Posted by: adventlife | December 10, 2013

Online For Life: A New Organization in the Fight for Life

Abortion Book by Fisher
Brian E. fisher, author of “Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women,” is offering a free electronic copy of his book.

He claims that his newly created organization has already saved the lives of 1354 unborn babies, and that he has devised a pragmatic way of measuring success in this life saving ministry.

Here is how the Washington Post described the work of “Online For Life.”

“Brian Fisher is president and co-founder of Online for Life, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit outreach that uses new and emerging strategies to save the lives of innocent, unborn babies and families from abortion, by coming alongside women and families in crisis and providing the option to connect them with local, life-affirming organizations where they receive compassion, grace, and comprehensive information.”

And here are some of the comments Fisher, and Cole—his partner, made on CBN News:

“Women may get abortions, but without men, there wouldn’t be any abortions — or sex trafficking, or pornography. These are almost exclusively areas where male users create female victims.”

“Cole pointed out, “The vast majority of abortions are paid for by men. Why is that? Because they don’t want to accept responsibility for what they created.””

“According to Fisher, that means “men can sleep with whoever they want to and if the woman gets pregnant, not only does the man have no responsibility, he has no legal right to have responsibility.””

“More than 60 percent of women are coerced into having an abortion, or are not informed properly,” Fisher stated. “So when we talk about this freedom to choose, the reality is there is no freedom to choose. They feel like they have no other choice.””

“On another front, the men who organized Fisher’s Online for Life scan the Internet for men and women looking online for abortion services. Then this pro-life group hits those abortion-seekers with ads for pro-life pregnancy centers.”


“Below are links to where you can download your free copy of Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women. This book will give you the unadulterated facts about abortion and the disturbing truth behind its legalization.
For Apple devices or Nook downloads, click here.
For Amazon or Kindle downloads, click here.
For a PDF download of the book, click here.
Be sure to share this with your friends and family so they can get their free copies as well:”

Brian Fisher
Co-Founder and President
Online for Life

Free Book:

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