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Guidelines on Marital Affairs, a Parody by Doug Yowell

Marriage 3


In the event you are not familiar with the Adventist document known as “guidelines on abortion,” you might have some difficulty appreciating the clever irony contained in this literary piece created by its pro-life author. You may want to consider reading said document first. Here is the link:


1) Marriage bed is a magnificent gift of God. God’s ideal for human beings affirms the sanctity of the marriage bed. The marriage institution is modeled after God’s image and requires respect for the marriage covenant. However, decisions about affairs must be made in the context of a fallen world. An affair is never an act of little moral consequence. Thus, the marriage bond must not be thoughtlessly destroyed. Affairs should be performed only for the most serious reasons.

2) An affair is one of the tragic dilemmas of human fallenness. The church should offer gracious support to those who personally face the decision concerning a violation of their wedding vows. Attitudes of condemnation are inappropriate in those who have accepted the gospel. Christians are commissioned to become a loving, caring community of faith that assists those in crisis as alternatives are considered.

3) In practical, tangible ways the church as a supportive community should express it’s commitment to the value of marital fidelity. These ways should include (a) strengthening family relationships, (b) educating both genders concerning Christian principles of human sexuality, (c) emphasizing responsibility of both male and female for intimate sexual planning, (d) calling both marriage partners to be responsible for the consequences of behaviors that are inconsistent with Christian principles, (e) creating a safe climate for ongoing discussion of the moral questions associated with affairs, (f) offering assistance to spouses who choose to retain their marital faithfulness in a crisis situation, (g) encouraging and assisting parents to participate responsibly in the modeling of marriage for their children. The church also should commit itself to assist in alleviating the unfortunate social, economic, emotional, psychological, and physical factors that may lead to an affair and to care redemptively for those suffering the consequences of individual choices on this issue.

4) The church does not serve as conscience for individuals; however, it should provide moral guidance. An affair for reasons of sexual experimentation, lack of self control, or convenience are not condoned by the church, Couples, at times however, may face exceptional circumstances that present serious moral or relational dilemmas, such as significant threats to the marital commitment, serious jeopardy to the emotional and sexual health of the marriage, severe physical defects carefully diagnosed in one of the spouses, intentionally withheld sexual responsibilities by one of the married persons, a previous or ongoing sexual infidelity by either of the couple, the chronic failure of one partner to provide sexual satisfaction for the other, an undetected gender misidentity, and consensual agreements with other intimately related couples. The final decision whether to have an affair or not should be made by the affected party after appropriate consultation. They should be aided in their decision by accurate information, biblical principles, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, these decisions are best made within the context of healthy family relationships.

5) Christians acknowledge as first and foremost their accountability to God. They seek balance between the exercise of individual liberty and their accountability to the faith community and the larger society and it’s ethics. They make their choices according to Scripture and the laws of God rather than the norms of society. Therefore, any attempts to coerce a married person either to remain faithful to their sexual vows, or to engage in an affair should be rejected as infringements of personal freedom.

6) Church institutions should be provided with guidelines for developing their own institutional policies in harmony with this statement. Persons having a religious or ethical objection to affairs should not be required to give support to an extra marital sexual experience.

7) Church members should be encouraged to participate in the ongoing consideration of their moral responsibilities with regard to sexual faithfulness in the light of the teaching of Scripture.



What follows is a review of some of the salient points presented in the video coupled with the time count for easy location of the specific item presented in it.

Dramatic increase in the number of abortions at the Glendale & the White Memorial hospitals: 558 % spike in one year as evidence that these were elective abortions.
Advance to 058

1986 American Hospital Association reported that 12 our of 56 SDA hospitals were offering abortion services
Advance to 1:52

“The number of elective abortions has increased since 1971.”
Advance to 3:32

Estimated elective abortion between 1970 & 2,000 is 20,0000
Advance to 4:42

The Washington Post report of elective abortions in Adventist hospitals was never denied by the church.
Advance to 5:24

Chaplain George Gainer asked by Ministry Magazine to write a report on abortion. Thr church’s secret abortion file was denied access to him, but later allowed following a Ministry Magazine special request. He copied half of the material in the file, but days later Neal Wilson ordered his access interrupted.
Advance to 5:58

In 1970 our Castle Memorial Hospital started offering abortion for social reasons.
Advance to 8:06

The Washington Adventist Hospital was reported to have performed 1494 abortion between 1975 & 1982.
Advance to 10:37

In 1991-1992 three SDA hospitals near the GC performed 1600 abortions. The total estimated number of abortion in just two of these hospitals is 15,000.
Advance to 11:51

In response to a pro-life complain, President Ron M Wisbey asserted that the Adventist church was not involved in the abortion business which resulted in a raise of his salary.
Advance to 14:15

In 1993, GC Health Ministry director wrote a letter asking a pro-lifer to support the guidelines on abortion, which means that if you want to help children being killed, you need to support the guidelines that authorize their murder.
Advance to 16:53

