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The Long Journey Towards the Eradication of Abortion in Adventism, by Nic Samojluk

Castle Memorial Hospital

The dream and prayer of all pro-life Adventists is that God will produce a revival and reformation among his chosen people and that his Holy Spirit will lead the Adventist Church out of the abortion business.

This may sound like a utopic dream, but for the Lord nothing is impossible. What follows is a summary of the main events connected with the Adventist Church involvement with the abortion business and the growing effort by those Adventists who believe in the dignity of human life and who are eager to move towards such a lofty goal.

This report is the result of countless number of hours by a large number of Adventists who love the church and who are also concerned about the suffering of the victims of this modern genocide, including the women affected by it.

1970. Neal Wilson announced that Adventism was leanings towards abortion [1]

Four decades ago the then president of the North American Division made a public declaration that saddened those Adventists that believe in the right to life by all human beings regardless their stage of development and their place or residence.

“Though we walk the fence, Adventists lean toward abortion rather than against it. Because we realize we are confronted by big problems of hunger and overpopulation, we do not oppose family planning and appropriate endeavors to control population.”

1970. Our Castle Memorial Hospital started offering abortions on demand

When the non-Adventist physicians at our Castle Memorial Hospital demanded the right to offer elective abortions to their patients, the fear of God was replaced with the fear of men, morality gave way to profit, and this medical institution was allowed to include killing to its healing program.

1981. Neal Wilson justified the profit from abortion [2]

This may surprise you, but Nic Samojluk has three witnesses who did corroborate the story that Wilson publicly declared that women would go elsewhere for help if we refuse to participate in the abortion business. This way of justifying the killing of unborn babies was mimicked by Dr. Edward Allred, one of the most successful abortionists in California, in an interview conducted at a church meeting.

1989. Gerald Winslow reported that five Adventist hospitals were offering elective abortions [3]

LLU Gerald Winslow reported that several other Adventist hospitals emulated the lead of Castle Memorial Hospital and started offering abortions on demand.

1989. George Gainer documented the heavy involvement in abortion by our Washington Adventist Hospital [WAH]

The Washington Post reported that between 1975 and 1982: our Washington Adventist Hospital had performed 1492 abortions, which is equivalent to 213 per year.

1990. John V. Stevens negated the right to life of the unborn [4]

Perhaps the strongest defense of the practice of abortion by a SDA leader was written by John V. Stevens, Sr., who was occupying the position of Pacific Union Conference Public Affairs/Religious Liberty Director at the time of publication of his article entitled “Abortion Answers and Attitudes” by the Pacific Union Recorder in 1990. Here is one of the arguments he advanced to justify the killing of the unborn:

“The best example is Christ who chose to die in order to restore that freedom lost through sin so that all can choose to mold their own destiny. Christ valued choice over life. . . . Every human being, created in the image of God, is endowed with a power akin to the Creator–individuality, power to think and to do. (Education, page 17) This takes place after birth, when the developing baby becomes a person. . . .”

1991. George Gainer documented that twelve Adventist hospitals were offering abortion services [5]

Here is the list of Adventist hospitals that were offering abortion services at the time of George Gainer writing.

“Castle Medical Center, Hadley Memorial Hospital, Hanford Community Hospital, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Porter Memorial Hospital, Port land Adventist Medical Center, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Sierra Vista Hospital, Walla Walla General Hospital, Washington Adventist Hospital, and White Memorial Medical Center.”

1991. The Loma Linda University Church “Dialogue” published an editorial critical of pro-lifers

Following the publication of the “Dialogue” editorial critical to pro-lifers, Nic Samojluk asked the managing Editor Gina Foster for equal time in defense of the behavior of pro-lifers. His request was denied, but she did publish the comment of a reader who was in agreement with her views on abortion.

1992. The General Conference Autumn Council approved the “Guidelines on Abortion” [6]

What God wrote on stone comprised four words: “You shall not murder.” Those who drafted our “Guidelines on Abortion” employed 1314 words in order to justify what the Lord had forbidden.

1992. A Deafening Silence followed the publication of the “Guidelines on Abortion”

Between 1971 and 1996 I counted 95 Readers’ comments and articles dealing with abortion in the pages of our “Ministry” magazine. The readers’ interest in this controversial issue was so great that on July 1988 David Newman wrote the following:

“Our articles on abortion have touched a sensitive nerve. We are receiving more email on this subject than on any other recently published article. The letters are running 10 to 1 in favor of the church adopting a stricter standard.” Then suddenly, a few years following the publication of our current Adventist “Guidelines on Abortion” a long silence ensued on the pages of this periodical.

