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No Elective Abortions at LLU?

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Does Mark Finley Defend the Abortion Loophole?

We have good news and bad ones. The good news is that the 1992 “Guidelines on Abortion” have been replaced with a Statement on Abortion that is apparently prolife. The bad news is that Point Number Six of the document is a clever loophole designed to preserve the right to kill innocent unborn children that are victims of “fatal prospects” and subject to “anomalous” developments. The even worse news is that Evangelist Mark Finley has apparently blessed this violation of God’s Sixth Commandment!

Mark Finley defends abortion.

Church leaders, including Wilson and Finley, now admit that the Guidelines on Abortion are not biblical.

The leaders in North America openly condemn what Adventist did in Rwanda, but do not likewise condemn the killing of innocent children in our hospitals.

Regarding Point six, Finley predicted that it will not be used as a loophole, yet admitted that women will have the final word regarding abortion.

“There are times,” he said, “when the baby is in a fatal condition.”

Are we free to kill a person because he/she is going to die anyhow?

If the goal is always to save the child, then why killing those in a “fatal condition”?

Finley said hat physicians have the God-given right to determine the fate of the unborn. Finley suggests that physicians and women may decide what to do thanks to a “biblically informed conscience,” thus implying that killing a child may be guided by the Holy Spirit.

You might have watched the recent video Submitted by Pastor Mark Finley in which he offers his expert comments regarding the Statement on Abortion approved by the General Conference Executive Committee on October 16, 2019.

He made a long list of prolife statements among which I would like to highlight the following:

A. This Statement on Abortion document blends the value of human life with compassion.

Of course, I agree, provided the compassion is for both the woman and her baby.

B. Human life begins at conception.

Not at birth as some leading Adventists used to teach.

C. The Sixth Commandment also applied to the killing of the unborn child.

This is an excellent prolife affirmation

D. An act of violence against a woman is not solved with another act of violence against her baby.

So far no problem! But when he got to point six of the document on abortion his hands began to shake. He seemed to be troubled by the following statements contained in it:

“Consequently, in rare and extreme cases, human conception may produce pregnancies with potentially fatal prospects and/or acute, life-threatening birth anomalies that present individuals and couples with exceptional dilemmas.”

His comments seemed to imply that if the woman decides to have her baby killed because of the presence of fatal anomalies the church is morally forced to become an accomplice to said killing.

This is a fallacy in my view. If the church wants to be true to the Biblical principles exposed in the document, all the church needs to say is:

We do not participate in abortions except when the life of the woman is in serious jeopardy. There are many other medical facilities that engage in taking the lives of innocent unborn children.

Besides, point six of the document makes reference to dilemmas. The dictionary defines a dilemma as a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives. The choice between hoping that the medical prognosis is inaccurate and killing the baby is not a true dilemma; the choice between having an abortion and giving the baby up for adoption is not a true dilemma; and the choice between the woman’s lifestyle and taking the life of her own baby is not a true dilemma either.

Reference: “Adventist Abortion Document Review by Mark Finley (GCAC19)”

If you can spare the time, watch the following video created by prolife Adventist researcher Andrew Michell:

“Refuting Pastor Mark Finley’s defense of abortion for sick children”

Doug Batchelor was the first to speak at the Annual Council.

“We can’t preach about the Fourth Commandment if we compromise on the Sixth.”

Life is a miracle. It is God who created human life in the womb from the moment of conception.

A few minutes later Dr. Handysides contradicted Pastor Batchelor’s argument.

Dr. Handysides, the former director of the GC health department, produced no Scripture.

He appealed to his knowledge as a physician and financial backing.

Ted Wilson claimed that the abortion document was Biblical, but Handysides responded that science is practical regarding how to treat unborn children–not so the Bible.

Then he said that we claim that God is the Creator of human life—what about the malformations?

Thus he placed physicians above the Bible and able to decide who is entitled to live or die.

Thus Handysides agrees with Dr. Gerald Winslow who stated that abortion helps insure that the image of God is reproduced in human beings by eliminating the defective fetuses.

This is evidence that Adventists believe in eugenics, the elimination of defective human beings.

He reminded his hearers that in 1992 the GC Annual Council with the same authority invoked the guidance of the Holy Spirit that approved the “Guidelines on Abortion” that justifies abortion under special circumstances.

Could it be that the Holy Spirit never led the church to adopt those 1992 guidelines in the first place?

What Spirit guided the church to accept the guidelines on abortion? How could the H.S. guide the church to adopt the killing of innocent children? No wonder our pastors, evangelists, and leaders dare not speak against abortion because the moment they do like Batchelor they will be attacked and ridiculed.

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Malformation & the Right to Life

You might have watched the comments made at the 2019 General Conference [GC] Annual Council, especially those by Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of the Amazing Facts television program and Dr. Allan Handysides, a former Director of the GC Health Department.

Perhaps you noticed how Dr. Handysides attempted to destroy and ridicule the comments made by Pastor Batchelor who cited the Bible in defense of God’s direct involvement in the creation of human life from the moment of conception.

