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Can Abortion be a Blessing? by Nic Samojluk

I received from Pastor Barry Kimbrough a link to a speech by Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale delivered at an abortion rally held in Birmingham Alabama in which she argued that abortion is in fact a blessing. I am quoting her own words followed by my personal response to her arguments and strange reasoning in defense of what Scripture considers to be plain murder. Here is what she said:

Speech by Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale

“I said, inBirminghamAlabama, at a rally at the end of the successful clinic defense, that we do ourselves a self-destructive disservice when we talk about abortion as a tragedy.

  • When a woman gets pregnant      against her will and wants an abortion — it’s the violence that is the      tragedy; the abortion is a blessing.
  • When a woman might want to      bear and raise a child but fears she can’t afford to because she doesn’t      have access to healthcare or daycare or enough income to provide a home —      it’s the lack of justice that is the tragedy; the abortion is a blessing.
  • When a woman has planned and      provided for a pregnancy, decorated the nursery and chosen a name, and, in      the last weeks, discovers that her fetus will not live to become a baby,      that it has anomalies incompatible with life, and that preserving her own      life and health, and sparing the fetus suffering, require a late-term      abortion — it’s the loss of her hopes and dreams that is the tragedy; the      abortion is a blessing.
  • And, and here’s one that      really gets me in trouble, when a woman simply gets pregnant      unintentionally and decides this is not a good time for her to bear and      care for a child — there is no tragedy. The ability to enjoy healthy      sexuality without risking a pregnancy that could derail her education or      career, the development or exercise of the gifts God has given her, is a      blessing. …

Abortion is a blessing — sometimes a joyful relief; sometimes a painful choice — but a blessing still. …

“We’ll agree that abortion is a tragedy — an evil even — if you agree that it’s sometimes the lesser of two evils and so help keep it legal.” An effective short-term strategy, but potentially devastating in the long term. …

Look, the only way abortion is a tragedy or an evil is if a fertilized egg is a baby. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that (and they’re entitled to) but science doesn’t, most theologies don’t, and common sense doesn’t. Why should we believe that? Yet every time we called abortion a tragedy we reiterate the position that a zygote is a human being of equal moral standing with a woman. We create an antiabortion climate and I fear it has come back to bite us.

It is only this that makes it possible for people to be as outraged as many have been by the characterization of George Tiller as a saint and martyr. Dr. Tiller — like most if not all people who work in clinics that provide abortions — did difficult, demanding, and dangerous work under constant threat, harassment, and terrorism. He did it even though he could make more money doing easier, and certainly safer, work. He did it because he believed it was the right thing to do. It was his ministry. He spent and gave his life on behalf of others. That’s a saint and martyr. …

We must create a climate where to deny women life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness is unthinkable. We must create a climate where abortion is not only a legal, safe, accessible, affordable option for every woman but where she can take advantage of that option without risking socially imposed guilt.

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My Personal Reaction to Ragsdale’s Speech

Here is my reaction Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale’s defense of the gruesome killing of innocent unborn babies, which is usually performed by either dismemberment of the tiny bodies of unborn babies or by poisoning.

Is abortion a blessing in case of rape?

Pregnancy resulting from rape is rather rare, but it happens sometimes. Planned Parenthood, the main entity providing abortion services in the world has stated in the past that 98 percent of abortions are elective, and that only a two percent are connected with rape, incest, and malformations. This means that abortions connected with rape are probably less than one percent of all abortions performed in the world. So it is interesting that Dr. Ragsdale makes this the number one reason for defending the practice of abortion.

How can such a small percentage be rationally used to justify the killing of innocent unborn babies? And how can we call this violent response to another violent act a blessing? The woman is a victim of a violent act—her body is violated, and then she is subjected to another violent act by the abortionist wielding metal instruments, and we call this a blessing?

By requesting that the baby be killed, she becomes an accomplice to the murder of her own child, and then she has to deal with a guilty conscience for the rest of her life. How can this be a blessing? For a woman it is easier to forgive the violent act of a rapist than her own violent act against her own flesh and blood! Giving the baby for adoption is a redemptive act and can result in a blessing for everybody involved, but killing an innocent baby will never give her peace of mind!

Is abortion a blessing when the woman fears she won’t be Able to raise the child?

