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Annual Council 2016: Reflections and Analysis


“The issue confronting those refusing compliance with the above policy is now extremely serious.  They now have one year to adjust their local policies and actions so as to conform to the voted policy of the world church.  This is a new thing in the Adventist ordination crisis. Those out of harmony with the voted decision of the world body will be expected to change their practices, or face the grave consequences of which our General Conference president has spoken in the past. …”



My Comments:

This is evidence that we are determined to risk a split over a minor issue like women’s ordination while allowing diversity over a major one like abortion.

Where are the victims of women’s ordination? Are you aware of any? None that I can see!

Contrast this with the thousands of innocent unborn babies whose lives were cut short inside some of our Adventist medical facilities since 1970 when our SDA Church adopted the pro-choice position on this issue.

Which of the Ten Commandments is violated when we ordain a woman to the Gospel ministry?

Likewise, which of God’s commandments is violated when we kill an unborn child? The sixth–the one designed by a loving God to protect the right to life. Here is what Jesus said regarding the value of human life:

“It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” [Luke 17:2]

According to Jesus death is preferable than offending the little ones, but our Adventist leaders believe that killing said little ones is morally acceptable and morally neutral under a variety of circumstances, including when the father of the unborn child is a sinner.

I thought that the sinner deserves to be punished–not the innocent victim. Do we punish the rapist? No! So why do we justify the killing of the innocent?

Our “Guidelines on Abortion” also justify abortion when the pregnancy affects the mental health of the woman. My question is: Is the temporary inconvenience of a pregnancy worse than the permanent and irreversible decision to either dismember of poison the body of the unborn?

The founders of the Adventist movement were pro-life–not pro-choice/pro-abortion! What happened? Why did we abandon the pro-life original position of the founders of Adventism?

The answer is profit. Is profit a safe policy to follow? What did Jesus say about this?

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” [Luke 16:13]

I believe that it is high time for our church leaders to repent of this insult against the Creator of human life.

Our church has invested millions of dollars and three General Conference sessions into the women’s ordination issue–zero dollars for the protection of the right to life.

We are majoring in minor issues and minoring in major ones. It is time to alter this erroneous course of action.

It is high time to repent of this erroneous action.

Adventist church 6

“With Annual Council a week away, preliminary meetings are taking place at the General Conference this week to finalize agenda items. The Division Presidents met on Tuesday and voted overwhelmingly to recomend the disciplining of unions they see as being in rebellion. Today it will be the all the Division officers and General Conference officers and vice presidents (GCDO).

What is being proposed is that the General Conference take over such unions—unions where women are ordained—and operate them as missions attached to the General Conference. That would mean that the GC would then be able to remove union leaders and replace the leadership with their own appointees. Then a new constituency meeting could be called to attempt to reverse the ordination vote. …”


My Comments

What follows is my comment regarding the proposed move that could split the church over the issue of abortion:

“Ted Wilson might be willing to split the church over a minor issue, like women’s ordination, which poses no threat to the lives of anyone; but he won’t move a finger to threaten a split over a major one like abortion that has decimated the lives of thousands of innocent unborn children since 1970 when elective abortions were allowed to take place in some of our Adventist hospitals.

Even today, most Adventist medical facilities still follow the guidelines on abortion approved by the 1992 Autumn Council, a document that justifies the killing of innocent unborn children under a variety of circumstances. Thus a document created by humans voids the murder prohibition inscribed by God’s finger on tablets of stone.

A split over a major issue like this one would be justified, but women’s ordination? We seem to have lost the moral high road and respect of those who still hold God’s Word in high esteem and we need to repent of this great evil and seek God’s forgiveness.

We failed in Germany over half a century ago, we failed in Rwanda, and we failed in North America over the same issue: the value of human life. Is this the way we are preparing our people to stay firm when the predicted persecution of the Remnant takes place?

Nic Samojluk, Advent Life Editor

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A letter I never mailed, by Nic Samojluk


Note: The letter listed below was never mailed because of other urgent business.

“Dear Pastor Lomacang,

On March 29, 2016, I was trying to catch up on the news before retiring for the night when the program was interrupted for some commercials. I switched the channel to 3ABN in order to see what kind of program you had on.

