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A New Book Dealing With Abortion & the Adventist Church, by Nic Samojluk

Murder in Paradise

A. Why a Book About Abortion?

Perhaps you never heard about the first book I wrote about abortion and the
Adventist Church. Why did I do that? What prompted me to invest hundreds and even thousands of hours to write about abortion? The answer is rather simple. There were already two books in print dealing with the topic authored by Adventist writers, but both of them were written in defense of the pro-choice/pro-abortion point of view. There was a desperate need to present the pro-life side of this issue to Adventist readers.

B. Is Not the Adventist Church Pro-life?

Some Adventists are convinced that the Adventist Church is and always has been on the pro-life side of the controversial issue of abortion, and they can cite the former President of the General Conference who publicly declared that the Adventist Church is in fact pro-life. Nothing could be further from the truth. The topic of my doctoral dissertation was precisely abortion and the Adventist Church, and I know for a fact that those who think that Adventists are pro-life are definitely mistaken. The title of my dissertation was: “From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Attitudes Towards Abortion.” You can order a copy from, or from You get a discount if you order it directly from the printer!

C. Were the Adventist Pioneers Pro-choice/Pro-abortion?

Not a chance. The Adventist pioneers were definitely pro-life, and they were not afraid to label abortion as a direct violation of the Commandment that forbids “murder.” This is amply documented in the writings of James White, the founder of the Adventist publishing; John H. Kellogg, the founder of our Adventist medical work; and many others. In the event you have any doubts, you need to read my first book about abortion. The same information is included in my second book dealing with abortion I have just published.

D. When did the Shift Towards Abortion Take Place in Adventism?

The Shift from pro-life to pro-choice/pro-abortion took place in the State of Hawaii back in 1970. This is documented in our Adventist literature. One of the experts who wrote about this change was Adventist historian George Gainer. What happened was that half of the non-Adventist physicians at our Castle Memorial Hospital demanded the right to offer abortions on demand when the State legalized abortion, and the church panicked for fear of loss of revenue, and the result was that eventually several Adventist hospitals began killing unborn babies for profit.

E. Was Not Ellen White Silent on Abortion?

This is an argument used quite effectively by individuals like John V. Stevens, a former Pacific Union Conference Public Affairs/Religious Liberty Director; Kevin Paulson, a well known Adventist evangelist; and many others. This reasoning is based on misinformation. It is true that Mrs. White never used the term “abortion” in her voluminous writings, but she was definitely pro-life and against the killing of innocent unborn children. The evidence is found in many statements she made about the health care of pregnant women. In one of them, she stated that men who neglect the needs of their wives during pregnancy are almost guilty of murdering their unborn children. If she was against the “almost” murder of the unborn, can we argue that she would approve the actual killing of those waiting to take their first breath?

F. Why the Need to Write a Second Pro-life Book?

Is the time to write a second book justified? The answer is “Yes.” The first book was a copy of my doctoral dissertation. Scholarly works do not represent the best venue for disseminating knowledge to the general population. In addition, this second book is almost half the size of the first one, and it contains a large number of material I have written since the publication of the first book. The title of this second book dealing with abortion and Adventism is: “Murder in Paradise: A Serious Warning to the United States & the Adventist Church.” You can order it from, the printer. In a few weeks, it will be also available at Amazon and other book outlets. The direct link to my books is:

Murder in ParadiseG. Take Advantage of the Incredible Price Reduction!

I wrote the book as my contribution to the church I love. I will never be able to recover the investment of time and finances for the production of these two books. The evidence that I am not after profit is the fact that I applied the maximum discount feasible for the sale of this book. The set price by the printer was $22.49, but you can get it for only $9.00 You Save: 60% of the original price.



  1. God bless you, Nic. I appreciate your bringing the message into a more popular form. It is much needed! Adventist Hospitals need to get out of the elective abortion business.

    • Kevin,

      Thanks for your encouraging comments. I would like to include you in my pro-life mailing list. If you agree, send me a confirmation by email. Mine is nic1[AT] Replace the “AT” with @.

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