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Candid Confirmation of our Adventist Involvement with the Abortion Business, by Nic Samojluk

Shady Grove Hospital

As I have reported in the past, my personal investigation into the role the Adventist Church has played in the past concerning the abortion business reveals that some of our Adventist hospitals began offering abortions on demand back in 1970—three years prior to the legalization of abortion in the U.S. mainland.

My research revealed solid evidence that thousands of abortions were carried out in some of our Adventist medical institutions—especially Castle Memorial Hospital, Washington Adventist Hospital, and Shady Grove Hospital. The statistics I was able to secure from official public sources show that there has been a drastic reduction in the number of abortion performed in the recent years.

Some Adventists have recently argued that any reference to elective abortions in Adventist medical facilities is old news dating a couple of decades ago. The factual evidence seems to indicate that this is based on wishful thinking. Fresh information coming from our Adventist Health System provides credible evidence that we are not out of the abortion business yet.

I reported more than once that my communication with the General Conference and our Adventist health institutions came to a stand still following my personal conversation with our president Ted Wilson two years ago. I did write to our Washington Adventist Hospital and our Shady Grove Hospital requesting information regarding abortion. My effort was unsuccessful, but our pro-life friend, Jack Priest, was luckier than I. Here is his report:


I will write more later, but I wanted to give you a quick update. I tried to check with Shady Grove itself to ask about abortions and they finally had Ismael Gams call me from Adventist Health Sytems. He was a nice man and there is some good news and some more of the same.

They now have procedures in place that [suggests they have] made a great effort in doing away with as many elective abortions as they can, with counseling steps and so forth. It seems this has greatly reduced the number of abortions done and from what I learned from him, it appears to be true.

However, I kept asking him over and over again if this meant after all the counseling that if the person still wanted the abortion that they would not do it. He kept repeating that they follow the church guidelines on abortion, and as you know those guidelines do not absolutely exclude elective abortions.

I think he is a good and sincere man and does what he can to stop them, but he cannot say they will not do them if requested after all their effort to talk them out of it. I got the sense that was more what he was ordered to tell people than what he wanted to be able to say.

This report is quite revealing, and Jack is right about our Guidelines on Abortion. They not only do not exclude elective abortions but rather make room for them, including the mental health exception which allows a woman to claim that she cannot sleep, nor concentrate on her work or school, and bingo, another innocent baby is sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

Jack’s report confirms my previous communication in which I related how, when competing with the Holy Cross Catholic organization for the construction of a new hospital in Maryland, our Adventist Health System representative argued in favor of a permit benefiting the Adventist church because we offer abortion services, while Catholics do not do this for moral reasons.

For more information, click on the following Interrnet link:



  1. Why can’t hospital administrations just say no to abortions?

    • Juanita,

      Excellent question! The error lies in the wrong assumption that participation in the killing of unwanted babies implies no moral guilt. Such a twisted notion is applied only to abortion. We have deceived ourselves into the belief that complicity in an immoral act is morally acceptable if a profit can be derived from such action.

      What I have described is the pro-choice philosophy. We would never apply such erroneous thinking to other type of behaviors. If someone helps in the commission of any crime—burglary, rape, or sexual abuse of children—we condemn such moral turbidity and hold the guilty of moral and legal responsibility.

  2. I became adventist from an evangelical Sunday church with Conservative Christian values. When I became adventist I had no idea that the adventist denomination agreed with abortion (My adventist church was conservative, I assumed the denomination was conservative also). Ever since my church disbanded for other reasons I had visited other adventist churches. This is when I realized the adventist denomination was more liberal than conservative. Although I will always live my life as a “true adventist” I find that I have nothing in common with most of the adventist churches I visit other than the Sabbath, health and some other issues.

    Even the Gospel in the adventist church, depending on who I am speaking to is not really the Gospel. I have more in common with my conservative friends than I do with my own adventist bros and sis! The abortion issue is an imbarassment and I don’t know how someone can call themselves a follower of Christ and have no problem with the sin of abortion! Other than the PHYSICAL life of the mother abortion should not be in the adventist church.

    I am happy to see that there is a group out there sounding the alarm of this evil thing.

    • Dene,

      When I joined the Adventist organization, the church was pro-life, and it is still pro-life in the country where I was baptized. The liberal attitude towards abortion was a North American phenomenon. I have a friend in Germany who wrote to me assuring me that when he was in charge of the medical work in Europe, Africa, and South America, abortions were not permitted in the medical institutions under his care.

      The compromise with evil took place back in 1970 when half of the staff at our Castle Memorial Hospital in Hawaii demanded the right to offer elective abortion services to their patients. The fear of loosing revenue led the church to cave in to the pressure. The fear of God was replaced with the fear of men. This is well documented in our Adventist literature. I know this, because I did my doctoral dissertation on this issue. I suggest that you secure a copy of my book on this:

      “From Pro-life to Pro Choice”

      Nic Samojluk

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