortions

There is a chance that ParkRidge does not offer elective abortions to their patients. Not all Adventist hospitals participated in the offering of abortion services. Here is a list of institutions that

“Castle Medical Center, Hadley Memorial Hospital, Hanford Community Hospital, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Porter Memorial Hospital, Portland Adventist Medical Center, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Sierra Vista Hospital, Walla Walla GeneralHospital, Washington Adventist Hospital, and White Memorial Medical Center.”

Ref.: “Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines, by George Gainer”

Bear in mind also that some Adventists use the term “elective” in a restrictive manner to exclude the so called “therapeutic” kind that includes pregnancies resulting from rape, malformations, and those that affect the mental health of the woman.

In other words, the unborn baby might be normal but is killed because the father was a rapist or the woman is mentally depressed and is having a hard time facing an unwanted pregnancy. This is against what the Bible teaches. We have no right to punish the innocent baby for the sins of the parents.

The Adventist Health System Policy Regarding Abortions

Do you know whether Park Ridge belongs to the Adventist Health System? If it does, then there is a chance that they are offering certain kinds of abortions. If I were you, I would contact ParkRidge and ask them. This is what I did and got the following response from the Adventist Health System representative:

“Hi Nic –
Regarding your request for our policy/practice regarding termination of pregnancy:
Adventist Health System is dedicated to the preservation of life and the welfare of every human being that is cared for in our hospitals. When a situation requires the termination of pregnancy be considered, we follow the guidelines set forth by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Of course, said guidelines justify the killing of the unborn under a variety of circumstances including pregnancies resulting from rape, when there is malformation, or when the unwanted pregnancy affects the mental health of the woman.

Adventists may call these kinds of abortions “therapeutic,” but innocent and healthy unborn babies are sacrificed for the sake of lifestyle.

Have Adventists Done Away with Elective Abortions?

Ted Wilson publicly declared in the City of Redlands in 2011 that the number of elective abortions in Adventist hospitals is down to almost zero, but he added that abortions on demand are now done inside clinics.

Is the fact that abortions are now done inside abortion clinics an advantage to the unborn baby? The result is the same: a dead baby!

Our Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland has such a clinic, and a few years ago, when the Adventists were competing with the Catholic organization for a permit to build a new hospital in Germantown, the Adventist argued that such grant should be denied to Catholics because they do not offer abortion services to their patients.


Wilson added that Adventist hospitals offer only therapeutic abortions now. In other words, we offer killing innocent unborn children as a form of therapy. Did Ellen White ever condone killing as a form of therapy? Have you ever heard anyone saying: “I wish I had been given that therapy before I was born?

You asked regarding pro-life material. Here is a list of some that have been published:

Pro-life articles I have published;

Books I have written;

“From Pro-life to Pro-choice,” and “Murder in Paradise”

And U-Tube Videos I have posted.

Television Programs and a Booklet by Adventist Evangelist Steve Wohlberg

You can share this with others!

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Advent Life News Stories you Might Have Missed

missed the boat

Here is a list of news items you might have missed if you are not following “Advent Life News”:

To see the list, click on the following Internet Links:

To avoid missing future postings, make sure to click on the FOLLOW option located at the top of the Advent Life News page. If you are following Advent Life, you need to also follow Advent Life News This will enable you to receive a message in your email box automatically every time we publish a new item.


Richard Hart, President,
Loma Linda University
June 16, 2015

Dear Dr. Hart,

I am planning to publish the following story and I would like to give you a chance to respond to its content. If you do, I would publish your unedited response. I am a second generation Adventist, a graduate from La Sierra College, Andrew Jackson University, and the author of two books on abortion and its relation to the SDA Church. I am enclosing the same document by means of an attachment because sometimes it gets distorted in transmission when sent through regular email.

Loma Linda University Health & its Mission

As I read the “Message from the President” found in the 2014 “Annual Report”, I was struck by the following couple of paragraphs:

“Some organizations struggle to remain faithful to their original vision. Their leaders feel the pressure of changing tastes, fads, trends in the world at large, often causing them to venture into new areas of service or products, which can cause them to abandon the core values they once held sacred.

