Posted by: adventlife | July 6, 2012

Baby Jesus gets a Broken Toy Truck for Christmas, by Nic Samojluk

Once upon a time there was a boy living in a remote village in a foreign country where poverty was so prevalent that even policemen went barefooted, and so did children from poor families. Little Daniel’s father was having a hard time providing for his wife and child, for which reason he decided to cross the border to a neighboring country with the hope of securing employment. He promised his wife that he would send her money as soon as possible. Time went by, and a month later the woman received the bad news that her husband had been involved in an accident and was in a government hospital recovering from his injuries.

Then came Christmas Eve, and the local church had scheduled a Christmas program for the village dwellers. Danny’s mother was not feeling well, so he asked his mom permission to go to the Christmas program with a neighbor family, and she agreed. Danny took with him a little toy truck which he had inherited from a friend the previous Christmas season. It had seen better days, one wheel was missing, the original shiny paint had faded, and the dirt was showing where the paint was missing; nevertheless, it was the only toy little Danny had, and it went whenever he went.

The Christmas program went quite well, and everybody was in good spirits. Towards the end of the religious service, the pastor made an appeal. He reminded his parishioners that they were celebrating Jesus’ birthday and encouraged the people to offer a gift for the baby that had been born in Bethlehem two thousand years before. As the deacons started collecting the offering, Danny wanted to show somehow that he was grateful for what Jesus had done for him, but he had no money, not even a dime. His only possession was his old, dilapidated and dirty little toy truck. It took a real struggle, but as the plate came near where he was seated he made the resolve to give to Jesus his cherished possession.

When the deacons got together to count the money, they noticed the little toy truck, and one of them remarked: “I wonder who did this! I don’t understand how in the world someone attempted to desecrate this offering by putting in the offering basket this old, broken and dirty toy truck. Didn’t the person know where the trash can is? Nevertheless, another deacon who had seen the boy placing the toy in the offering basket responded: “That offering was from Danny. I visited the family a few days ago. They live in a thatched roof hut with a dirt floor. Her husband is ill in a foreign country. As far as I am concerned this is the most valuable offering we have received this evening.”

“I know what I will do: I will write up the story of what transpired here this evening, send it to the local paper, and put the little toy truck on E-bay for sale.” He did, and a rich man, who had read the newspaper Christmas story, purchased the item for the equivalent of around one thousand dollars. Thus, the dirty, broken, and dilapidated toy truck became the most valuable offering collected said Christmas Eve.

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