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A Book Every Adventist Should Read, by Nic Samojluk

A few weeks ago as I was talking with a retired university professor and evangelist whom I greatly admire for his dedication to the Adventist mission, I was surprised by the following comment he made: “Every Adventist should read this book.”  Was he referring to the Bible? No, since most Adventists are reading or have already read the Bible.

Did he have in mind one of the Ellen White books? Not so, since a great number of Adventists have read quite a bit of what she wrote either directly from one of her books or by reading Adventist material containing some of her quotations. So what book was he referring to? He was talking about a recently published book dealing with theAdventistChurchand its new attitude towards abortion.

A Rather Utopic Objective

Since I happen to be the author of said book, I perked my ears, and then decided to crunch some numbers. There are approximately 17 million Adventists in the world, and most of them will not buy my book on their own initiative; which means that I have to give most of them away as a gift. So how much money do I need for such a project?

Approximately 300 million dollars, unless I can find another printer who can provide his service at a much lower price per book. The problem is that I am not rich. I set a very modest fund which has grown a little bit thanks to some generous donors who have read or are reading the book. This has allowed me to give away 80 books so far.

So how far am I from my ultimate goal? Well, 17 million minus 80 equals 16,999,020 books to be either sold or given away for free. Do I expect to reach this goal in the few years I have left this side of eternity? Of course not! This remind me of Latin proverb which states: “Pedes in terra et sidera visus” [The feet on the ground and the sight at the stars].

A More Modest Proposal

A more modest goal would be what a renowned retired LLU ethics professor told me: “This book should be in every Adventist school library.” Either way, the goal is beyond my limited financial means, but the Lord is rich and he can provide the means to reach either of those two objectives.

Perhaps you have read what some critics have written about my book. Here is a sample for you to consider. The following was taken from the printer’s page where the book is advertized for sale to the public.

The Opinion of Critics

Jan. 10, 2012By Michael Senseney

In the early 90s, as an Elder in my SDA church, I corresponded with the presidents of the Columbia Union and the General Conference on the issue of abortions being performed in Maryland Adventist hospitals. At first, the Union president attempted to assure me that I was taken in by vicious rumors. I obtained statistics that showed thousands of abortions were being performed bringing in millions of dollars. When the facts were presented to SDA leadership, the correspondence ended with nothing but the silent ignoring of my pleas. Unfortunately this appears to be the standard operating procedure utilized by church leadership toward any and all pro-life Adventists.

Nic Samojluk’s book reveals… in great detail and irrefutable evidence, this approach by SDA leadership regarding the issue of abortion in Adventist hospitals, and the commitment of that leadership to the elective and selective extermination of pre-natal human life. One has to ask why. A good starting place is to follow the money. Mr. Samojluk provides sound details which show the source of Adventist abortion policy to be that of money in pursuing this devilish blood lust in continuing to kill innocent human beings.

This is perhaps the most important book for SDAs in the 21st century. Mr. Samojluk provides in great detail, the debate regarding abortion policy in the Adventist denomination, and how it was pretty much shoved down the throats of SDA laity, the majority of whom seem opposed to abortion. The future of Adventism hinges on this one single issue…to kill or not to kill innocent human life. All moral authority, if any ever truly existed, in the Seventh-day Adventist church, should be considered null and void as long as they take the stand with complete and total disregard for precious human life.

In addition to the detailed debate and confusion between Adventist leadership and laity so clearly revealed in this book. Mr. Samojluk presents some of the best logic and reasoning for why a pro-life position is the only position a self professed Christian organization can support in good faith. This book, in spite of the tragedy of the topic, is a delight to read because of the clear insights presented by Mr. Samojluk. At times tears came to my eyes, as when reading that President Wilson’s solution to world hunger could be found in the slaughter of humans who will one day eat food, and not in feeding the hungry as commanded by our Lord and Savior; or the terrifying embrace of eugenics by James W . Walters and his sophistries regarding personhood.

All of Mr. Samojluk’s writings on this subject are well worth the read, and a must read for all SDAs. One of my favorites was his creative piece entitled “A Stigmata Case in Loma Linda”. While this is a must read for all SDAs in the hope of recovering from the damage done by the church’s position on abortion; this is a must read for all non-Adventists who desire to understand this denomination, especially those who may be considering joining the SDA church. Beware that the call to come out of Babylon is more applicable to Adventists than non-Adventists. One has to wonder how much of the “Remnant: remains.