Our official “Ministry” magazine, which had been following this controversial debate for many years, suddenly went into a long hibernation and refused to publish anything that dealt with the issue. We suggest you read the special report Nic Samojluk wrote about this unusual event entitled “The Day Ministry Magazine Went Silent on Abortion.”

Many pro-life Adventist leaders left the church; some of them started their own independent ministries; and, believe it or not, some even went as far as joining the Catholic organization due to its strong pro-life position.

1992-1993. Public records documented the number of abortions at our WAH [8]

According to the “Health Services Cost Review Commission,” [HSCRC] a State of Maryland agency charged with the responsibility of acting as a repository of hospital data, the number of abortions performed at our Washington Adventist Hospital for the stated years was:

1992: 547
1993: 287 from January through June [half a year] which gives us an estimated 574/year

1995. Nic Samojluk submitted an article to the Adventist Review

The article was approved for publication and he received a $50.00 dollars check for his work. This is now 2013 and he is still waiting for the Review to publish it. This long delay explains his work on behalf of the unborn.

2005. Jan Paulson claimed that the Adventist Church is pro-life [9]

Jan Paulson, the GC president, publicly claimed that the Adventist Church was pro-life, and this claim was repeated by Allan R. Handysides, the Director of the G.C Health Ministries in a letter he wrote to Nic Samojluk in 2009:

“The Seventh-day Adventist Church is extremely ‘pro-life.” In spite of this claim, Handysides returned Nic’s contribution for the pro-life organization of the church explaining that the church did not have such a program.

2006-2010. Public records revealed the drop in the number of abortions at our WAH [10]

Nic Samojluk secured the following abortion statistics from the public source named above:

2006: 47
2007: 48
2009: 27
2010: 29

This is explained by the fact that most abortions are now done in abortion clinics.

1996. Nic Samojluk Started publishing his SDA Forum [11]

Nic Samojluk began publishing his “SDA Forum,” which was eventually replaced by “Let’s Focus on Life,” and more recently by “Advent Life.” One segment of said online publication deals exclusively with abortion issues as they relate to the Adventist church. The number of items is too large to include in this report.

1998. The Loma Linda University approved the revised Physician’s Oath [12]

If you compare the originalHippocratic Oath, which forbids abortion, with the Loma Linda University Oath, you will discover that said pro-life prohibition is missing and was replaced with a statement which reads:

“I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. I will respect the right and decision of my patients.”

How can an Adventist physician respect the decision of a
woman who has chosen to abort her baby and honor at the same time his respect for human life? Recently Jack Priest talked to Israel Gama, a representative of our Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland, and asked him several times what did his hospital do when the decision of the pregnant woman is to have an abortion, and his response was that under such circumstances the hospital followed the Adventist Guidelines on Abortion.

Of course, said guidelines were designed to justify the killing of the unborn under a variety of circumstances, including when the unwanted pregnancy interfered with the mental health of the woman. You may be aware that said mental health exception was the opening door for elective abortions or abortions on demand. The woman says to her abortionist physician: “I am mentally depressed; I cannot sleep nor concentrate on my work and my studies;” and bingo! Another innocent baby is sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

2007. Adventist Today published Nic Samojluk’s article about abortion [13]

This action was done at the request of Dr. Erv Taylor. You can read the response of readers in the issues that followed.

2008. Nic Samojluk published his doctoral dissertation about Adventism and abortion [14]

The title of the book is “From Pro-life to Pro Choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventists’ Attitude Towards Abortion” And it can be ordered from the printer. It is the only Adventist book in print written in defense of the unborn’s right to life.

2009. The Adventist HealthCare representative admitted the offering of abortion services [15]

A few years ago, when our Adventist Healthcare organization was competing with a Catholic hospital system for the permit to build a new hospital in Maryland, our Adventist representative argued that the permit should be granted to Adventist because we offer abortion as one of the services to the community. Here is the evidence:

“’Adventist HealthCare also runs a primary-care clinic for the uninsured in Shady Grove Adventist Hospital’s Germantown emergency center. The clinic now has a pre- and post-natal department for uninsured patients that provides family planning,’ according to Washington Adventist Hospital’s spokeswoman Lydia Parris.

Adventist HealthCare is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which has no religious policies governing health care. Adventist hospitals perform abortions and provide a full range of reproductive care, Parris said.”

2011. Adventists kept up the fight for the right to build the new hospital [16]

Two years later the Adventist argument was still that the competing Catholic organization did not offer full reproductive services to their patients, including abortion.

“Reproductive health advocates across the country have raised concerns about religious directives that prevent Catholic hospitals from providing a variety of services, including fertility treatments, abortions, tubal ligations and hormonal contraception.”

