Posted by: adventlife | September 20, 2018

Women’s Right to Life


This presentation was designed to introduce a powerful video created by Prolife Andrew in which he challenges Pastor Dwight Nelson to explain how he can defend women’s right to ordination but deny their right to life.

Posted by: adventlife | September 15, 2018

Adventist Balanced View on Abortion?


The purpose of this short presentation is to introduce a very important video created by Prolife Andrew that provides powerful evidence that our position on abortion is contrary to the teaching of Scripture.

Our preaching about the soon coming of our Lord and the doctrines surrounding said blessed event are doctrinally pure, but our behavior related to the right to life of the unborn is tarnished with the blood of the innocent whose lives have been cut short prior to delivery.

We need to repent of this great offense towards heaven. The Lord is merciful and eager to forgive, but forgiveness must be preceded by confession and repentance. Make sure to watch the video and share it with others. The Lord will bless you if you do this on behalf of the unborn.

Posted by: adventlife | September 12, 2018

Overcoming the Language Barrier


Dear reader,

You might be already aware that Prolife Andrew was able to break the language barrier and has produced a new video both in Spanish and Portuguese. If you know anyone fluent in those languages, invite him/her to watch. I am including a video in English for you dealing with the same topic.

“¿Por qué los adventistas apoyan el aborto? con el Presidente oficial Ted Wilson”

“Por que os adventistas apoiam o aborto?” [Portuguese]

“Steve Wohlberg: Why Adventists Support Abortion”

Remember to pray for the unborn!

Posted by: adventlife | September 9, 2018

Adventist Leaders, Ted Wilson Approved 1992 Abortion Guidelines


Posted by: adventlife | August 30, 2018

My Appeal to the Leadership of the Adventist Church


Please, click on the link listed below to access the video entitled:

“My Appeal to the Leadership of the Adventist Church”

My name is Nic Samojluk. I am the author of two books on abortion and many published articles. I am appealing to Pastor Ted Wilson and the leaders of the Adventist Church to get out of the abortion business and to replace our abortion guidelines with a prolife statement.

Posted by: adventlife | August 18, 2018

Smoking Harms the Baby, but Abortion Doesn’t?


The Adventist church has been involved in the promotion of several very successful smoking cessation programs in the past because of the deleterious effects of smoking on the human body, and more so on the body of a developing unborn baby. If smoking by the pregnant woman harms the baby, doesn’t it follow that killing it prior to birth harms the victim even more? Isn’t it time for us to get our church out of the abortion business?

Please, watch this short video!

Posted by: adventlife | July 25, 2018

“The Fetus Who Refused to Die “


I want to share with you an amazing story of survival that was published by the Adventist media, thus breaking the decades long silence on this controversial issue.

Out of the blue, after decades of almost total silence on the issue of abortion, suddenly the Adventist media published the miraculous story of survival of a fetus that was destined to die. After the third abortion attempt, the desperate woman decided to let the baby live and grow.

This baby grew and eventually because a valuable leader in the Adventist Church. Please, take a few minutes from your busy schedule to watch this short video.

Posted by: adventlife | July 11, 2018

Trapped in a Cave


This video was designed to show the sharp contrast between the cooperative effort to save the lives of 12 Thai members of a soccer team and the evil persistence of the abortion industry to convert the woman’s cavity into the unhorn’s tomb.

The goal of divers from all the world was to save those boys from a sure death; the goal of abortionists is to guarantee a dead unborn baby.

Posted by: adventlife | July 8, 2018

Smoking & Preventable Death


Our Adventist Church claims that smoking is the greatest preventable cause of death in the world. The statistical evidence shows that the greatest cause of preventable death in the world is not smoking but rather abortion. This erroneous information needs to be corrected!

Take a few minutes from your busy time to watch these two short videos that are linked together and post your comments at the bottom.

Posted by: adventlife | June 27, 2018

Sounding the Alarm Over Diabetes


You probably agree with me that our General Conference Health Department’s concern about the alarming increase in the obesity among our children is justified because excessive weight tends to shorten the lifespan of its victims.

I hope you will also agree with me that the decrease of the victims’ of abortion lifespan is much greater, nevertheless we Adventists still have a document known as “Guidelines on Abortion” that allows for the killing of innocent unborn children under a variety of circumstances, including rape, incest, malformation, and the mental health of the pregnant women.

This is a shameful relic of what took place in 1970 when our church leaders abandoned the long-standing Adventist policy regarding the sacredness of human life. Please, take the time to watch this very short video that deals with this issue.

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