Here at Loma Linda University Health, this has never been a problem! [emphasis supplied] Now a decade into our second century, we have stayed true to our calling, “to make man whole,” and our mission to continue the teaching our healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We and our predecessors have persisted in this calling throughout the 20th century, and now well into the 21st. We have remained true to those ideals [emphasis supplied] when they were less “popular” than they are today.”

You may wonder why I highlighted those two sentences above. The answer is rather simple: I did my doctoral dissertation [1] on the topic of abortion and discovered that Loma Linda University did play a vital role in the moral compromise over this issue beginning back in 1970 when some of our medical institutions started offering abortion services to their patients for profit.

In the event this is news to you, you probably need to read an article written by George Gainer in which he tells the sad story of our church departure from moral duty–the time when killing innocent unborn human beings was added to our healing mission. As I read said article, I found a list of 12 Adventist hospitals that participated in this strange venture, and Loma Linda University is one of them:

“Castle Medical Center, Hadley Memorial Hospital, Hanford Community Hospital, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Porter Memorial Hospital, Portland Adventist Medical Center, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Sierra Vista Hospital, Walla Walla General Hospital, Washington Adventist Hospital, and White Memorial Medical Center.” [2]

You may also read another article authored by George Gainer [3] that recounts the history of our “Guidelines on Abortion,” [4] a document that even today is adhered to by most of our Adventist medical institutions and that justifies abortions under a variety of circumstances including when the unwanted pregnancy is the result of rape, incest, when there is evidence of malformation in the unborn child, and even when the pregnancy affects the mental health of the woman.

This means that if the father of the unborn child is a rapist, if the baby is not physically perfect, or if the pregnant woman is the victim of a temporary mental depression, the church seems to justifiy the permanent deprivation of the life of the innocent baby.

In light of these aparently undeniable historical facts, how can we claim that “Here at Loma Linda University Health, this has never been a problem!” and that “We have remained true to those ideals”?

Note: Needless to say, in spite of the fact that almost a month has gone by, I am still waiting for a response or an acknowledgement that my email was received and read. I also left with his personal secretary a gift copy of my second book dealing with abortion and the SDA church but got no answer from his office.


[1] “From Pro-life to Pro-choice,” and “Murder in Paradise”

[2] “The Wisdom of Solomon? or The Politics of Pragmatism? The General Conference Abortion Decision 1970-71 , p. 31; Spectrum 19/4 (May 1989): 38-46.

[3] “Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines”


A Minor Issue Defined

What is a minor issue? An issue can be seen as major or minor depending on its impact on society and the church. For the purpose of this article, I want to define as minor those topics that have little potential for harming the welfare of the members of society in general and the members of our Adventist church in particular.

Women’s Ordination Potential for Harm

Take the case of women’s ordination. How much harm to the church or society can this topic cause? Whether the Gospel is preached by men or women, if done the right way, the result is souls for the Kingdom, and it causes great rejoicing both on earth and in heaven. How about harm? Can the preaching of the Gospel cause great harm to God’s cause? I am having a hard time thinking of any harm resulting from the conversion of sinners into saints regardless of the gender of the human instruments used for said purpose.

Abortion and its Potential for Harm

Let’s take the issue of abortion in contrast with the topic of women’s ordination. Can the killing of innocent unborn children be the cause of greater celebration by men or angels? I doubt very much. How about harm? As a church, we have officially condemned the practice of sexual abuse of children. Isn’t the destruction of innocent human life the ultimate form of child abuse? [1] The victims of abortion in the North American Division alone since 1973 are close to sixty million. Has the topic of women ordination caused similar harm to human beings? So why has our church manifested so much concern for the topic of women’s ordination and zero interest in the issue of abortion?

