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TV Star Convert to Adventism Pleads: “”Please don’t watch my show”

“It appears that Angus T. Jones has become a Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Christian, according to his online video testimonials with The Forerunner Chronicles on YouTube. Angus T. is most well known for his role as “Jake”, the “half a man” on the super successful CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Part 1 of Angus T. Jones’ video testimonial begins with the taller, slimmer, bespectacled 19 yr old sitting on a couch in Angus’ trailer at Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles, with Chris Hudson the host of the Forerunner Chronicles, gladly proclaiming Angus’ acceptance of the 7th day as God’s Holy Sabbath Day and more. The video continues with Angus sharing the story of his life, including such details as his family moving to California, attending Christian schools, acting, as well as his foray into “weed” and “acid”; however, approximately one year ago, God grabbed hold of Angus and has yet to let go.

ANGUS JONES’s Testimony (Pt.1) ANGUS JONES’s Testimony (Pt.1)

In Part 2, it becomes even more apparent that Angus has reached a significant milestone in his life with the courage to make a video where he humbly proclaims that his character Jake “means nothing.” He goes so far as to plead with us to “Please stop watching Two and a Half Men” in order to guard our minds from the “filth” that is passing for “entertainment” and encourage us to “do some research on the effects of television and your brain.”

As far as becoming a Seventh-Day Adventist, Angus attended numerous churches and heard some great sermons. A friend of a friend from school attended a “black” church that met on Saturdays, which piqued Angus Jones’ interest. The first time he attended this church, the pastor’s sermon was exactly what Angus needed to hear – the message “was tailor-made for me. Everything about the message was me, was my life, what I needed to do, like the answers, everything was me!”

He began doing bible studies with a member of the church, and “it seemed so clear.” Some of his family was afraid he was involved in some sort of cult, Angus says with a big smile “but, no, no, no … it’s straight out of the Bible.” He specifically mentions in the video that the church’s belief on hell “is really interesting, this seems so much more appropriate.”

So what do the Seventh-Day Adventists believe in regard to hell? When a person dies, he/she is unconscious (“asleep”) until the 2nd coming of Christ which is the second Advent. (The first Advent was Jesus’ birth.) Those who are dead in Christ, will be resurrected, and caught up in the air to live with Him in heaven forever. (1st Thessalonians 4:13-18) Those who die in their trespasses and sin, will be raised to face Him as their judge and will then be punished for all of their sinful thoughts and deeds.

Seventh-Day Adventists believe that “The wages of sin is death.” Because most individuals never receive the gift of eternal life, which only comes through Christ Jesus as Lord, they should not expect to live forever in hell. (Romans 6:23) Instead, those who face God on judgment day will experience the wrath of God before they die a second eternal death, never to live or sin again. (Revelation 20:12-15) This is quite different than the more commonly held Christian belief of being tortured in hell for all eternity.

The “Seventh-Day” part of the name refers to the 7th day of creation which was instituted as a day of rest by God after creating the world in just 6 days. This occurs from Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown each week. (Genesis 1:31-2:3) It is commonly known as the Sabbath day and was later included as the 4th Commandment of the legendary Ten Commandments. Angus declares in the video that keeping the Sabbath has “been an absolute blessing in my life.” It is a time to rest from one’s labors and to refrain from worldly activities.

Angus T. Jones is continuing to study and learn, and may someday decide upon another denomination, but for now, he has found a church home, and is apparently willing to give up fame and fortune in order to follow what he knows to be true. He would rather be pleasing to God than pleasing to those who will surely question and most likely ridicule his belief in God and the Bible rather than take the time to discover whether indeed he has found something truly worth more than all that money and celebrity status can afford.

Welcome to the fold, Angus.”


More: If this story is of interest to you, I strongly recommend that you check the following source which contains additional interesting details about Angus T. Jones, plus many pictures connected with him:


  1. Nic, Having seen “Jake’s” video testimonial and feeling disfavorable, after reading your excerpts of Angus’ change I am persuaded and am telling you, “thank you” for the change in my attitude. Jim.


    • Jim,

      Thanks for your comments! I’m glad you found the article informative and useful. I had a similar reaction after watching the video several times. I was disappointed, but felt impelled to search the Internet for a better source. The search took me a long time, but I persisted, and I finally hit gold; but when I tried to copy the story, my computer refused to cooperate. After a couple of hours, I succeeded.

      When I attempted to upload the story to my web page, again my computer acted in a malevolent fashion. What normally takes me about ten minutes, consumed two hours of my time. I hope other readers will find the item interesting. You might have read the story before I had given the material the final touch. When I was done and checked the site statistics, I discovered the seven individuals had already discovered the item.

      Nic Samojluk

  2. More: If this story is of interest to you, I strongly recommend that you check the following source which contains additional interesting details about Angus T. Jones, plus many pictures connected with him:

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