Dr. Handysides demeaned the Biblical knowledge of theologians like Pastor Batchelor while pondering the superior practical and scientiphic knowledge, training, and experience of physicians like himself.

“What about the malformations,” Handysides asked. The implication was that God could not be involved in the creation of defective fetuses, which means that it is the duty of humans do destroy what God did not create. Humans must decide who should live and who should die. 

In this Dr. Handysides was in perfect agreement with LLUH Gerald Wilson, who wrote the following: Abortion helps insure that the image of God is reproduced in human beings by eliminating the defective fetuses.

Here is evidence that Adventists did adopt the eugenics theory implemented by Hitler when the “Guidelines on Abortion” document was originally drafted. Handysides added that the 1992 guidelines were approved by the same GC authority that now is abandoning said document on abortion.

Handysides argued that said guidelines were the result of the Holy Spirit activity thus implying that it was wrong to abandon what was the result of God’s guidance. For him the new Statement on Abortion was invalid because it contradicted the guidelines on abortion adopted in 1992.

For him the authority of the Bible did not count, the murder prohibition contained in the Decalogue did not count, the Biblical prohibition of killing the son for the sins of the father did not count, and the Bible condemnation of shedding the blood of the innocents did not count. What counted was the superior intelligence and training of fallible and conflicted physicians and ethicists.

I highly recommend you watch the following video prepared by the most outstanding Adventist defender of the right to life of human beings from the moment of conception.

Dr. Handysides attacks Pastor Doug Batchelor’s argument against abortion

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Refuting Dr. Richard Hart, President of Loma Linda University

Richard Hart: Elective abortion we do not do and have never done.

It all depends on how we define the term elective.”

Physicians usually define elective as abortions performed for the sake of lifestyle.

They exclude those abortions done to save the life of the woman, abortions done due to rape, incest, malformations, and the health of the pregnant woman.

These type of abortions are usually labeled as therapeutic.
The Bible does not authorize therapeutic abortions, except to save the life of the woman.

Statistics generally ignore abortion as a cause of children’s death.

Hart ignores the fact that Loma Linda has a program for the harvesting of human organs from anencephalic children.

He also ignores the fact that LLU honors the work of Dr. Edward Allred, who admitted having done at least 250,000 abortions in his numerous abortion clinics.

The Washington Post published the fact that Adventists practice elective abortion. Andrew Michell and asked the author of the article and was told that no one from the church requested a retraction.

Hart attempted to explain that sometimes the unborn is “incompatible with life.”

If the baby is dead, this is not abortion. There is nothing wrong with removing a dead baby from its mother’s womb!

Hart argues that it is acceptable to kill Down Syndrome babies because they may die.

This is why we need section 6 of the Statement on Abortion. We don’t kill children just because they may die!

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Adventist Abortion Document Review by Mark Finley (GCAC19)

The Biblical Research Institute studied the abortion topic for two years.

The work went through many committees and then to the GC Executive Committee.

It is a Biblical statement about abortion.

Life is a gift of God based on the creation event.

The Adventist pioneers spoke openly against abortion.

As the hospital work developed there were instances that were not the best, especially between 1970 and 1990.

The time came to reaffirm the sanctity of life.

The Bible is the basis of our faith and practice.

This Statement on Abortion document blends the value of human life with compassion.

Human life begins at conception.

Adventists have been known as a Commandment keeping people.

The Sixth Commandment also applied to the killing of the unborn child.

Dr. Chairman T. said that an act of violence against a woman is not solved with another act of violence.

Psalm 139 strongly suggests that the child’s owner is God, the author of life.

Point number six of the document was understood by many as opening the door for abortion.

In extreme cases conception may produce pregnancies with fatal prospects or birth anomalies causing exceptional dilemmas.

Decisions should be left to the conscience of the individuals involved.

These decisions should be guided by the Holy Spirit.

These statements does not open the door to abortion of choice. There are times when a baby is in a fatal condition

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A Biblical View of Abortion by the General Conference

I will highlight some comments published by Adventist News followed by my personal reaction to them:

1. “During his presentation, Landless also displayed a chart showing that the total number of abortions performed by Adventist health care institutions during the past year.”

Notice that those statistics are limited to “the past year.” Why not showing the total number of abortions since 1970—the year Adventist embraced elective abortions? The number of victims are in the millions if we include those killed by the greatest serial killer of unborn children the church ever produced.

2. “The statistics reveal that the number is very small, almost all of them relating to dramatic fetal abnormalities which would make life outside the womb impossible.”

Can we rely on the accuracy of the medical diagnosis performed by physicians? Are they 100 percent reliable? If not, this means that in certain cases we run the risk of killing innocent unborn babies.

3. “While acknowledging that “we do not have a wonderful history in our health institutions” regarding abortion, Landless reported a dramatic decrease in abortions since the 1992 Guidelines were voted.”

