Posted by: adventlife | January 26, 2021

Do Down Syndrome babies have a right to life?

Do Down Syndrome babies have a right to life? If you ask South Dakota Governor Kristy Noem, the response you will get is: “Of course, they do.” But if you ask Loma Linda University CEO Richard Hart, he will respond that they don’t. Please, watch the video and share it with your friends!

Posted by: adventlife | January 20, 2021

Satanic Temple Plagiarizing Adventist Arguments

Believe it or not, the leaders of the Satanic Temple have plagiarized the Adventists arguments in defense of abortion. They are now using religious liberty in their efforts to justify their abortion ritual. Please, watch this video and share it with your friends.

Cross dressing and homosexual acts are condemned in the Bible. What is the Adventist Church policy regarding such behavior? It all depends on whether we look at what the church teaches, or what its actual practice reveals. Let us start by taking a peek at what the church teaches. Then we will contrast this with the church’s actual practice. You may be surprised by what “Advent Messenger” has discovered.

Adventists have a long history of defending religious freedom: freedom to worship and freedom to participate in the abortion business. The leaders of the Satanic Temple are using Adventist arguments to justify their abortion rituals. Does religious freedom include the right to take the life of the unborn? Please, share this video with your friends!

Posted by: adventlife | December 17, 2020

No Soul? No Murder! Doctrinal Error in Adventist Books.

On page 512 0f “Questions on Doctrine” [1957 Edition] we find the following statement: “A new soul comes into existence every time a child is born.” Then I ask: If a new soul comes into existence at the time of birth, then the unborn has no soul, and if the unborn baby has no soul, then abortion is not murder! Right? Please, share this video with your friends.

Many Adventists believe that the church’s involvement with abortion is past history and that our institutions no longer receive blood money from abortionists like Dr. Edward C Allred, a 1964 graduate from Loma Linda University. If you believe this, you certainly need to watch this video. The love of money, even if it is used for the building of God’s Kingdom, becomes a curse in the hands of the followers of Jesus. Click on the link!

Posted by: adventlife | December 5, 2020

“Why do we honor this person?” Wondered some black leaders.

For many decades the bust of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Personhood, was proudly exhibited at the headquarters of the organization in spite of the fact that its original mission was the extermination of the black population. “Why do we honor her?” Asked the black leaders. We Adventists, should ask ourselves the same question. For many decades we have been honoring a man whose main mission was also the extermination of the black race. Please, watch the video and share it with your friends.

Please, watch this video and tell me where both Andy Roman and I have gone wrong in analyzing the content of our Adventist new document on abortion titled “Statement on the Biblical View of the Unborn Life and its Implications for Abortion.” If you discover that we are wrong, by all means let me know, because I am searching for the unvarnished biblical truth, and share this video with your friends!

“Welcome to the new fundraising in Adventism. For only $250,000 you can get up on the stage with the stars and be officially recognized by AdventHealth. …“Amy Grant isn’t just a “contemporary Christian artist.” She crossed over to secular pop music way back in 1985. She is also a LGBT+ advocate. …“Here’s the biggest problem with selling $250,000 country/pop concert tickets. God says “NO” to these types of fundraising efforts:”

Posted by: adventlife | October 21, 2020

Can the Blind Lead the Blind?

Many decades ago, I was having trouble with feeding my IBM cards into the huge University of California campus computer. I described my problem to a blind fellow student, and he helped me see my error. We Adventists believe that there is nothing wrong with our eyesight. I hope the story of a blind woman named Laura Wolk will help us see our error, and that we are in fact blind as predicted about the church of Laodicea. Please, watch this video and share it with your friends.

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