Mesmerized by a Minor Issue

From the point of potential for harm, we have for the past few decades been mesmerized by the issue of women’s ordination while showing zero interest in promoting the right to life of the unborn! We have used a ton of ink in discussing the pros and cons of women’s ordination, we have studied it from all the possible points of view, we have combed the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in an attempt to find support for our position, and have dedicated a significant portion of three General Conference Sessions–1990, 1995, and 2015–to discuss the role of women in the church. [2]

Zero Time for a Major Issue Like Abortion

As a church, how much interest have we shown lately for a major issue like abortion? Zero! On top of this, we have declared our neutrality regarding this modern genocide. Can our Church be Neutral on Moral Issues? Recent events in the African country of Kenya forced our Adventist Church to make a moral decision, and our leadership decided to declare its neutrality on the issue of abortion, which is definitely a moral one. So my question is: Can a church be neutral on morality? If the church is neutral on morality, then what is its role in society? Is it to say: “We are neutral on abortion, sin, perversion, and murder? [3]

Our Blindness Predicted in Scripture

Evidently, we have developed a blind spot in our spiritual eyesight regarding the abortion issue. At the 2015 General Conference Session, Elder Ted Wilson made a reference to the blindness manifested by the Church of Laodicea as described in the book of Revelation. My view is that this blindness manifested itself in our organization back in 1970 when our Castle Memorial Hospital in Hawaii faced a serious dilemma: whether to offer elective abortions to its patients. The demand for this service was started by the non-Adventist physicians in said medical institution, and the Adventist leadership caved in to those demands for fear of loss of revenue. The fear of the Lord went out the window and the fear of men prevailed. [4]

The Impact of this Moral Detour

When our church decided to offer abortions on demand to the public back in 1970, it was not because we wanted to ignore one of God’ Commandments, but rather because Neal Wilson, the president of the North American Division of Adventists, publicly declared the following: “Though we walk the fence, Adventists lean toward abortion rather than against it. Because we realize we are confronted by big problems of hunger and overpopulation, we do not oppose family planning and appropriate endeavors to control population.” [5]

Our “Guidelines on Abortion” is Born

And the Autumn Council of the General Conference approved our current “Guidelines on Abortion,” a couple of decades later–a document that is followed by most Adventist medical facilities in North America. [6] Said document justifies the killing of innocent unborn children under a variety of circumstances, including in cases of rape, incest, malformations, and when the unwanted pregnancy affects the mental health of the pregnant woman. Think about this: The unborn baby may be perfectly formed, but is killed because the father was a rapist or because the unexpected pregnancy is causing a temporary mental depression to the pregnant woman or interfering with her studies or work.

When Tradition Replaces the Bible

The Bible condemns killing an innocent individual for the sins of its parents, yet our church decided to ignore this for the sake of profit. Tradition became king and the Sixth Commandment was reinterpreted by our guidelines. We used 1314 words to replace the four words the Lord had written with his own finger on tables of stone: “You shall not murder.”

Majoring on Minor Issues

If we allow for abortions to take place in our own medical facilities, how about also allowing other sins that cause less harm to the innocent victims like stealing, rape, and the sexual abuse of children, or working on the Sabbath Day to feed the family? Most of these sins cause great harm, but the victims manage to survive with the grace of God and the love of their family and friends. Such privilege is not available to the victims of abortion. The act is final and irreversible.

The Solution

Is our church situation hopeless? Not so! There is hope for our spiritual blindness. The True Witness has the following message for the Church of Laodicea: New International Version ”Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.” [7]

When we opened the door for the so called therapeutic and elective abortions at our own medical facilities, we departed from the right path. We used a temporary vote by the Autumn Council to accomplish this but never submitted this sinful arrangement to be voted by the General Conference in Session. It is high time to let the delegates of the church to render their opinion on this life and death issue. Let’s move towards this noble end! And, by all means, let’s repent of this great sin against our Creator!


[1] “The ultimate form of child abuse,”


[3] “Can a church be neutral on morality?”

[4] “Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines,”

[5] Ibid.


[7] Rev. 3:19.

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The Great Commandment in the Law, by Nic Samojluk

Greatest Commandment

Matthew records in chapter 22 the following exchange between Jesus and an expert in Jewish law:

36“Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37And He said to him, “ ‘YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.’ 38“This is the great and foremost commandment. 39“The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ 40“On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”

The Jewish lawyer’s question suggests, in my opinion, that he had a great commandment in mind that differed from the one contained in Jesus response. Given the fact that the Jewish leaders at that time had given such prominence to the fourth commandment of the Decalogue, my guess is that he expected Jesus to identify the Sabbath as the great commandment.

In his response to the Jewish lawyer, Jesus provided a summary of the Ten rules he himself had given to the human race. Thus, the first four commandments itemized our love towards God, and the last six our love towards our fellow men.

