Posted by: adventlife | February 20, 2014

Reflections on our Adventist Guidelines on Abortion, by Nic Samojluk

SDA_Church_21-150x150I want to share with you a letter I sent today to a friend of mine who is doing a great work on behalf of the unborn.

Dear friend,

I noticed that in the recent response you received from the General Conference, you were directed to the Adventist “Guidelines on Abortion.” Some years ago, I received a similar answer from a representative of the GC, and I found the testimony of someone identified as “earlysda” who got the same response.


“I have writeen President Ted Wilson twice about this issue, and both times received a response referring me to the “Guidelines on Abortion” document that the church has. Does our church have “Guidelines on Sabbath-Breaking” or “Guidelines on Stealing” too?”

It looks like the reference to the Adventist “Guidelimnes on Abortion” is the standard reponse to everybody who writes to the General Conference regarding the issue of abortion. Do we deal that way on other important doctrinal issues? When someone asks us about the Sabbath, for example, do we say: Read our Guidelines on Sabbath Observance? No! We say, Read Exodus 20!

Why is it that when dealing with the violation of the Sixth Commandment instead of the Fourth, we refer people to our humanly created document dealing with abortion instead of the Decalogue? The apparent reason is that we have set aside what God wrote with his own hand on tables of stone and replaced it with rules of our own devising.

Since the creation of the Adventiust movement, we have emphasized the importance of avoiding the substitution of God’s Word with humanly devised tradition, and we have blamed Rome for having done that, but we now have made the same mistake. We have replaced God’s Word with our own tradition which tends to justify what the Lord has clearly forbidden: the shedding of innocent blood.

This seems to indicate that we have ceased to be God’s chosen people, those who keep God’s Commandments, and are no longer God’s special people with the last message of hope for a perishing world. My opinion is that it is high time for us to abandon those guidelines on killing the most innocent members of humanity and return to a “Thus said the Lord,” because Jesus said: “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it to me!”



  1. It takes no faith to undergo an abortion. It seems not only do we not keep all ten of the commandments, but we don’t have the faith of Jesus. He’s coming back for a remnant people, not a church.

    • Juanita,

      Yes, but the church must be warned! This is why I am not ready yet to give up!


  2. Good morning,

    Thanks again for all you are doing to share the truth of God’s Word. Reading this post reminded me again of the “SDA Guidelines on Abortion” Parody by Doug Yowell, which also puts it in an easy-to-understand perspective.

    You are right on the message exactly in your direct and “to the point” “Reflexions on our Adventist Guidelines on Abortion” and in showing how we are making the same mistake of Rome.

    Oh, how thankful I am for what all Dan Rotthoff has done to help! I pray that more and more will stand up, just as the lady from Texas who wrote you about seeing the booklet of letters and the book “Why Pro-Life” by Randy Alcorn. How encouraging.

    Again, God bless you,

    Audrey Neuharth-Ponaski

    • Audrey,

      Yes, I am also impressed with the manner God was able to use Dan Rotthoff! May the Lord continue to use him for his glory.


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