2011. The Washington Post reported on the opposition to the Catholic hospital [17]

This was confirmed by the Washington Post the same year:

“While acknowledging concerns about religious directives that prevent Catholic hospitals from providing some services, such as fertility treatments, abortions, tubal ligations and hormonal contraception, she concluded that Montgomery County was not an area “that lacks available and accessible options for obtaining these services.”

2011. The Washington Post reported on Adventists and abortion [18]

Here is another report confirming that the issue of abortion was the main point of disagreement between Catholics and Adventists.

“Maryland state regulators gave Holy Cross Hospital, a Catholic institution, permission to build a hospital in growing northern Montgomery County, shutting out the Seventh-day Adventists, who also wanted to build a hospital in the area. Some abortion rights advocates opposed Holy Cross’s selection because it does not allow abortions.”

“The denomination is known for its emphasis on health. Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited and many Adventists are vegetarians. But the denomination may be the only theologically conservative Protestant group that allows elective abortions.”

2011. Ted Wilson admitted that now abortions are performed inside abortion clinics

In 2011, Ted Wilson, the president of the General Conference, did publicly admit in the City of Redlands, California, that most abortions are no longer performed in our hospitals, bur rather inside abortion clinics. Our Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland does have such a clinic, according to newspaper reports. Other hospitals simply rent office space to abortionists. He also stated that the number of abortions in Adventist hospitals are now “almost down to zero,” a claim unsupported by public records.

2013. Advindicate reported the naming of a section of a new building in honor of abortionist Edward Allred at our LSU [19]

If you haven’t done this yet, I suggest you read the following report entitled “La Sierra University’s Edward C. Allred Center honors notorious abortionist”

2013. Advindicate published Nic Samojluk’s article dealing with abortion [20]

In response to a request by an Advindicate blogger, Shane Hilde decided to publish an article authored by Nic Samojluk entitled: “The ultimate form of child abuse” You need to read it, if you haven’t done this yet. It is among the best articles he has ever written.

2013. Religious Liberty.TV republished the Adventist Review 1867 “Fashionable Murder” article

This article was authored by John Todd and originally published by James White in 1867.

2013.Religious Liberty.TV commented regarding key pro-life events [21]

This document lists important events connected with the abortion business.

2013. Religious Liberty.TV published Ben Carson’s view on abortion [22]

Published by Michael Peabody, this report includes the following comment:

“Dr. Ben Carson, the famous neurosurgeon and subject of the movie Gifted Hands, spoke at a Breakfast Benefit for Birth Choice Pregnancy Resource Center in Clarkston, Michigan on Friday, April 12 “where he said the following among many other things:

“Think about it. If you are willing to kill an innocent baby, down the line, who else are you willing to kill?”

2013. Religious Liberty.TV published “The Wisdom of Solomon” by George Gainer [23]

This is a scholarly document depicting the history of the Adventist Church involvement with elective abortion that started in Hawaii back in 1970.

2013. Advindicate published another article dealing with abortion [24]

Shane Hilde, the creator of Advindicate, published another article with the title: “Adventists confused about church’s position on abortion.” The reader’s comment section is still going on and you can add your opinion to it.

2013. La Sierra University reported the naming of a center in honor of notorious abortionist Edward Allred [25]

Our church’s involvement with the abortion business is reflected by the following report published by a LSU magazine. Isn’t this a tacit endorsement of the abortion genocide that has destroyed fifty-six million innocent lives in our country alone? Of course, this notorious abortionist donated a sizable sum of money to the school.

“Welcome to the Edward C. Allred Center for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. This Center, in the La Sierra University School of Business exists to promote free market economics through the education of students, with a focus on Seventh-day Adventist high schools.”

2013. Religious Liberty.TV reported on the honoring of abortionist Edward Allred by LSU [26]

Read the comments posted above.

2013. Retired Businessman Dan Rotthoff mailed 3,000 copies of Randy’s Alcorn abortion book

Dan Rotthof did exchange a couple of letters with the General Conference of the Adventist Church. He followed this with the mailing of three thousand copies of one of the best pro-life books ever written to a list of Adventist educators and leaders in the United States.

2013. Baker City Pastor Tony Brandon delivered a sermon about abortion [27]

How many sermons have you heard about abortion by our Adventist pastors? This writer knows only about two of them: Barry Kimbrough [28] and Tony Brandon. Most of our Adventist pastors are afraid to touch this subject.

A friend of this author asked his pastor why he never preached about abortion, and he responded with: “If I were to do this, some of my members might be offended.” Of course, preaching against sin is offensive to the unconverted heart. So what is the duty of a pastor? What does the Bible teach?

