Posted by: adventlife | February 23, 2012

Dr. John Sanford Lectures on Inevitable Genomic Deterioration, by Sean Pitman

Dr. John C. Sanford, well-known scientist, Associate Professor atCornellUniversity, and inventor of the “gene gun”, recently lectured atLomaLindaUniversityon “Genomic Entropy” or the inevitable genetic deterioration and eventual extinction of humans and pretty much all other living things within a relatively short period of time. In other words, random mutations build up in the gene pools of living things far far faster than natural selection can get rid of them. This generally accepted fact of modern science strongly implies, therefore, that we have devolved, not evolved, from an original ideal state. We are all heading downhill, genetically, very rapidly in fact, toward complete genetic meltdown – toward the extinction of life on this planet from the build-up of deleterious mutations alone. The only solution to this problem is the direct intervention of the Creator of life. It is for this reason that Dr. Sanford likes to call himself a “Supernaturalist”…. More: ===>



  1. I had the privilege of listening to John Sanford presentation in Loma Linda almost two weeks ago. He evidently felt very happy to be able to talk to a crowd of Adventist believers and to answer a variety of questions submitted to him by the attendees.

    When offered to stop the session in order to be able to participate in the second worship service at the Loma Linda University Church, he chose to remain with the large group of people who were eager to listen to his wisdom.

    It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience to listen to this non-Adventist scientist defending the biblical doctrine of creation with great relish and gusto.

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