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Adventist Florida Hospital Ends Ban of Pork Products, by Nic Samojluk

Panera Bread

Adventists are known around the world for their health principles that exclude the consumption of pork products. This morning I heard on 3ABN a biblical exposition of our Adventist views regarding the biblical prohibition against the use of foods derived from the flesh of unclean animals.

The preacher, a man with an Australian accent, argued that there is a valid reason for following the distinction between clean and unclean animals found in Leviticus 11. The animals God described as unclean are scavenger that feed on carcasses of death animals and products in a state of putrefactions and full of toxins.

This is why I read with surprise and disappointment the following report published by the Big News Network on January 7, 2014 detailing the fact that our Adventist Florida Hospital has removed the ban against bacon and pork products served on hospital grounds.


“Florida Hospital, run by Adventist Health System, has banned a Wendy’s restaurant on hospital property from serving bacon for more than a decade due to religious reasons, but a Panera Bread restaurant opened on the hospital’s property across from the Wendy’s is being allowed to serve bacon and other pork products, the Orlando Sentinel reported Tuesday.

David Banks, senior executive for the campus, said the hospital’s thinking on bacon has “evolved.” … “We really wrestled with the issue.” “We deeply believe in the things we believe in,” he said of Seventh-day Adventists, whose beliefs include the Old Testament’s banning of pork and shellfish.

However, he said “we also want people to have choice.” …”

This, of course, is reminiscent of the Adventist position on abortion which moved from pro-life to pro-choice back in 1970 when the then president of the North American Division of the Adventist Church publicly announced that the church was leaning towards abortion because there was too much hunger and too many people in the world.


However, he said “we also want people to have choice.” …”


  1. It is more about believing God then it is about the pork itself. It started in the Garden of Eden and is still going on. God says don’t eat it and he does not need to give us a reason why. The devil says it is alright to eat it and we go the way of the devil. When are we going to start believing God and do what he says no matter what?

    We are responsible for what goes on “within our gate”. If the property is owned by the Adventist, the they have every right to say “no pork” and should stick to that. There are plenty of places for folks to get their pork fix if they need to. What is next, a liquor store, a strip club or even a casino? I mean if they need to provide choice.

    It really sounds to me like it is about profits and income for the hospital. If someone caters to the restaurants then there is a good chance they may use the other businesses in the area (the hospital).

    • Neil,

      Thanks for you excellent comments. I have a hard time resisting the temptation to repeat something you said, which is very powerful:

      “It started in the Garden of Eden and is still going on. God says don’t eat it and he does not need to give us a reason why.”

      Nic Samojluk

    • Neil,please read Luke 10:8 (NLT) If you enter a town and it welcomes you, eat whatever is set before you.1 Cor.10:25-27(NLT) so you may eat any meat that is sold in the market without raising questions of conscience.26. For the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it 27.If someone who isn’t a believer asks you home for dinner, accept the invitation if you want to. Eat whatever is offered to you without raising questions of conscience.Rom. 14:6(NLT) Those who worship the Lord on a special do it to honor Him. Those who eat any kind of food do so to honor the Lord, since they give thanks to God before eating.And those who refuse to eat certain foods also want to please the Lord and give thanks to God.1 Tim.4:3-5(NLT) They say it is wrong to be married and wrong to eat certain foods. But God created those foods to be eaten with thanks by faithful people who know the truth. 4.. Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it but receive it with thanks.5. For we know it is made acceptable by the word of God and prayer..

      • You need to consider the context. The context is in reference to meat that had been offered to idols. Paul’s concern for this moved him to make all these comments. In the Old Testament it was wrong to partake of meat that had been offered to idols. This is why Daniel the prophet ate only vegetables. Paul realized that this practice was no longer mandatory.

        New International Version
        But if someone says to you, “This has been offered in sacrifice,” then do not eat it, both for the sake of the one who told you and for the sake of conscience. [1 Cor. 10:28]


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