New International Version
“Blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming. It is close at hand— ” [Joel 2:1]

New International Version
“But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.’” [Eze. 33:6]

2013. Religious Liberty.TV published a transcript of Pastor Tony Brandon’s sermon dealing with abortion [29] & [30]

You can now not only listen to Pastor Tony Brandon’s sermon, but also read the transcript of the same.

Pray for our church, for the unborn, and for the revival of the true Adventist faith!


[1] George Gainer, The Wisdom of Solomon? Spectrum 19/4 (May 1989): 38-46.
[3] Gerald R. Winslow, “Abortion Policies in Adventist Hospitals” Spectrum 19/4 (May 1989): 47-50.
[4] John V, Stevens, Sr. “Abortion Answers and Attitudes,” Pacific Union Recorder (20 Aug. 1990): 12-13.
[9] “Adventists laud Pope for concern on world peace, poverty and family,” Adventist News Dispatch/Southern Asia-Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (11 Mar. 2005).
[13] Vol.15, No.1 | Adventist Today
[30]The Hands of Jesus – Elective Abortions in Adventist Hospitals (Sermon Transcript)


  1. I can’t find the visual transcript of Tony Brandon’s sermon.

    • Doug,

      Thank you for calling my attention to this omission. Here is the title and the link:

      The Hands of Jesus – Elective Abortions in Adventist Hospitals (Sermon Transcript)

      Nic Samojluk

      • Thanks, will read it soon. I started to listen the other day and got interrupted several times. I caught the first 20+ minutes and wasn’t very impressed. I am not for merely killing the Adventist hospital participation in the abortion business I’m for the church actually treating the unborn as if they were human.

        If we don’t become actively pro-life then stopping the killing of the unborn in our hospitals is an unrealistic expectation and a step that still doesn’t keep other Adventists ( like Kevin Paulson, John Stevens, ect…) from actively and publicly advocating “choice”. Nor does it create a heart for replacing our death ministry with supportive resources for those women (and men) who are faced with the consequences of an unwanted or difficult pregnancy.

        Going from the wicked managers of the Owner’s vineyard to the Levite who “passed by” on the road to Jericho, whole a step in the right direction, can hardly be defined as “reformation”.

        I have been praying for God to raise up Godly men in our church. Men of courage and Godly perspective. Men who are not afraid of what God’s enemies think about right and wrong. Men who love God more than they love the SDA organization. Men who love people more than they love theological concepts.

        I may die before God answers but I’ll awake someday to find out what it was.

      • Doug,

        Yes, window dressing will not satisfy God’s requirements. Nevertheless, I will support the stopping of murder even if it is done for the wrong reasons.!

        Nic Samojluk

  2. Thank you for the recap, Nic…your hard work over these many years is much appreciated….I’m sure there are many who otherwise would never have known, if you had not spoken out, that the Adventist Church is in the ABORTION BUSINESS. The Church has reached an ALL-TIME LOW – that of sacrificing innocent children on the altar of selfishness. The SDA Church claims to be the Church that “keeps the commandments of God” because they attend church on the 7th day Sabbath….but they have forgotten that if you break one commandment, you have broken them all…they have forgotten that keeping the Sabbath does not make up for killing innocent babies.

    I heard Neal Wilson back in 1981, with my own ears, say that if our SDA hospitals don’t provide abortions to women, they will just go down the street to the next hospital that does, so we may as well offer the service to the women and keep the business. That was the first I had heard of the Church being in the Abortion Business. I NEVER saw the Church the same after that.

    I too, have been sounding the alarm for 30 years, but I have given up on a reformation ever happening. I believe that as a denomination the Church has gone into complete moral darkness…There are some members and perhaps a very few leaders who have not succumbed to the moral paralysis, just as there are a few people in all other denominations, but having a few honest souls in a church is not what makes a church God’s Church….The mark of a TRUE CHURCH is that it TEACHES AND KEEPS ALL the Ten Commandments.

    Thank you again, Nic! I look forward to meeting you in person some day soon, if not on this earth, in Heaven! God bless you and you stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves…

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Tammy Roesch

    • Tammy,

      Thank you for your very truthful comments. Your assessment of the dire situation the Adventist Church is in may turn to be correct, although I praying for a miracle to take place. I may eventually follow your lead, but I do see some encouraging signs on the horizon. That is what keeps me going.

      Nic Samojluk

  3. […] If you would like to learn what “Advindicate,” “Religious Liberty.TV,” as well as others have done on behalf or against the unborn’s right to life, click on the following link:… […]

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