This is an understatement. We abandoned the Prolife position on abortion manifested by our Adventist pioneers, profited from the killing of innocent unborn children, shared a sizable portion of ill-gotten blood money from the greatest abortionist the church did produce, and honored him at a GC World Session. Doesn’t this abhorrent behavior by our church merit a public admission of guilt followed by repentance and contrition?

4. “It should be clearly stated: the aim is to approach as close to zero abortions as is safely possible.”

This is a lofty aim, but given the strong influence of our health institutions, is this feasible? Will the Hospital Protocols being considered today accurately reflect the Biblical view of abortion?

When one of the members of the GC Executive Committee asked why abortion was not included in the Statement on Abortion, the chairman’s answer was: “Abortion is an act of violence; responding with another violent act is not Biblical.”

5. “We must, at least by the new year, start coming out with meaningful processes and protocols that will be useful to those who work at the cold face of health management.”

I hope the church will not repeat the mistake made decades ago when the leaders of the church chose healthcare professionals for the creations of the Guidelines on Abortion. This was akin to asking the tobacco industry to create the policies controlling the consumption of tobacco products.

6. “Doug Batchelor, speaker and director for Amazing Facts Ministries, an independent supporting ministry located in North America, was the first to speak in favor of the Statement.”

Pastor Doug Batchelor also stated that many prospective baptismal candidates, upon learning that the Adventist Church allows abortion, refuse to be baptized.

7. “Richard Hart, president of Loma Linda University Health, … clarified that Loma Linda does not offer elective abortions, and went on to describe several critical medical conditions where termination of pregnancy may be necessary.”

He cited one of those circumstances: trisomy cases. Isn’t an abortion due to malformation of the fetus elective? Do Down Syndrome individuals have a right to life? If yes, why do we kill them before they are born?

BTW, perhaps things have changed at LLUH, but some decades ago LLU was listed as one of the Adventist medical facilities offering elective abortions. If you need hard evidence, let me know!

8. “Jiri Moskala, dean of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, while praising the document for its respect for life, and biblical principles, also offered suggestions for improvement. “This Statement is strangely silent about the most painful issue in regards to abortion, namely rape.”

Here you go again! Is this an indication of what will be included in the Hospital Protocols being considered right now? Will the church seek to find ways to continue ignoring the Sixth Commandment of the Lord?More:

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Surprise: GC Approves Biblical View of Abortion

When Ted Wilson, the General Conference president, publicly announced that a special group of theologians and bioethicists were working on a Biblical Statement on Abortion, Many Adventists did not believe that this would be possible. Their surprise was great when this became a reality on 10-16-2019. The document contains many Prolife features:

1. “Thus, human life is of inestimable value. This is true for all stages of human  life: the unborn, children of various ages, adolescents, adults, and seniors—independent of physical, mental, and emotional capacities”

This is amazing; the church is affirming that the unborn are of inestimable value and that this value is independent of physical or mental capacities. Does this mean that the church will no longer allow exceptions for abortions due to rape, malformations, or the lifestyle of women? We will find out when the Hospital Protocols will replace the current Guidelines on Abortion.

2. “Such an understanding of the sanctity of life gives inviolable and equal value to each and every human life and requires it to be treated with the utmost respect and care.”

Of course! We do not show respect to the unborn or the Creator of the unborn by killing the most innocent members of the human race.

3. “God considers the unborn child as human life.”

True! Killing the unborn is not equivalent to removing an appendix.

4. “Biblical law shows a strong regard for protecting human life and considers harm to or the loss of a baby or mother as a result of a violent act a serious issue (Exodus 21:22-23).”

5. “The Bible teaches care for the weak and the vulnerable.”

Yes, didn’t Jesus identify with the “least of these”? Aren’t the unborn included among the least of these?

6. “He [God] does not hold children accountable for the sins of their fathers.”(Ezekiel 18:20).

Doesn’t this inspired text do away with abortion due to rape? Society lets the rapist live, but it kills the innocent child. This is a terrible injustice.

7. “Consequently, in rare and extreme cases, human conception may produce pregnancies with fatal prospects and/or acute, life-threatening birth anomalies that present individuals and couples with exceptional dilemmas.”

The dictionary defines a dilemma as the choice between two equally undesirable alternatives. The choice between the life of the mother and the life of the baby is a True Dilemma; but the choice between the lifestyle of the woman and the life of her unborn is a Fake Dilemma. So is the choice between killing the unborn and giving it up for adoption.

8. “These decisions should be well-informed and guided by the Holy Spirit and the biblical view of life outlined above.”

Are we assuming that the Holy Spirit may sometimes inspire women to violate the Commandment that says: “You shall not murder.”?

Conclusion: It is interesting to note that in answer to one of the members of the GC Executive Committee who asked why rape was not included in this new church document, he said: “Abortion is an act of  violence; responding to violence with another violent act is not biblical.”

Ref.: “2019 Annual Council: October 16, 2019 – Wednesday AM”

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