Posted by: adventlife | May 4, 2014

Would you Like a Second Wife? Move to Kenya!


The new marriage law signed by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta allows men to have as many wives as they desire, but women do not have the same right, and the first wife has no legal right to prevent her husband from practicing polygamy.
“Although strongly criticized by the nation’s Christian leaders and the Kenya’s Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), the new law was hailed by some as a return to traditional African practices, shorn of Western Christian influence.
“In Africa, polygamy is a way of life, and when you’re making a law you must go back to what the society wants,” said Nderitu Njoka, the chairman of Men’s Empowerment and Development in Kenya.
Kenyan lawyer Judy Thongori blamed the existing taboo on British colonial laws, which do not account for the practice of many Kenyan ethnic groups, which practice multiple partner “marriage.” … Female lawmakers walked out during the proceedings that led to the bill’s passage …”


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