I was gratified to discover that you were on with Pastor Murray and Danny Shelton describing how the role of the Catholic Church contrasted with our Adventist doctrines. I felt proud to belong to the church that honored God’s commandments and kept the Sabbath—the commandment that identified the name of the Creator of heaven and earth and described the basis of his authority.

I felt proud to belong to God’s Remnant Church– the church that honored God’s commandments and kept the Sabbath. I went to bed, but for some reason could not fall asleep. The next morning I found the following statement in today’s Sabbath School lesson:

“That’s the point we need to remember, not just when we look at others but when we look at ourselves, as well.”

This troubled me a great deal, because it dawned on me that we have also attempted to replace one of the Ten Commandments with rules created by men. I am referring to our Adventist “Guidelines on Abortion” that justify the violation of the Sixth Commandment under a variety of circumstances, including when an unwanted pregnancy begins to affect the mental health of the woman.

This means that a temporary mental depression is likely to lead the woman to sacrifice the life of her unborn child with the blessing of the church. I ask: is this the role of the Remnant church—to bless the violation of the commandment that forbids the killing of innocent human beings?

How can a church bless what the Lord has condemned? Should not the church repent of this great sin against heaven? The Lord is willing to forgive our transgression, but, according to the Bible, there is no forgiveness with repentance!

Isn’t it time to do away with those abortion guidelines? The day we no longer offer abortions services to our hospital patients, those guidelines will be obsolete. Catholic hospitals do not have abortion guidelines. The simply refuse to violate what the Lord has forbidden.

May the Lord have mercy on us all!”

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Advent Life News Stories you Might Have Missed

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Here is a list of news items you might have missed if you are not following “Advent Life News”:

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Franklyn 2

“(RNS) Franklin Graham’s annual compensation of $880,000, revealed in a Charlotte Observer story, has some worrying that too many top Christian nonprofit leaders as well as pastors are seeing themselves as CEOs instead of as God’s servants.

Graham, son of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, is head of Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief agency based in Boone, N.C.

“Basically they are saying if Satan pays well, God should pay better,” said Maria Dixon, a Southern Methodist University professor of corporate communications and public affairs. Dixon, a United Methodist Church deacon and a minister’s wife, specializes in studying and helping nonprofit religious organizations.

CEOs at the top 50 U.S. charities, including Samaritan’s Purse, earn in the $350,000 to $450,000 range, which makes Graham’s $622,000 salary from his aid organization alone about 40 percent to 50 percent higher than average, according to a Forbes story. He receives the rest of his $258,000 compensation as CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. …

By contrast, pastor salaries at the nation’s biggest Christian churches are much lower for all but a select number. Only 3 percent of churches with more than 1,600 people in attendance pay senior pastors more than $300,000, said Warren Bird, research director at Leadership Network.  At the other extreme, a recent study by the National Association of Church Business Administration found that the average American pastor with a congregation of 300 people earns a salary of less than $28,000 a year. …

Franklin Graham, who is 63, has said he wants to make enough money to be able to work for free when he turns 70 …

By contrast, California megachurch pastor Rick Warren has been giving away 90 percent of his income for years, as part of a strategy he calls “reverse tithing.” …”

More: file:///C:/Users/Nic/Desktop/How%20Much%20Is%20Too%20Much%20To%20Pay%20A%20Pastor.htm

If you are surprised and wondering what happened to the Christian church that is now following the world’s model of compensation, bear in mind that the Seventh-day Adventist church is not exempted from this trend to seek for higher salaries for those in charge of large corporations. Take the time to read what is happening in our medical organizations that manage our Adventist hospitals corporations. Here is an article written by someone who has taken the time to research this topic.

“Million-Dollar Salaries in Adventist Healthcare”


And, by the way, are you aware that the income of the head of the Catholic Church is 400 times the compensation of Dr. Franklin Graham? Nevertheless, there is a catch: Most of this is assigned to the poor, which seems to include 400 Vatican employees.

Pope Francis’ Personal Income: €428 Million in 2013

Posted on February 5, 2016 by Betty Clermont

“The Peter’s Pence collection totaled €378 million in 2013. (1 euro = 1.10 dollar) Peter’s Pence is an annual collection from Catholics worldwide asked to donate to the pope’s charitable works.

The Vatican Bank’s annual profits are also “offered the Holy Father in support of his apostolic and charitable ministry.” This was €50 million in 2013.