Following the Washington Post report of abortion in Adventist hospitals, the Adventist for Life web site was ordered by GC lawyers to cease and desist their pro-life activities.
Advance to 19:18

When a Washington Adventist Hospital employee complained about the abortion issue, she was provided with a list of Catholic hospitals where she could apply for employment.
Advance to 20:27

The women’s ordination issue was voted three times already by the church. The abortion issue not even once.
Advance to 24:02

Adventist hospitals have murdered more blacks than the KKK in all their history.
Advance to 26:14


According to an article published by the Adventist Review entitled “Church in South America Passes Statement Opposing Death Penalty” [1] the Adventist Church has come out against the execution of criminals and murderers while still allowing the execution of innocent unborn children as evidenced by a document approved by the church known as “guidelines on abortion.” [2]

If the killing of criminals is wrong, how in the world did the church decide that the execution of innocent human beings was morally acceptable back in 1970? And do not forget that said guidelines on abortion are still followed by our Adventist Health System!

Can’t we see that killing the innocent is contrary to the health ministry of our church? How did we manage to include killing among the health program designed to alleviate suffering, pain, and the protection of human life? We allow abortion to protect the lifestyle of the pregnant woman. Is lifestyle more sacred than life? Here are some of the statements contained in this new document of the church:

“The document contextually discusses biblical texts and passages that seem to support the application of the death penalty by governments, to conclude that “Adventists believe that violence and capital punishment have no place within the Church. In other words, it is not the task of the Church to take human life.”

How can we be against “violence” when dealing with criminals but in favor or neutral when violence is manifested against unborn and innocent human beings? Isn’t this evidence that we have a serious contradiction in our teachings regarding the right to life of those who were created in God’s image?

“The application of capital punishment “is often fraught with procedural difficulties,” and “is irreversible,” something that “should make us very cautious.”

Isn’t the capital punishment applied to the unborn “irreversible” as well?

“As the document states, however, the key task is to get to know the biblical view of capital punishment by studying biblical texts on the topic in various contexts. It is also important to understand it from “a robust biblical anthropology,” as over the years, the Adventist Church has issued official statements “against violence, war, and euthanasia, and in favor of tolerance and noncombatancy,” it reads.” 

If we are against violence in the case of war and euthanasia, on what moral or biblical basis can we continue to allow for violence to be manifested in the case of abortion?

“The Church shares the biblical teaching of the immense value of all life and the sanctity of human life especially, which was created in the image of God,” reads the statement. Accordingly, “[it] seeks to preserve and protect human life.””

Are we saying that the life of a convicted murderer is sacred but the life of the unborn is not? Aren’t the unborn created in God’s image as well? Why are convicted criminals entitled to the “protection of human life” but not the unborn who are not guilty of any crime? Here is what the Bible teaches:

“The one who acquits the guilty and the one who condemns the innocent–both of them are an abomination to the LORD.” [Proverbs 17:15]

Based on this biblical passage, we can safely conclude that the position of the Adventist church on this issue is and “abomination to the LORD” because we are protecting the life of the wicked but failing to protect the life of the innocent.




Please, take the time to watch the following powerful video created by Adventist researcher named Andrew Michell:

“Adventist Church Official Position Statement on Death Penalty”


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Adventist Church Official Position Statement on Death Penalty



My Question: How can we claim to be opposed to the death penalty of guilty criminals but at the same time maintain a document known as “Guidelines on Abortion” that lists a variety of circumstances under which our hospitals and clinics are allowed to kill unborn children who have committed no crime? This is a mystery to me!

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Woman Pastors World’s Largest SDA Church


“The Amazing Hao Ya Jie Story – Pastor Hao Ya Jie, a woman, is the pastor of the Beiguan Seventh-day Adventist Church in Shenyang, China. It started as a small group of 10 people in her living room in 1985. Now it has a membership of more than 7,000 and is considered the largest Adventist Church in the world. Pastor Hao oversees the day-to-day operation of the church, its lay-training program, a feeding program for the needy, and morning worship that starts each day at 5:00 a.m. with hundreds of members in attendance. The Beiguan church has prompted the growth of more than 120 church-plants.
When asked why she felt called to ministry, Pastor Hao offered a simple answer: “When I was reading the writings of Ellen White, I felt that God was calling me to leave my former profession and serve Him in evangelizing those in my community. I felt moved to a life of serving God.”
More than half of the Adventist pastors in China are women, and a large majority of the members are also female. God is working in mighty ways to spread the Gospel through their willing efforts.

