Posted by: adventlife | March 5, 2014

Doug Batchelor Comments About the Pope’s Calls for Unity



  1. I received via personal email the following comments from Tesa Beem:


    I would like to make a comment on Doug Batchelor’s video about the pope’s message to Kenneth Copeland. I tried to post it at Advent Life but I couldn’t because I am not going to give all my info. So here it is. You can post it there under your info if you wish:

    This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you have to choose between whether you believe Ellen or the Bible. The Bible clearly says the we are to be united. Unity of believers in ONE body, ONE faith, ONE baptism. Unity is all over the New Testament. In fact, the last prayer Jesus said before going to the Cross was for his believers to stay unified.

    Ellen White is so against Christian unity that she actually has prophecies that are against Christians reconciliation and unity as of the DEVIL!!

    Now, it is possible that there will be a false unity that mimics the TRUE unity of Christians. But that is speculation because there is NOTHING in scripture that says there will be a false unity. That is from Ellen’s imagination and of course lots of fundamentalists also believe that. But there is nothing about it in scripture.

    But we DO know that Christ called all of His believers to unity. It is a command! Therefore we must be very, very careful NOT call a great movement of the Holy Spirit to unify God’s people as of the Devil for that is blasphemy. In fact Christ says to call the workings of the Holy Spirit of the Devil or you are treading on the unforgivable sin!

    Watch this carefully BEFORE you pass judgment on it as of the Devil. Sometimes we must take a step in the obedience of faith TOWARDS unity and let the Lord miraculously bring truth out of it. Unity IS being obedient to God.”

    • Hi, Tesa!

      Thanks for your comments. My personal view is that what Ellen White wrote needs to be interpreted in light of the events taking place a century or more ago. Religious organization do not remain in a static state, but rather evolve. A good example is the attitude toward the moral value of human life. Our Adventist pioneers were adamantly opposed to the practice of abortion, for example. This was altered when our leaders compromised with evil and permitted our Adventist hospitals to offer elective abortion services to women for profit’s sake.

      The same can be said about the Catholic Church. The church that once persecuted dissenters became the protectors of the unborn. I believe that God judges individuals and organizations on the basis of their present behavior instead of what their ancestors did in the past. The Lord will reward Rome for their stand on their respect for the right to life and will condemns Adventism for the murder of the unborn, unless the Adventist Church repent of this detour from moral duty, which is what I hope and pray for.

      May the Lord bless you and your ministry!

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