Posted by: adventlife | July 2, 2012

Graphic & explicit description of an abortion by Dr. Anthony Levatino

Warning: This graphic and explicit video is not suitable for children!

Dr. Anthony Levatino, OB/Gyn, who had performed more than 1,200 abortions, testified before the House Subcommittee on the Constitution to his change of heart after suffering the searing pain from the death of his own child.

Dr. Levatino was speaking at a House hearing on H.R.3803, the “District of Columbia Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”

This bill that would ban abortions based on the extreme pain that the unborn go through during an abortion procedure.

But Dr. Anthony didn’t just speak in sterile medical terms about abortions.

Rather, he told with excruciating detail of how he would perform a D&E abortion, even showing some of the medical instruments during his testimony for emphasis.

He went step by horrid step in his description, telling of how he would literally pull the baby apart to remove it from the mother’s womb, and then how he would put it back together after he was done, like some kind of gory jigsaw puzzle, to make sure he had removed all of the dead child.

While this may be awful to read, I think it is something that every rational adult needs to hear, especially those who insist that an unborn child is just a “blob of tissue.”

Levatino ended his testimony to the shaken subcommittee members with harsh words, “And if you think that doesn’t hurt, if you believe that isn’t an agony for the baby, please think again.”

Amazingly, Dr. Levatino’s testimony actually brought out the rabid pro-abortion lobby, who argued against the bill, comparing the gruesome abortion testimony to being no more than hearing about a dental cleaning.

And, as usual, the media has had a virtual blackout on any information about the battle raging in the U.S. House of Representatives over efforts to ban any type of abortion.

The media doesn’t want anyone focusing on this issue, particularly not on Dr. Levatino’s frank testimony, and most especially not on the excruciating pain suffered by unborn children.

Instead, they’re talking up the “war on women.”

But Dr. Levatino’s video testimony has gone viral on the internet, bringing the awful truth to millions of people.

Let his bravery in facing, admitting and then changing, his deadly lifestyle inspire you and I to keep involved in the fight to protect the innocent unborn.

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-LifeAlliance


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