Posted by: adventlife | November 12, 2013

NAD Executive Committee Recommendation “Affirms” Men and Women for Ordination

Adventist-GC-Headquarters1-150x107On Monday, November 4, members of the North American Division Executive Committee at their year-end meeting voted by a 6 to 1 margin to “affirm the conclusion that all people, men and women, may receive ordination as an affirmation of the call of God.”

The much-anticipated action, which is a recommendation and does not change current NAD policy or practice, passed by a margin of 182 to 31, with 3 persons abstaining.

A second part of the motion supported “the authorization of each division to consider, through prayer and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, its most appropriate approach to the ordination of women to the gospel ministry.”

The vote came after more than three hours of presentation made by the 14-member NAD Theology of Ordination Study Committee, and an additional 90 minutes of questions and comments from the floor. In an unusual move for Adventist polity, the two NAD TOSC members who did not agree with the majority recommendation were allowed a 20-minute “Minority Report” to articulate their understandings of the key Biblical passages bearing on the appropriateness of ordaining women to pastoral ministry.

NAD TOSC chair Gordon Bietz, president of Southern Adventist University both introduced and concluded the Committee’s report. According to Bietz, the committee began its work in May 2012 at the request of the General Conference that all divisions develop a committee process to study the topic of ordination and how the global church should address the matter at its 2015 San Antonio, Texas world session.

The NAD Study Committee report will be presented to the 103-member General Conference Theology of Ordination Study Committee at its January 2014 meeting, where reports and recommendations from each of the other 12 divisions of the world church are expected. The larger committee will prepare recommendations for the October 2014 meeting of the world church’s Executive Committee, which sets agenda for the San Antonio business session.

Nearly 3000 delegates from the more than 200 nations in which the church operates will gather in July 2015 to elect leaders, adopt policies, and provide direction to the 17-million member international movement. A final action on the matter of ordaining women to pastoral ministry is expected at that session.




  1. Dear Nic:

    I am absolutely sure that if the American Adventist Homes were functioning as God intended, there would be no such travail going on within the Church.

    This women ordination thing will only promote the further membership decline in the NAD! It will finish in totally destroying the priesthood of the father in the Adventist Homes.

    Roberts in his sermons for fathers day, he never refers to the immediate above, right?


    • Hugo,

      Your prediction may come true but for other causes like our Adventist participation in the abortion business.

      Pastor Randy Roberts supports the ordination of women without discrimination based on gender.

      Nic Samojluk

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