While popes have used the bank’s profits to support the Vatican’s administration as they see fit, the Peter’s Pence donations are intended to be given entirely to charity.

Pope Francis makes only 20 percent  of the Peter’s Pence collection available for the poor as disclosed by Gianluigi Nuzzi, in his book Merchants in the Temple, released in November 2015. This was confirmed by Pope Francis’ chief of staff, Archbishop Becciu, last month.  The archbishop said if even 60 per cent of Peter’s Pence was given to charity “we would have to immediately fire 400 people” out of the current 4,000 Vatican employees. …”


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Adventist Health Removes Ban on Medical Aid in Dying

Adventist Health 2

“Adventist Health, a large medical system with facilities spanning three of the U.S. states that authorize medical aid in dying – Oregon, Washington and California – recently lifted their 20-year ban on the practice, a great victory for Compassion & Choices, advocates for patient autonomy and terminally ill adults served by Adventist physicians. …

Previously physicians employed by Adventist Health, a nonprofit organization run by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, could be fired under breach of contract for writing a medical aid-in-dying prescription. …

Adventist’s new position is to have no stance on the issue, considering this option to lie within the sacred and private space of the patient-physician relationship, which they did not want to hinder. “They saw that this interference in the process was actually doing just that, which is why they reconsidered,” explains Whitaker.

“So their policy now is that they will neither compel a physician to participate or not participate. It is solely up to that individual physician and that individual patient/physician relationship.” …”

My Comment: The first erroneous step was the willingness of Adventist physicians to profit from the killing of the unborn, and now we are adding the assistance in the killing of the old. This from a church that for over a century held in high esteem the value of human life and valiantly defended the validity and permanence of God’s Holy Law.

Heaven is probably saying, “How art thou fallen!” from your original high moral ground! It is high time to repent and seek God’s mercy and forgiveness!

International Standard Version
“Therefore, remember how far you have fallen. Repent and go back to what you were doing at first. If you don’t, I will come to you and remove your lamp stand from its place—unless you repent.” [Rev. 2:5]


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Advent Life News Stories you Might Have Missed

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Here is a list of news items you might have missed if you are not following “Advent Life News”

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I want to share with you a few utterly confusing statement made by Adventist leaders regarding abortion in our Adventist medical facilities.

Are elective abortions almost zero in our Adventist hospitals?

Five years ago I asked Pastor Ted Wilson at a public meeting in the City of Redlands, California regarding elective abortions in our Adventist medical institutions. His answer surprised me a great deal because I was on the verge of publishing my second book on abortion and the statistics I had found as a result of my personal investigation into this topic did not agree with Wilson’s assertion.

Here is what he said almost verbatim: “Elective abortions in our Adventist hospitals are now almost down to zero. Abortions are now handled by clinics.”


If elective abortions are almost zero in our Adventist hospitals, then why do we get a different story from the representatives of our Adventist Health System [AHS]?

Who is right: The president of the General Conference or those speaking on behalf of the Adventist Health system?

I decided to get the truth directly from those in charge of the Adventist Health System that control the activities of a large number of Adventist hospitals. Here is the official response I received from an official spokesperson of AHS:

When a situation requires the termination of pregnancy be considered, we follow the guidelines set forth by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.”

A morally deceptive Adventist document known as “Guidelines on Abortion”

On the surface, the document known as “Guidelines on Abortion” appears to be pro-life, but a careful examination of its content reveals its deceptive character.

So what do said Adventist Guidelines on Abortion say about justifiable abortions? You can verify this by reading those guidelines. And, by the way, why do we need abortion guidelines if we do not provide abortion services to our hospital and clinic patients?

Said guidelines offer a list of circumstances under which abortion is a morally acceptable alternative: When the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, when there is evidence of malformation in the unborn, and when the mental health of the pregnant woman is affected.

This means that killing a healthy unborn baby is acceptable if the father of the baby is a criminal. We let the criminal live, but punish the innocent baby instead.

The same reasoning applies in the event the unwanted pregnancy causes the woman to be mentally depressed.

Well, all unwanted pregnancies will affect the mental health of a pregnant woman. Which means that the life of a healthy unborn baby is sacrificed at the whim of a temporarily mentally unstable woman.