When a woman is faced with an unwanted pregnancy, the feeling that she won’t be able to raise her child is understandable. Nevertheless, is killing the baby the best solution to her predicament? Adoption is a much better alternative for everybody involved. Some infertile couples go to the other side of the world in order to adopt an unwanted baby at great financial expense because there are no available babies for adoption in their own country. Adoption is a redemptive act; dismembering or poisoning the unborn baby is not! How can a violent act be a blessing?

Is abortion a blessing when the unborn is the victim of malformation?

Unborn babies are sometimes deprived of life because they are not physically perfect? Can killing them be a blessing? Is abortion under these circumstances the best option? Unborn babies have been killed because of minor physical defects such as a cleft palate. If abortion is morally justified under such circumstances, then what about the children with special needs. Should society apply Hitler’s Final Solution to them? Under the German’s Nazi regime, thousands of unproductive members of society were exterminated. Was this a blessing for the German nation? If Eugenics was wrong and a curse for the German nation, how can it be a blessing for a pregnant woman?

Is abortion a blessing when the pregnancy interferes with the woman’s career?

Dr. Ragsdale believes that when a pregnancy interferes with the woman’s career, abortion becomes a blessing. Of course, she has in mind the lifestyle of the woman. How can lifestyle outweigh the right to life of the unborn? Consider the following: Jesus, the Son of God, was willing to sacrifice his lifestyle in heaven for our sake, and he did for three decades, while the woman is being asked to sacrifice merely nine months of inconvenience, and then she can give the unwanted baby for adoption. Choosing adoption instead of murder can be a blessing, but depriving an innocent baby of life will not yield similar results.

Is abortion the lesser of two evils?

Dr. Ragsdale is of the opinion that abortion is the lesser of two evils. Is she right or wrong? I would suggest that she is definitely wrong for the reasons I have already stated. There is a much better alternative for the woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy: adoption. The innocent baby is not deprived of life, and an infertile couple gets the privilege of raising the baby as their own.

Does a fertilized egg have the same moral value as the pregnant woman?

Dr. Ragsdale argues that abortion is wrong only if we can provide evidence that a fertilized egg has the same moral value as the woman’s right to life. Suppose we agree that a fertilized egg has less moral value than the worth of the pregnant woman. Would this mean that a fertilized egg has no moral value at all?

Suppose there is a fire in a hospital and a fireman has to choose between saving a three year old child and a Petri Dish containing a fertilized egg. The fireman will likely opt for saving the child from the fire. Does it follow that the fertilized egg in the Petri Dish has no value?

Most abortions are performed not when a fertilized egg is sitting in a Petri Dish, but rather when there is a beating heart and recognizable human features such as arms, legs, a torso, and a head.

Let’s not forget that by the time a woman discovers that she is pregnant, there is already a beating heart in the body of the developing baby. How can we use the fertilized egg as an argument to justify the killing of live and kicking unborn babies by the millions?

Was abortionist George Tiller a saint?

George Tiller was the most infamous killer of late term babies. His specialty was killing babies past the point of viability when a baby can survive outside the womb. If he was a saint, then perhaps Hitler and Stalin were saints as well!

Are women entitled to the pursuit of happiness?

Yes, women do have the right to happiness. Nevertheless, happiness is the by product of doing what is right. We can’t achieve true and lasting happiness by denying the right to life of other human beings.

If women have the right to be happy, it follows that their unborn babies do have the same right. How can unborn babies be happy if their little bodies are dismembered or poisoned before they have had the chance to take their first breath?

Suppose someone attempted to pull the arms and legs of Dr. Ragsdale away from her body and to crush her head with huge forceps or tried to poison her with chemicals that burn a human being to death, would she be happy? How can she justify doing to an unborn baby what is morally reprehensible doing to a born individual?

More:===> If this topic is of interest to you, I suggest you secure a copy of the book I recently published entitled: From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventists’ Attitudes Towards Abortion from the printer. Here is the link: You will need to type my name, Nic Samojluk, in the blank “Search” space to access my book’s web page.

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  1. Ed Peterson says:

    January 10, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    What part of the 6th commandment of God… do people not understand. Where does it say that it’s OK to kill.. some of the time? Why do we always look to the reason for the act. Killing babies is an abomination to our Father in heaven and Jesus Christ. It should be abominable to us also.


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