This book points out one of the major fallacies of Adventism particularly and of protestantism in general…that being that the Bible is the authority of truth for a Christian. It is clear that if the Adventist theologians and leadership can provide “proof” from the Bible that abortion is Biblical there is a major problem. I suppose anything can be proved from the Bible if one puts his mind to it. 1 Tim.3:15 tells us that The Church is the pillar and foundation of Truth, not the Bible.

As I discovered the error of Adventist teaching on abortion, I continued to find the error of Adventism on other doctrines. In 2009 I joined The Catholic Church and came home to the pillar and foundation of Truth. I would invite all pro-life Adventists to come out of Babylon and come home to Rome. She has been there from the beginning and Her life for 2,000 years is nothing short of the miraculous sustaining power of God in the face of continual opposition and threat.

But until you are ready to come home, I highly recommend Nic Samojluk’s book and suggest that all SDAs read this and encourage all their friends to read this. This is the most important book in Adventism, for Adventist, in the 21st century. < Less

Jan. 17, 2012By Teresa

Most Seventh-day Adventists attempt to balance a pro-life moral stance while at the same time being legally pro-choice. They fear legislation against abortion would somehow begin the process of infringing upon their religious rights. Yet, it was not always so.

Mr. Samojluk meticulously records how their church so drastically evolved from passionately protective of the unborn life in the SDA pioneer days to today’s liberal policies.

This is not a vitriolic anti-SDA exposé, but a ardent faithful church member who is called by God to cry out for the unborn. And for those of us who are not Adventist, we urge you as a denomination to recognize how it appears to Christianity when you claim…

that you are God’s last-day remnant church who keep the Ten Commandments when in reality you are missing a commandment–the one that commands us not to murder.

This book is the lone scream in the silence of Adventism when it comes to one of the most profound evils of our time. All we can say is, “God bless you, Mr. Samoljuk!” You have done God’s will for your church yet it not only is a blessing but a grave warning, because now Adventists will no longer be able to exuse themselves witih, “Lord, we did not know.

Prov. 24:11 Deliver those who are being taken away to death, And those who are staggering to slaughter, Oh hold them back. 12 If you say, “See, we did not know this,” Does He not consider it who weighs the hearts ? And does He not know it who keeps your soul ? And will He not render to man according to his work?

I don’t know how much longer pro-life Adventists can stay within the SDA church before their consciences thrust them out, but while he’s there, thank God for Nic Samojluk.

I urge you to purchase copies for all your SDA friends and family. < Less

Jan. 18, 2012By john stevens, sr

I have corresponded for years with this author and unfortunately he has shared misinformation. There is no statement ever made by Ellen White about abortion or opposition to it. Those are mere inaccurate assertions. In a court of law they would be thrown out. Her husband, James, who was not a prophet like Ellen, was opposed to it and John Harvey Kellogg, a pantheist in his latter days believed it was a living person, a murder to abort. Of course the Bible does not forbid killing but does forbid murder, which has hatred, contrary to love, as the motive. Of course all of nature is viewed unbiblical by pantheists, which see God in all and accept all to be gods. Pan is many, theism is… More > gods.

The official church position has always been prochoice but became more conservative under Bob Folkenburg but it is not forbidden. The Bible does not have any sanctions against abortion even though there are 105 capital punishment crimes. The fetus has borrowed life from the mother and becomes a living person upon birth and independent breathing. Adam was not a living person until he breathed. The popular opposition to abortion came into Christianity through paganism based on the first life in the Bible when Satan told Eve, “You shall not surely die,” the foundation for the unbiblical teaching of the natural immortality of the soul.

Pagans executed those who aborted in Egypt and Canaan but at Mt Sinai God placed not one restriction against abortion. In fact in Numbers 5 the trial of jealous he commanded for a woman suspected to be pregnant form infidelity but not caught. If she were guilty God performed a supernatural abortion on her as a penalty. Egyptians ordered the Jewish mothers of baby boys to drown them. So much for the much acclaimed sanctity of life by some of those who are devotees of anti abortion.

They are the same ones that will not support tax funding to help women with babies and no income to get financial help. The pagan practice of worshipping the fetus and then killing the baby once it is born if it is undesirable has infiltrated professed Christianity. I have published a book on the subject. The Bible and God are both pro life and pro choice, but independent life comes after birth. The mother is the most miraculous life support system ever, even beyond our imagination.

John V Stevens, Sr.

