Posted by: adventlife | April 26, 2012

When Does Human Life Begin? by Nic Samojluk

For two thousands years both science and religion agreed that human life began from the moment of conception. This mutual understanding ended with the legalization of abortion in theUnited Statesback in 1973. Following this incredible event this harmonious view of human life ended and it was replaced by many confusing theories defending many points at which the developing unborn baby deserves to be protected: fertilization, implantation, viability, and birth.

The Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention have held the pro-life view that human life begins at conception and that it should be protected from the moment of its inception; while those in the pro-choice camp have moved away from this long held traditional belief. The question is: Where do Adventists stand on this life and death issue: In this video you will read and hear the opinion of leading Adventists such as Ellen White, Neal Wilson, John V. Stevens, Sr., Gerald Winslow, Sean Pitman.

You will also discover what motivated our Adventist participation in the offering of abortions on demand in several of our Adventist medical institutions in a direct violation of the biblical injunction against murder and in violation of our own Adventist guidelines against elective abortions. To watch this unique video, click on the following link:

When Does Human Life Begin?



  1. Thanks, Nic and Daniel.

  2. I’m glad you like it. Share the video with your friends if you can!

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