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Dr. George Knight: Biblical Meaning of Ordination


“The laying on of hands is a biblical concept, but they received their “commission from God Himself, and the ceremony of the laying on of hands added no new grace or virtual qualification.” It was simply a human recognition that God had called the person. (AA, p. 161) …

Who decides who can be a pastor? Jesus gave spiritual gifts, including the gift of pastoring (and they are not based on gender). (Ephesians 4:8, 11-13) The Bible has examples of female prophets and preachers. …

The laying on of hands merely recognizes publicly what the Holy Spirit has already done. (EGW, AA p. 161) …

The “husband of one wife” passage was a limitation against fornication and polygamy, not an indication that only males can be ministers. Jesus and Paul were not married. …

The General Conference already approved women in ministry 25 years ago. Men and women ministers already have the laying on of hands. The only difference is that the men are called “ordained” and the women are called “commissioned.” It is merely a word game, because they do the exact same work, and the two terms mean the same thing. …

It is especially amazing that Adventists are having this debate, given the fact that the most influential clergy person in Adventist history was a woman. …”


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God’s Secrets of Prosperity

Happy New Year 2

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper
you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Proverbs 28:13 Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but

Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one
who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.


Deuteronomy 29:9 Carefully follow the terms of this covenant, so

Carefully follow the terms of this covenant, so that
you may prosper in everything you do.


Jeremiah 10:21 The shepherds are senseless and do not inquire of

The shepherds are senseless and do not inquire of the LORD; so they
do not prosper and all their flock is scattered.


Proverbs 19:8 The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who

The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes
understanding will soon prosper.


Proverbs 11:25 A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.
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Violence Through the Eyes of God, by Nic Samojluk


Two thousand years ago, Jesus came from heaven as a babe in order to bring peace to earth, but Herod, inspired by the Devil, responded with violence and sent his soldiers to Bethlehem with the mission of killing a large number of innocent children.

If we want to get an idea about the way heaven sees the violence manifested by human beings toward the innocent, we need to examine what prompted God to take drastic actions towards peoples and nations in the past.

The Flood Generation

Take the case of the Noah’s generation. Why did the Lord decide to wipe them off the face of the earth? Here is the answer:

“Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence.” [Gen. 6:11]

Evidently, one of their open sins was violence, the killing of innocent human beings.

The Nation of Israel

“We have sinned, even as our ancestors did; we have done wrong and acted wickedly.” [Psalm 106:6]

“They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to false gods. They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters,” [Psalm 106:37-38]

Notice the reference to the shedding of innocent blood—the blood of their own unwanted children to Moloch, the cruel pagan god.

The City of Nineveh

How about the wicked city of Nineveh? History tells us that one of their open sins was violence as well.

“Woe to the city guilty of bloodshed! She is full of lies; she is filled with plunder; she has hoarded her spoil!” [Nahum 3:1]

“Nothing can heal you; your wound is fatal. All who hear the news about you clap their hands at your fall, for who has not felt your endless cruelty?” [Nahum 3:19]

Assyriologist Archibald Henry Sayce describes the barbarities that followed the capture of a town: “Boys and girls were burned alive or reserved for a worse fate; men were impaled, flayed alive, blinded, or deprived of their hands and feet, of their ears and noses.””


The City of Jerusalem

And what can we say about the Holy City of Jerusalem?

“This city must be punished; …Violence and destruction resound in her;” [Jer.6: 6-7]

“For the land is full of bloodshed, and the city is full of violence.” [Ezek.7:23]

What happened to the City of Jerusalem? It was destroyed on two separate occasions and the Holy Temple was demolished. History tells us that one million Jews perished when the Roman army attacked the Holy City and demolished the second temple of Jerusalem.

Our Current Generation

Will the Lord overlook the incredible shedding of innocent blood by our current generation? Since 1973 it is estimated that almost sixty million innocent unborn children were exterminated in North America alone. This is ten times the number of victims of the Jewish genocide under the Hitler regime.

The Role of God’s Remnant Church

What can we say about God’s Remnant Church, chosen by heaven to preach the last message to a perishing world? This church fulfilled its sacred mission for over a century, but in 1970, when the State of Hawaii legalized the killing of unborn children, the leaders of the Adventist denomination decided to participate in the violation of God’s Law and added KILLING to its HEALING ministry.

Violence is wrong, but violence against those who cannot act in their own defense, is the epitome of cruelty and evil. And why did our leaders decide to participate in the lucrative abortion business? The answer is Money–the love of filthy lucre–and now our hands are stained with the blood of the innocents.

A pro-life Adventist researcher named Andrew Michell estimated that the number of victims of abortion inside only two Adventist Hospitals was approximately 15,000. And bear in mind that our church owns over sixty hospitals in North America alone. Of course, many of those institutions did not participate in the elective abortion business.

My question is: How many murders do you have to be guilty of before a judge or jury will sentence you to jail time or the electric chair, 15,000 or just one?

“PROOF: 15,000+ Abortions in Seventh-day Adventist Hospitals”


King Manasseh was the cruelest ruler in the Old Testament, and he was guilty of shedding the blood of more innocent people that any of those who ruled in Jerusalem, but when he repented of his sins, the Lord reinstated him on his throne. There is hope for the Adventist Church, but the pre-requisite is repentance and confession. Let’s pray for this to take place before it is too late!

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Vienna Boys’ Choir ~ Christmas Album

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