Posted by: adventlife | May 30, 2012

Chrislam: A Bridge Between Christianity & Islam, by Daniel Perez

Only a few of the teenagers attend the little mission school on our island in southernPhilippines. Most are embarrassed because they can’t read or write and don’t want to be teased by their younger siblings who attend the mission school. So these teenage boys spend their time diving in the coral reefs and catching fish. They keep us supplied with fresh fish every day.

We teachers wanted to reach these young men, but we were not sure how. Finally we decided to try to engage them through sports. We told the boys what we wanted to do, and they helped us clear an area to make a simple basketball court. We found a metal ring to use as the hoop and pooled our money to buy a basketball. Then we taught them to play. They enjoyed the game and soon played quite well. We formed teams to encourage them.

We went swimming with them and invited them to eat at our cottage. Sometimes we worshiped with them in their Mosque. We became friends.

During a group massage session we held for the boys, some of them opened their hearts to us. They talked about problems they faced, and we listened. Little by little we realized that they noticed we don’t smoke, don’t drink fermented coconut juice, and don’t eat shellfish. Their religion forbids these things, but they do them anyway.

One day they expressed their questions to us. “Teacher,” one said. “You are different from most Christians we know. You don’t smoke or drink alcohol or eat pork as most Christians do. Our elders tell us that smoking and drinking alcohol is bad because it destroys the Masjid [temple] of Allah.

“We Muslims worship on Friday, and most Christians worship on Sunday. You Adventists are a bridge between Muslims and Christians, and you worship on Saturday. Thus, you live the life of true Islam. That is why we respect you as you live up to what a true child Of Allah should be. Thus, we will call you Chrislams, which means Christians who live as Islam.”

We were humbled as we realized that our actions had spoken so clearly what our mouths couldn’t say to these sincere and open young sons of Islam. Pray for them as they search for the path to the living God. Pray for the student missionaries who teach these children of Allah to truly live for Him.

Our mission offerings help supportMountain ViewCollege, which sends student missionaries throughout southernPhilippines.



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