The Great Commandment in the Second Section of the Decalogue

If Jesus were physically present among us today, here is the question I would probably ask him: “Master, which is the great commandment in the second section of the Decalogue?” I recognize that each one of the six commandments is very important, and I am cognizant of the fact that, whoever breaks one of them is guilty of breaking God’s entire Law.

New International Version
For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it [James 2:10]

Nevertheless, since Jesus did give more importance to our duty to love God, I am assuming that the violation of one of the six might have more deleterious consequences than the violation of the other five, and my assumption is that the sixth commandment would be the greatest of those six.

My reason is quite simple: If I dishonor my father or my mother, I can repent later on and partially undo the damage done to my parents. The same can be said about the other five, except the sixth one. Once I take the life of a human being, there is no way to undo the damage; the deed is final and irreversible. This is why, in my opinion, the sixth commandment is more offensive to the Lord than the other five.

The Great Commandment Among the Ten

There is no doubt in my mind that our duty towards God is supreme. Nevertheless, I wonder what Jesus would say about the greatest commandment among the ten. Most Adventist would probably suggest that the greatest one among the ten would be the Sabbath commandment. In one sense, this is true; nevertheless, from another point of view, the greatest among the ten, I dare to submit, is not the Sabbath but rather the one that forbids the shedding of innocent blood.

The True Nature of the Sabbath

This seems to be evident from Jesus response to the Jews who had the wrong view of the Sabbath.

New International Version
Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. [Mark 2:27]

From this statement made by Jesus, I conclude that human life is more sacred than even the Sabbath. If I worship the Lord on the wrong day of the week, no one looses his life. But when I take the life of an innocent person a murder has taken place and innocent blood has been shed, which is evil in the sight of the Lord.

New International Version
Moreover, Manasseh also shed so much innocent blood that he filled Jerusalem from end to end–besides the sin that he had caused Judah to commit, so that they did evil in the eyes of the LORD. [2 Kings 21:16]

The Jewish Leader’s Fatal Mistake

This is where the Jewish leaders made a fatal mistake, I believe. They elevated the sacredness of the Sabbath way above the sacredness of life—even the life of their own Messiah and rightful King. They killed the Son of God and rushed home to keep the Sabbath holy. We Adventists need to learn from their fateful error and avoid repeating what they did. We need to hold the right to life to its pristine biblical position.

Those Jewish leaders felt that the Sabbath was so sacred that the keeping of a single Sabbath day properly would result in the advent of the promised Messiah.
“Shabbat: If Israel will keep just one Shabbat properly, Mashiach will come immediately.” [ ]

Ellen White’s View About the Sacredness of Human Life

It is true that Ellen White had an elevated view of the sacredness of Sabbath, but she also had a high view of the sacredness of human life; and her view did not exclude
those waiting to be born.

“If the father would become acquainted with physical law, he might better understand his obligations and responsibilities. He would see that he had been guilty of almost murdering his children, by suffering so many burdens to come upon the mother, compelling her to labor beyond her strength before their birth, in order to obtain means to leave for them.” [White. Selected Messages, Vol. 2 (Washington, D.C.: Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1958), 429-430.]

Jesus View About the Moral Value of Children

On one occasion women brought their children to Jesus to be blessed by him. The disciples felt that this would be a useless distraction from the sacred mission of their master. When Jesus realized what was taking place, he reacted as follows:

New International Version
But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. [Luke 18:16]

We tend to value human beings on the basis of their stage of development, age, and position, but Jesus did not recognize those distinctions. On the contrary, he felt that children had some advantages over grown-up men and women.

New International Version
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. [Matthew 18:3]

Jesus’ view of the high value of children was so pronounced that he made the following strong condemnation against those who dared to harm them.

New International Version
“If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. [Matthew 18:6]

Jesus Eschatology and Children

In fact Jesus eschatology was based on the way we treat “the least of these.”

New International Version
“When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. [Matthew 25:31]

New International Version
“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ [Matthew 25:40]

Can you imagine the deep implication of the above passages: Our eternal destiny will hinge on the manner we have treated “the least of these.” Considering this, can we dare to ignore or even harm any of these human beings the Lord values so highly?

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