Posted by: adventlife | December 11, 2013

My time with Peter Singer, by Dan Becker


[Editorial comment: Peter Singer is known around the world for his defense of animal rights and his alleged claim that it is our duty to grant them personhood status. At the same time, he has suggested in the past that infanticide should be legal during the first month of the baby’s life outside the womb. What follows are a few comments selected from the original article written by Dan Becker which you may want to read in its entirety.]

“Peter Singer, the DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and one of President Obama’s elite advisors for ObamaCare. He is someone who openly declares the Christian worldview to be “abominable.” …

Their godless evolutionary pre-suppositions demand this. “Speciesism” was mentioned quite often—rightly accusing the Christian worldview of elevating all mankind as being “created in the image of God” and setting man apart from the other creatures of earth by placing all of God’s creation under mankind to act as steward “over the garden”. …

I introduced myself as the National Field Director for the largest Christian “Speciest” pro-personhood group in the nation … Personhood USA. I had his immediate attention. …

I stated that “Ideas have consequences”, and he replied, “They certainly do.” I continued, “Would you agree that your definition of personhood diminishes and devalues human life and dignity and could have profound implications on healthcare policy? That it might lead to rationing and denial of service for those classes he has identified as non-persons under Obama Care?” …

I said, “A decade before the Nazis came to power, Germany’s open society advocated for some of the same ends that you have advocated. Within a decade the litany of killing useless eaters had expanded to the mentally ill, blind deaf and dumb children, gypsies, Christian leaders and Jews.” …

He strenuously objected and replied that the society in Germany was not a free society and couldn’t be responsible for Nazism’s extremes. …

I stated that this was my greatest fear with his position and that once the sanctity of life was demolished as a cultural anchor, that the legal protections of personhood, being redefined and lowered to include animals, would deliver a new human holocaust. ……”


By the way, the holocaust has been going on since 1973 and it has claimed the lives of fifty-six million unborn babies.

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