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Seven Facts Showing that Adventists Are Not Pro-life,by Nic Samojluk

Carson Scholars Fund

On January 29 “Specrum Magazine” published an article entitled “Ben Carson Joins Newt Gingrich’s Anti-Obamacare PAC,” authored by Jared Wright, and I counted 620 comments already today. Why so much interest in the topic? Two reasons: A. Dr. Ben Carson is the first Adventist being asked by 250,000 signators so far to run for the 2016 presidential nomination by the Republican Party, and B. At the end of his interview with the Spectrum correspondent, Carson made the following surprising comment:

“Abortions that are done on-demand are not within the purview of God’s will. We sit around and criticize ancient pagans for sacrificing babies and saying what heathens they were. But are we really any different if we go around killing babies because they’re inconvenient?”

The result so far has been that Carson’s supporters are among non-Adventists, while Adventists are his main detractors. One of the bloggers stated that Carson has been roasted by the Spectrum crowd. Another blogger named Billman, challenged me to submit some facts as evidence that the Adventist Church is not pro-life, but rather pro-choice. Here is a copy of my response to him:


Billman, I am glad you asked. I will limit myself to a few facts; I can provide more upon request. I do have quite a few, because that was the topic of my doctoral dissertation.

Fact One: Our Adventist pioneers were more pro-life than I am. If you need evidence, let me know.

Fact Two: In 1970, when the non-Adventist physicians at our Castle Memorial Hospital [CMH] demanded their right to offer elective abortions on demand, the management panicked and elevated this request to the North American Division [NAD]

Fact Three: Neal Wilson, who was the president of the NAD, after consultation, publicly made the following declaration:

“Though we walk the fence, Adventists lean toward abortion rather than against it. Because we realize we are confronted by big problems of hunger and overpopulation, we do not oppose family planning and appropriate endeavors to control population.”

George Gainer, The Wisdom of Solomon? Spectrum 19/4 (May 1989): 38-46.

Fact Four: The General Conference [GC] delegated the responsibility to draft guidelines on abortion to the newly created Ethics Department at Loma Linda University [LLU]. Of course, LLU had a vested interest in abortion and organ transplantation, the result was a document which contains a lofty statement about the value of human life, but justifies the killing of innocent unborn babies under a variety of circumstances, including when the unwanted pregnancy affects the mental health of a woman. This opened the door wide for elective abortion on demand.

Fact Five: Our Castle Memorial Hospital began offering elective abortions, and soon after other Adventist institutions followed the CMH lead among them Shady Grove Hospital [SGH] and our Washington Adventist Hospital [WAH]. This was documented by the Washington Post more than once and by our own Adventist publications. This prompted a public manifestation with protesters carrying signs which read: “Thou shalt not kill.”

Fact Six: A friend of mine called the GC and asked for a confirmation that our church was no longer pro-life but rather pro-choice. She got an affirmative answer with the following surprising comment: “Our WAH has become an abortion mill.”

Fact Seven: James Walters, a LLU professor, published a book in which he affirmed that our church is now pro-choice regarding abortion—and pro-choice means pro-choice for killing innocent unborn children.

Since I have reached the perfect number—seven—I will stop, but I can provide additional facts upon request. This is the reason our Adventist pastors are afraid to condemn abortion from the pulpit, and the same applies to our media.

The fear of men has replaced the fear of God. God pronounced four words condemning the killing of innocent human beings. We Adventists employed 1314 words to negate what the Lord wrote on tables of stone with his own finger. You can verify this comparing Exodus 20 with our Adventist “Guidelines on Abortion.”

We need to repent and thrash our “Guidelines on Abortion.” Pro-life entities do not need guidelines on murder.

I will provide documentation for the above facts upon request!




  1. Good response Nic. I can’t believe as Christians we are having this discussion. I’m very disappointed because I feel like I can’t really fellowship with people who I am supposed to have common values with. How can they not see that it is a sin? I totally support Dr. Ben Carson and I hope he continues to speak out. Maybe once people realize he is an adventist, it will become known by other Christian denominations and the adventist community will have to answer for why they are not pro -life. Abortion is a very big issue in our culture right now so its difficult to ignore the subject.

  2. Billman, when I converted to Adventist from non-denomination 12 years ago I had no idea that many Adventist were not pro-life. I assumed they had conservative Christian values the same as my previous church. The subject just never came up and I only attended a small conservative Adventist church all those years.

    It was only in the last 2 years when I would mention abortion to my Adventist friends that I realized we didn’t share the same belief. Then I realized the Adventist church can be kinda liberal.

    I have met some conservative Adventists, but for the most part most of the people and most of my friends have no problem with abortion. And they won’t even discuss Ben Carson. My conservative church is no more so there’s no one to discuss current issues in our society today in the church because we just don’t agree.

    This is just my personal experience since I became Adventist. Now I fellowship with a more conservative Adventist group online.

    • Dene,

      Thanks for your excellent observation. Can you share with us the name of the online conservative fellowship group you are participating in?

      Nic Samojluk?

  3. Last year I found this online Adventist website called I believe they are called Seventh Day Remnant (SDR). They have church services every Sabbath as well as other bible study services during the week. So far I have only participated in the Sabbath services, which I have enjoyed. I’m not an official member. It’s nice to fellowship with other like minded Christians. They are very organized and they run the services very well.

    For me though an online church service does not really take the place of a physical location where I can fellowship with others face to face, and participate in ministry with my fellow church members. I miss that very much.

    • Dene,

      Thanks for the info. I did visit the web site. It looks kosher on first inspection. Do you know whether the church is pro-life or pro-choice/pro-abortion?

