Posted by: adventlife | January 31, 2013

Carbon-14 Dating Dinosaur Bones

Why is science apparently ignoring scientific evidence which yields a relatively young age to dinosaurs bones? Instead of 65 millions years, the date obtained from testing a significant number of dinosaur specimens, the dates resulting from these tests range between 30 and 40 thousand years.



  1. Have you read the book “Free Radicals” by Michael Brooks? In it he documents well the biases that come into play among scientists-even Einstein. I think that the evidence he presents supports the date presented here.

    • Ben,

      No, I haven’t read the book! I am behind in my book reading program.

      Nic Samojluk

  2. Thanks. It seems to me that the dates, while quite variable, are consistent around 30-40, 000. That consistency is not what would be expected from bacterial contamination which likely would give greater variation in degree of contamination. Ariel.


    • Ariel,

      Thanks for this important detail!

      Nic Samojluk

  3. The fact is that if you take a look at the list of 14C “dates,” they can be all over the map from 5,000 years up. Dr. Roth if simply wrong. Anyone who knows anything about 14C dating, knows that what is happen is that the “dates” are simply the product of different amounts of contamination from different sources of contamination. What might we expect next? 14C dating of basement rocks?

    • The age of the Grand Canyon and the age of Dirt

      Thanks for your comments. I must be a lucky man, because you are an expert in dating techniques. Perhaps you can help me figure this out:

      For a long time, there was a uniformitarian consensus that the Grand Canyon was about 6 million years old. However, the article posted below presents new data that is interpreted to favor an age of 17 million years.


      But an even more recent article claims that canyon formation began 70 million years BP:


      So which age is correct? 6 million years, 17 million years, 70 million years, or something else?

      My question to you is: If scientists cannot agree on the age of dirt, why should I trust them for the age of life?

  4. The problem is not in the dating. The problem is in what should be dated. There are conflicting interpretations about the sequence of events which formed the Grand Canyon. It is an argument among geologists. For example, one part of the controversy involves a number of semi-technical issues about sedimentary rates that only card-carrying geologists can understand.

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