Posted by: adventlife | June 8, 2012

Receiving the Bird: Samuel Koranteng-Pipim Seeks Rebaptism This Sabbath, by Alexander Carpenter

Less than a year after he was disfellowshipped, and lost his Michigan Conference ministerial credentials, the Ann ArborSeventh-dayAdventistChurch plans to rebaptise Samuel Koranteng-Pipim. The proposed June 9 afternoon service was announced through a bulletin insert that asks for prayer “that with his baptism. . .Dr. Pipim will be faithful in his new line of ministry. …”

You can read the exhaustive report of this controversial act and the lurid details of the moral fall and reinstatement of this renowned leader of theAdventistChurch. Here is a synthesis of the main points connected with what happened between Dr. Pippin and his alleged rape victim:

  • “A traumatized, sexually wounded 21-year-old      female sought out a 54-year-old Adventist minister for help with unresolved      guilt and post-traumatic stress syndrome symptoms.
  • This young woman was lured into this      Adventist minister’s hotel room for counsel, where he made sexual advances      and became noticeably aroused.
  • The next day the same Adventist minister,      using his “fatherly” concern and “spiritual” authority, conned this young      woman into returning to the hotel room where she would again be trapped      with him.
  • During that time in the hotel room, this      Adventist minister sexually violated this weeping, protesting (albeit weakly)      young woman, who was emotionally paralyzed and psychologically overpowered      by him.
  • The next morning this Adventist minister woke      her before dawn and violated her again.
  • He then gave her several of his spiritual      books and one hundred dollars.”
  • This Adventist minister continued a distance      relationship with this young woman, claiming fatherly affection for her      for several months. He offered to pay her expenses to come to theUS, which      she declined because of the abuse.

Some bloggers argue that instead of being re-baptized, he should spend some time in jail for his alleged crime. But others think tha we should not rush to judgment. Here is what one blogger wrote:

Picidae 4 comments collapsed CollapseExpand

“Shocking and shameful that David was allowed to remain as king after adultery and murder. Pipim should be shunned for life, of course. He surely must be the devil incarnate. And then there was Peter. He was reinstated much too soon–less than 6 weeks after his despicable act.”

I responded to Picidae’s comment with the following:

“How do you decide between jail time and freedom? Should we emphasize on justice or mercy? It is true that King David was allowed to remain on the throne, but the Lord predicted that, as a result of his sin, the sword would never depart from his family. His adultery and murder generated more adultery and murder. His daughter was violated and his own son attempted to dethrone and murder him. He had to flee from his own flesh and blood. His leadership was never the same afterwards. I do have one of Pipim’s books, but I will probably never buy anything he has written again.

This reminds me of Jimmy Swaggart. I did on one occasion send a donation to his ministry before his moral fall. I did receive from him a letter after he repented asking me to donate to his cause again, which I ignored. He followed this up with another letter arguing that my failure to send more money to him was evidence that I did not have the forgiving spirit which the Bible expected from true Christians. I do believe in forgiveness, but sin has its natural consequences which even King David could not avoid in spite of God’s forgiveness.” More: ===>


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