Jan. 18, 2012By nicsamojlukatroadrunnerdotcom

John Stevens, Sr. is right in his claim that Ellen White did never use the word abortion in her prolific writings. Nevertheless, she did make a clear reference to the almost murder of unborn children. If neglecting the health of a pregnant woman was almost murdering the unborn for Ellen White, can we logically conclude that Ellen was neutral regarding the actual killing of an unborn baby? Here is what she said:

“If the father would become acquainted with physical law, he might better understand his obligations and responsibilities. He would see that he had been guilty of almost murdering his children, by suffering so many burdens to come upon the mother, compelling her to labor beyond… More > her strength before their birth, in order to obtain means to leave for them.” [Selected Messages, Vol. 2 (Washington, D.C.: Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1958), 429-430.]

Stevens is right in asserting that the life of Adam started when he took the first breath, but this is not the way the life of Jesus Christ or any other human being began. The life of everybody starts with the union of a sperm with an ovum. I have read the passage found in Numbers five and I do not find any reference to abortion there.

Steven’s use of the infanticide ordered by Pharaoh in Egypt as an argument favoring the killing of unborn babies is rather ludicrous, and his claim that the Bible is both pro-life and pro-choice has no support in Scripture. The Bible is full of statements condemning shedding the blood of innocent human beings.

If Stevens is right, then our “Guidelines on Abortion” is wrong, because said guidelines clearly state that the Adventist Church does not condone abortions on demand. What the church intended to accomplish with those guidelines was to justify the so called therapeutic type of abortions, but there is a far cry between said abortions and the elective kind our Adventist hospitals were permitted to perform with impunity.

Actually, therapeutic abortions opened the door for abortions on demand. What our leaders did was to pretend to be against elective abortions, but they gave our hospitals the freedom to offer abortions on demand, and twelve of our hospitals took advantage of this liberal policy. In this we emulated the example set by Pilate of old who declared Jesus to be innocent, but granted his enemies the power to kill him.

We need to repent of this great sin against our Creator. In Germany we failed the moral test when we compromised on the Sabbath and on killing; we failed in Rwanda; and we failed in 1970 when our North American Division president stated that our church was leaning toward abortion because there were too many people and too much hunger in the world. What motivated us to act this way? Fear of loosing the profit from the lucrative abortion business. This is morally unacceptable! < Less

Nov. 22, 2011By tammy_roesch

Thank you Nic, for documenting all this information! If anyone wants the facts as to where theSDAChurch, as a Denomination, REALLY stands on the subject of Abortion, they should read this book. There will be no true “Revival & Reformation” in the Church, while theSDAChurchis on the Pro-Choice side of the aisle. There are ONLY two sides….there is no “FENCE” to sit on, no “middle of the road” to walk on, when it comes to the subject of Abortion. I hope and pray that enough people will read this book and demand that the Church take the side of LIFE and not DEATH. God bless you, Nic!

Nov. 12, 2011By Martin Weber

Nic has written an important book for Seventh-day Adventists on what may be the greatest moral issue of our time. What I’ve read of it is very impressive. I wish Adventists everywhere had the integrity that Orlando-based Adventist Health System has when it comes to unborn human life (hospitals in theSoutheast U.S.and Mid-America). Concern to protect unborn human life should be at the top of our list in the current quest for revival and reformation.

Nov. 28, 2011By Juanita Y. Mayyes

This book is a very interesting read for every Adventist church member who cares about the cause of life and the sanctity of human life. The reader may be shocked and saddened by the information shared in its pages. Our Adventist pioneers, including James and Ellen White would feel the same way; for they too, were passionately pro life and supported the efforts in their day to make abortion illegal.

I also was shocked and saddened about our Adventist leaders and pastors whose opinion prevailed, resulting in our church’s turning to the pro choice side of the abortion issue. Read how in one hospital, the decision makers decided to allow elective abortion rather than to trust God to bless… More > and prosper them for remaining true to the Ten Commandments. Learn the reasons why our leaders and pastors took the positions they did and came to side with pro choice position rather than pro-life one. One article I have in mind that is included in the book did not even seem to be authored by a Christian person.

Perhaps the time is now for the SDA church to go back to our beginnings and get back on the path of the pioneers and follow on it. Maybe this book is written for such a time as this. This book is a must read for every Seventh Day Adventist church member, pastor, and leader. Find out why we must defend the right to life of our little brothers and sisters, the smallest and youngest members in God’s family.

More:===> If this topic is of interest to you, I suggest you secure a copy of the book I recently published entitled: From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventists’ Attitudes Towards Abortion from the printer. Here is the link: You will need to type my name, Nic Samojluk, in the blank “Search” space to access my book’s web page.



  1. After reading my book, I donated it to the library, I donated it to the church library. I pray that it will be read by some nchurch members.

    • You have done a good deed! May the Lord bless the seeds you have wown.

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