      For me a once a week face to face dialogue with other Adventists is important as well. I am still a member of the Adventist Church, but I no longer send my tithes and offerings through the regular channels of the church. I divert them to Adventist independent ministries which are sympathetic to the pro-life values I cherish.

      Someone may argue that if I participate with Adventists but no longer contribute to their program, that this is unreasonable. My answer is: My church has forced me to do the work my church should be doing on behalf of the unborn. I contributed to my church for seven decades and now I must do the work the church has ignored.

      I don’t want my money to be used for the killing of innocent human beings. My conscience no longer allows me to contribute to an organization which has been supporting abortions on demand.

      Nic Samojluk

      • Nic

        They are definitely pro-life and anti-abortion. Check it out see what you think.

      • Dene,

        On what basis do you believe that they are pro-life. Is this in black and white somewhere hidden in their doctrinal statements? I did write to them asking for a response. I got an automatically generated answer stating that it may take up to two weeks for a response from them.

        Nic Samojluk

      • I know they are prolife because during one of his sermons he discussed abortion, and he was against it. So were the members who participated in the discussion. Its a church service so there are different bible topics discussed every sabbath, not only abortion.

      • Dene,

        If they are pro-life, how come they have not responded to my request. All I wanted to know was whether their church is pro-life. I can name a couple of Adventists who are pro-life, but the Adventist Church is definitely not pro-life.

        Nic Samojluk

      • Hi Nic

        I’m not sure why. Maybe give them a couple more days to reply? Did you identify who you are and why you want to know? I know there have been people who tried to make trouble for them, so maybe they are being cautious. I don’t know if that’s the reason they have not responded immediately, I’m just guessing.

      • Dene,

        I can’t remember the exact manner I asked the question, but I did not try to offend them. I was simply curious about their policy regarding the abortion issue.


      • Nic, I seem to be having problems posting any more comments on your website. Do you show receiving any more comments from me within the past 2 hours?

        Thanks Dene

      • Dene,

        Can you describe the problem in more details?


      • Nic

        Did you here from yet?

      • Dene,

        I am still waiting!


  4. Nic

    You are right to do what you know is right. If I could find an adventist church in my area that is conservative I will attend. But I haven’t, so i don’t for now.

    • Dene,

      Some years ago, I left my church and for three months I worshipped with the Seventh Day Baptists, but I came back when I discovered that they were no more pro-life that Seventh-day Adventists. I watch several SDA worship services online both in English and Spanish, and I am participating in several Sabbath School services in Loma Linda because this gives me a chance to share my pro-life views.

      I am also donating copies of my pro-life book to individuals who show an interest in reading about the topic. So far I have given out hundreds of copies to others and I intend to continue doing this. I have seen some encouraging results from this activity. In once case, a dear sister who refused to receive a pro-life pamphlet from me and publicly furiously scolded me, later on accepted my book and told me that now she had experienced a conversion on this issue.

      Nic Samojluk

  5. The Lord never grows weary nor slumbers. Let’s never give up the fight to return our church to His pleasure. If we are truly God’s remnant people then we will eventually be brought again to this moral failure with another opportunity to do it right. Nic has pricked the conscience of an otherwise self confident church. Our current apathy wasn’t developed overnight so it won’t be undone overnight either. Ben Carson needs our vocal and prayerful support as he carries the convictions of thousands of Adventists into the lions den.

    • Doug,

      Regardless of whether the church will eventually repent of this great evil, our duty is to preach the truth about this topic without delay. When Mother Teresa was asked whether her efforts were successful she replied: “The Lord does not require that I be successful, but rather that I be faithful.”

      I have been asking the Lord to send more workers to his vineyard, and when I read the anti-abortion statement Dr. Ben Carson made in his interview with Jared Wright from Spectrum, I praised the Lord for answering my prayers. We need more man like Carson and like you, Doug, and like many others whose number is growing day by day among Adventism.

      I discovered that there are many leading Adventists who are pro-life, but who are not ready yet to speak up on behalf of the unborn. One of them is Jim Gilley, the president of 3ABN, who wrote to me thanking me for the work I have been doing and assuring me that everybody at 3ABN is pro-life.

      He also told me that when this issue was being debated at the GC, he voiced his opposition to the pro-choice stance of the Adventist leaders, but unfortunately, the liberal view prevailed. We need to pray for men like him, for Danny Shelton, and many others who could be very influential in bringing the church back to the straight and narrow path.

      Nic Samojluk

  6. Nic, give em time to respond. If they require a canned two weeks for responses to questions then don’t expect special treatment for a pro-life inquiry. If they never respond we’ve got grounds to question their pro-life sincerity. I’m just hoping they’re not of the “I’m personally against abortion BUT…” SDA crowd. Have you contacted Antionette Duck at Mafgia Ministries lately? She was to have her pro-life interview at 3ABN aired on Feb.7 Did anyone see it (I don’t get 3ABN)?

    • Doug,

      Maybe they will. I am waiting. No, I haven’t been in touch with Mafgia lately. I posted one comment some time ago, and they never acted on my posting. I got tired of checking. They must be very busy and probably don’t have time for me, which is not unusual. I am used to the silence treatment!

      Nic Samojluk

  7. PS. The timeline on this website is about 8 hours too fast for PST. I just posted at 1:33 pm

    • Doug,

      Thanks for noticing! I tried to make the proper correction. Did I succeed?


      • Yes, I think so. Good work!! BTW, I think Mafgia is only Ms. Duck and I think she’s a real busy beaver. Is there anyway to check online as to the responses to her presentation at 3ABN? I haven’t heard anything from her yet.

      • Doug,

        The topic was “Recovering and Healing Abortion.” I do not see any way to locate any comments from listeners. I wish I had known this in advance. JD, from 3ABN, promised he would notify me about this in advance, but he failed to keep his promise.


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