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The God Given Right to Choose, by Nic Samojluk

After years of blogging with Adventists on the “Club Adventist”  forum about abortion, I have discovered that no matter what argument I use in defense of the unborn’s right to life, those who oppose my views end with the following entrenched position:

“Abortion is wrong, but women should have the right to choose!”

So let me see if we can apply the same policy to other areas of our moral behavior:

  1. Rape is wrong, but men should have the right to choose!
  1. Sexual abuse of children is wrong but men should have the right to choose!
  1. Burglary is wrong, but men should have the right to choose!
  1. Terrorism is wrong, but men should have the right to choose!
  1. Slavery is wrong, but men should have the right to choose!
  1. Homicide is wrong, but men should have the right to choose!
  1. Genocide is wrong, but men should have the right to choose!

Here is my question: If you agree that all the above described moral actions which cause harm to other human beings are wrong and must we punished, why do we insist that in the case of abortion, women should have the right to kill their own children with impunity?

Why is this a sacred cow for abortionists? Why does society grant abortionists the privilege to profit from the greatest harm imaginable: dismemberment and poisoning of innocent victims without due process, without anesthesia, and without the right to appeal which even the worst criminals are entitled to?

  1. Why is it wrong to rape, but right to kill without being punished?
  2. Why is it wrong to sexually abuse little children, but right to execute the unborn without any legal consequence?
  3. Why is it wrong to steal and burglarize, but right to ask for the death of innocent unborn children with any legal repercussion?
  4. I hope you get the idea!

And why do we allow our church to leaders to compromise with this great moral evil by permitting our own hospitals to offer elective abortions on demand which represents a direct violation of our own “Guidelines on Abortion” and even what the Lord wrote on tablets of stone with his own finger?

Should not our leaders apologize for this deviation from moral duty? Should not we pray, fast, and seek God’s forgiveness for this great sin?

More:===> If this topic is of interest to you, I suggest you secure a copy of the book I recently published entitled: From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventists’ Attitudes Towards Abortion from the printer. Here is the link: You will need to type my name, Nic Samojluk, in the blank “Search” space to access my book’s web page.

If you believe that it was wrong for Adventists to offer elective abortions in our Adventist hospitals, then visit the following web page and sign the petition described below:

Petition Stop & Apologize for Elective Abortions in Adventist Hospitals


  1. When the church apologizes for its involvement in the sin of abortion, and when it begins a new policy for all hospitals, that SDA hospitals do not not perform abortions, I’ll be happy to send my tithes and offerings to the General Conference.

  2. I know of several leading Adventist pro-lifers who have left the church because they felt that a portion of their tithes and offering was being used in support of pro-choice/pro-abortion policies. This is regrettable!

    In order to encourage pro-life Adventist to stay with the church without compromising with what they feel is equivalent to being complicit in the deaths of the innocents, I am planning to create a list of independent Adventist organizations which do not approve of the pro-choice/pro-abortion policy of the church. This way, pro-life Adventists would have a place where they could send their tithes and offerings with a clear conscience.

    Once I have said list, I am planning to post it in this forum. I have already started this self assigned mission. I did visit the “Quiet Hour Ministries” organization and explained to them what I was doing. I was informed that the QHM was in full agreement with the Adventist fundamental beliefs and guidelines. I will be asking them to confirm this in writing. If they do so, I will not include them on my list.

    I realize that I may end with zero pro-life Adventist organizations on my list. I am not saying that it is a sin to send our tithes and offerings through the regular Adventist Church channels.

    When the Jewish leaders asked Peter if Jesus was paying his Temple tribute, Jesus sent him on a fishing trip and he came back with a gold coin worth enough to pay the religious tax. Jesus could have refused to pay taxes to a corrupt religious entity. He did not. Of course, his situation was different from ours. We do have some options.

    One of them is to send our religious financial contributions to countries where abortion is still illegal and to independent Adventist organization which reject the pro-choice/pro-abortion policies of the chgurch. I have been doing this for some time. When I do this, I send the funds for missions—not title—since tithe sent to any part of the world is automatically resent to the General Conference, which is a pro-choice/pro-abortion entity.

  3. I’ve also have a private conversation where the person said that the babies who were aborted are destined to Heaven, so the woman making the choice to abort is ok. How sicking!

  4. I still give tithes and offerings, but not to the G.C.
    I’m glad that you’re finding out which ministries are pro-life.
    Thank you.

  5. The Pro-Choice argument is such a crock. It really implies Pro-Abortion – aka Pro-Murder: and to think that they do it to their own flesh and blood. This is not about choosing to wear red or pink lipstick for crying out loud! It’s about killing babies – innocent babies – in the 21st Century? …And then to asked what kind of Christians are those who speak up and try to defend the lives of babies and question their Christianity when they say how ’bout no to abortionists who solicit customers who seek to kill their own babies – is grossly unwarranted. Who else will be the voice of the millions of babies who are cruelly slaughtered at these chop-shops: Babies who are unloved, unwanted, unworthy and then so cruelly butchered by their own ‘planned’ parents? There’s no need standing up for the right unless you are going to stand up against the wrong – period. I wonder what the murdered babies would choose: if they had the ‘choice’ in the first place. Where’s the Pro-Choice for them? Huh! Pro Choice starts when the sex starts and not when the baby is murdered. (I use the word murdered here for want of a better word and not to excessively offend the cold blooded murderers). Shame on the abortionists!

  6. Hi, Trevor! It is a great pleasure for me to read your comments. I feel no need to add anything to what you have stated. They are crystal clear. I can see that the Lord has given you a great talent which you are evidently using it for God glory.

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