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“White Lie Soap”: Morgan Defends Ellen White & Rea Agrees! By Nic Samojluk

white lie soapWhen I first read “The White Lie,” authored by Walter T. Rea, I never dreamed that the day would come when Rea would agree with those defending the Ellen White’s borrowing, but this is exactly what seems to have taken place following the recent publication of Kevin L. Morgan’s book “White Lie Soap.” I haven’t read the book yet, but I did read some of the reviews written by several individuals, including that of Robert W. Olson and Walter T. Rea. If you don’t believe this, consider the following comments that have been made by individuals who have reviewed the book already:

Robert Olson and Walter Rea’s Testimony

“ Your book is by far the best thing I have read on the subject of Ellen White’s writing. You have dealt very persuasively and kindly with every imaginable question that an honest critic could have. I feel personally indebted to you for the enormous amount of time and energy you have spent in giving the world such a satisfying explanation of the false assertions that some have made relative to Ellen White’s ministry.” —Robert W.
Olson, retired director Ellen G. White Estate.

“ I have read the entire manuscript. You have done a fine job.” —Walter T. Rea, author of The White Lie –

Could Morgan get a better compliment than this, the recognition from the author of The White Lie that he has done “a fine job.” This means that Morgan’s book deserves to be read by everyone who has heard or read Rea’s book, The White Lie.

The Opinions of Other Individuals

And are here are some of the other comments made by other individuals:

A very thoughtfully done, much-needed work.” —Jerry Moon, Chairman Church History, Andrews University

“ I believe this book will be helpful in clarifying the issues of copying, borrowing, and plagiarism regarding Ellen White’s writings.

” —Denis Fortin, Dean School of Theology, Andrews University “ It’s thorough, interesting and needful. You’re providing a very helpful book.” —Jeff Filiberto, retired physician, Lookout Mountain, Georgia

“ When many people lose confidence in Ellen G. White they also lose their Adventist faith and often their hold upon Christ. As a denomination, we have failed to correctly educate our people and have given them false concepts regarding her work. We need to have people who will defend her ministry.” —Graeme Bradford, evangelist and Honorary Research Fellow Avondale College

My Email Exchange with Kevin L. Morgan


Congratulations for your book. I wish I had the time to read it. As an alternative, I will ask you the following question. Do you have solid evidence to prove beyond any doubt that she did not borrow material from other authors with[out] permission?

Nic Samojluk


Of course Ellen White borrowed. The point about borrowing–which all good writers do–is HOW an author borrows. … I can only suggest that you look at the extended exhibit from the book that I have available at It will show you HOW she borrowed. …

[Kevin L.Morgan]


I did look at the links you provided. Unfortunately, I do not have the time needed to analyze the material. Therefore, let me make this more simple: I did read Walter Rea’s book, and the item that impressed me the most was the evidence that Ellen borrowed not only material from the book of another author, but also the titles of chapters and the illustrations, coupled with visible evidence that the signature of the author of those graphics had been deleted.

How do you explain this?

Nic Samojluk


Brother Rea was quite confused in that section. The exhibit on titles is contrived. If you get PATRIARCHS AND PROPHETS and Edersheim’s BIBLE HISTORY and compare the titles side by side, you would see a very different picture from his exhibit, which he has truncated.
Moreover, “close examination shows that of the 73 chapter titles in Patriarchs and Prophets, only nine of the titles are either identical to those in Edersheim’s book, or differ only by the inclusion or deletion of the article ‘the.’

Furthermore, these nine include such common titles as ‘The Creation,’ ‘The Flood,’ ‘Destruction of Sodom,’ ‘The Marriage of Isaac,’ and ‘The Death of Saul’ ” (“The Truth about The White Lie,” p. 3).

The titles in PATRIARCHS AND PROPHETS are carryovers from THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, a book which PREDATES Edersheim’s book. The similarity is the result of following the Biblical stories in chronological order.

The illustrations, which were used in the early GREAT CONTROVERSY, were bought and paid for and re-engraved in legal fashion. (See “The Truth About The White Lie,” p. 3, at‎).

[Kevin L Morgan]



Your explanation seems to be quite reasonable. I am not an expert on this issue, and I don’t have the time right now to explore this topic in the manner it deserves.

The person who has studied this in great depth is Dr. T. Joe Willey. He writes for Adventist Today quite often. I would encourage you to debate this issue with him on the pages of said magazine. If you are right, the world needs to hear you on this topic. It would be a great way of advertising your book.

Nic Samojluk


Is your book online?

Nic Samojluk


I received my personal copies of the printing today. The books are printed and have been shipped to Review & Herald.

[Kevin L.Morgan]

More:, and



  1. Thanks for your posting this. I believe Walter Rea appreciated my continuing research on the topic for which he is so well known, yet I do not know exactly where he stands on the matter today. I do know that he said, “I could use Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ, [and] Christ’s Object Lessons. These are devotional books and spiritual, and they speak to the heart and the basis of spirituality.” (WHITE LIE SOAP, p. 160; yet see also the footnote)

    • Kevin,

      You’re right. I believe that he has mellowed over the years, and we need to bear in mind that, as far as my understanding goes, as a condition of his retirement he agreed to be silent on this issue. So I doubt that he would say very much over this issue.

      Nic Samojluk

  2. Nick,

    The Carolina ABC has a special on my book, WHITE LIE SOAP–$13.95 (rather than $19.95). Description of the book is available at:

    Charlotte Area 704-599-0699 Toll-free800-366-1844

    God bless,


    • Kevin,

      Thanks for sharing!


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