Posted by: adventlife | June 12, 2012

A Call for Revival, Repentance & Reformation, by Nic Samojluk

When Ted Wilson was elected as our new General Conference president, he made a call for revival and reformation. There are visible signs that said revival and reformation has started already among Adventists. This needs to continue, but it must include visible evidence of sorrow and repentance for what we Adventists have done wrong in the past and for what we are doing wrong in the present. There exist sinful policies in our midst which unless repented of and abandoned, will tarnish and stain our mission to the world. The Bible states the following in Amos 5:24:

“But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”

As God’s Remnant people with the last message to a perishing world, we cannot afford to continue holding to policies which are unfair and detrimental to our fellow human beings. We cannot profit at the expense of the weak and vulnerable members of the human race. We must repent of two great sins which have tarnished the good name of Seventh-day Adventist, and we are not talking merely about our compromise regarding the biblical doctrine of creation.

Sin Number one: Our profit from the killing of unborn babies. You may not be aware, but we have led in the legalization of abortion in the United States. This is a fact that is well documented in the Adventist literature. When the State of Hawaii legalized the practice of elective abortions in 1970, we stated that our church did not approve abortions on demand, but we allowed our Castle Memorial Hospital [CMH] to offer such services to their patients fearing the loss of revenue if we didn’t.

Our North American Division president justified this with the following declaration: SDAs lean towards abortion rather than against it. Because we realize we are confronted with big problems of hunger and over-population.” [George Gainer, The Wisdom of Solomon? Spectrum 19/4 (May 1989): 38-46.]

Several Adventist hospitals took advantage of this moral compromise with evil and thousands of innocent babies were deprived of life in violation of our own church policy and the biblical injunction against murder.

Sin Number Two: Our toleration of injustice towards patients and hospital workers connected with the Adventist Health System. If this is news to you, perhaps you should watch a video documenting the fact that the management of said Adventist corporation has a policy of deleting any hospital records of events detrimental to the health and rights of both patients and hospital employees.

One day a patient was administered an overdose of a powerful medication and he jumped from s seventh floor to his death. Patricia Moleski, who was in charge of computer records, was ordered to delete the nurse’s report describing this adverse event. She refused, and lost her position. She claims that thousands of similar illegal deletions are routinely done with impunity by the Advenytist Health System. There has been attempt at her life, and she is being sued by this 32 billion worth Adventist organization. You can listen to her report by clicking on:

Other Sins: You can add other sins, but if we ignore the two sins I named above, the revival and reformation will be no more than window dressing. Our institutions and our church needs to be protected, but not at the expense of truth and the rights of the most vulnerable members of the human race. The lives of unborn should not be sacrificed for the benefit of the medical institutions our church manages.

A year ago Ted Wilson publicly stated in the City of Redlands that elective abortions in our hospitals are down to almost zero. How can we trust such assertion when our hospitals are not protecting the integrity of their hospital records and when all derogatory material is routinely deleted by those in charge of management?

I personally asked Wilson for help with the procurement of reliable abortion statistics since I was on the verge of publishing my book dealing with abortion. He advised me to write to the person in charge of such issues at the General Conference. I did follow his suggestion, but got no response. I sent additional correspondence to the GC and asked Wilson about the possibility that he might be misinformed about the abortion statistics he has been receiving. More than a year has gone by and I am still waiting for a response from either him or anybody else at the GC.

Likewise, the patients who come to out hospitals expect that their rights and confidentiality will be protected and that they will be notified of any adverse events that might take place affecting their health or their life.

The law demands that patient’s records be truthful and reliable. How can this be achieved when said records are sanitized and when adverse events are routinely deleted? The same applies to the record kept of adverse events affecting the service of hospital employees. They are also entitled to truthful and clean records.

These sins must be acknowledged and repented of. Unless this is done, there will not be true revival worth a dime!


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