And remember this: a pregnancy lasts no longer than nine months, while abortion is final from which there is no hope for recovery.


Additional confirmation of abortion services offered by our Adventist Health System

In case you are still wondering about the accuracy of the information I have provided above, consider the following.

A few years ago, our Adventist Health representatives were competing with the Catholic Holy Cross organization for the privilege of building a new hospital in Germantown, Maryland. Here is the argument used by our Adventist representative in her attempt to secure said right from the governmental authorities:

“Adventist HealthCare is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which has no religious policies governing health care. Adventist hospitals perform abortions and provide a full range of reproductive care, Parris said.

“We understand that these are decisions made between a woman and her physician, and we do not interfere with that individual decision,” she said. …”


A book dealing with abortion by an Adventist author is now online

If the topic of abortion is of interest to you, I have good news for you. My second book on abortion entitled “Murder in Paradise” is now online and you can read it free of charge. I have decided that saving the unborn from a sure death is more important than the profit from the sale of my book. Here is the link for it:


The coming presidential election and the abortion question

Four months from now, Adventists living in the United States will have a morally interesting option: Choosing between voting for Hillary Clinton, who supports abortion during the nine months of pregnancy and Donald Trump, who has stated his pro-life belief that the right to life of the unborn begins from the moment of conception.

Will you vote for life or for death? Jesus told us that the enemy of God is a murderer from the beginning; while Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. How can the unborn have this blessing of abundant life if we cut its life short before birth?

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The Adventist Leaders say “We Are Sorry!”


Apologizing for past shameful behavior is not easy. Nevertheless, believe it or not, we have hard evidence that our Adventist leaders did apologize for the church’s highly questionable behavior.

What did our leaders apologize for? Did they apologize for the shameful fact that our church began to profit from elective abortions back in 1970 following Pastor Neal Wilson’s public announcement that our church was embracing the pro-choice position on abortion? Not a chance!

Did they apologize for the fact that thousands of innocent unborn children were killed in some of our Adventist medical institutions with impunity? Not a chance!

Did they apologize for our Loma Linda University abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath which contained a so called Do No Harm provision that protected unborn children from both poisoning and dismemberment? Not a chance!

Did they apologize for our silence on the issue of abortion while the dreadful genocide of the unborn continues to decimate our population in defiance of God’s Law that forbids the killing of innocent human beings? Not a chance!

Did they apologize for refusing to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves while condemning lesser crimes against humanity like the sexual abuse of children? Not a chance!

Did they apologize for creating a document known as “Guidelines on Abortion” that justifies abortion under a variety of circumstances including when a pregnancy results from rape, incest, or when an unwanted pregnancy begins to affect the mental health of the pregnant woman? Not a chance!

So what did our Adventist leaders apologize for and when did this surprising event take place?

This public apology did not take place in the United States but rather in Europe. A few years ago the leaders of our Adventist Church in Germany and Austria issued a joint statement indicating that the church was sorry for our Adventist collaboration with the Nazi regime under the presidency of Adolph Hitler while the genocide of the Jews was taking place.

As you can see, history is being repeated. This time the victims of the genocide are not the members of the Jewish race, but rather the member of a large groups of human beings: the unborn; and again, our Adventist leaders are silent while the mass slaughter is taking place in our midst.


We do openly condemn the sexual abuse of children, which is a minor offense when compared with the poisoning and killing of innocent unborn children, but are purposely silent regarding the greater offense against our Creator: the murder of the unborn.

Should we not apologize for this great sin against humanity and against God? I believe we should do so ASAP. If we do, God is gracious and willing to forgive, but if we refuse to repent of this great evil, we will become morally irrelevant like others who have made the same mistake.

The Lord issued the following order to Prophet Isaiah at a time when the sixth commandment was being violated by God’s chosen people with impunity:

“Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression, And the house of Jacob their sins. [Isaiah 58:1]

In fulfillment of this divine order, I have made my second book on abortion—“Murder in Paradise”—available on the Internet and you can read it free of charge. I am doing this for the sake of the unborn and thus forfeiting the right to recover the huge investment of time and finances into this major project. Here is the link:


Note: Please let others know of this unusual opportunity!

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Advent Life News Stories you Might Have Missed

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Here is a list of news items you might have missed if you are not following “Advent Life News”:

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