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The Price I Paid for Two Books on Abortion, by Nic Samojluk

Murder in Paradise

What price did I pay for two books on abortion? If I tell you the price I paid, you may have a hard time believing me. Of course, I am not referring to the purchase price of a couple of printed book, but rather the price I paid for the production cost of those two books starting with the preparatory work connected with said task, including the task or securing of a Ph.D. degree from a university.

The price of a Ph.D. Degree

You may argue that a doctoral degree is not required for the writing of a couple of books. This is true; nevertheless, given the unique circumstances I was in, this became a necessity. Part of my problem was the audience I was trying to reach: Adventists; and the topic I intended to investigate and report on: abortion. For a decade I had attempted to get published on said subject in the Adventist media to no avail.

One day I picked a couple of Adventist magazines: Adventist Today and Spectrum and I noticed that the name of every author was followed by a Ph.D. title. This led me to believe that if I wanted to say a word on behalf of the unborn, I might have to secure a doctoral degree first. This seemed impossible, since I had to take care of my real estate business in order to provide for my family.

I performed an Internet search and discovered a Ph.D. online program in religion and the price was only $3,000 dollars, which I could pay by monthly installments. I did apply without hesitation and began the hard and tedious task of going through the program. I was allowed seven years to complete all the course work, plus a three years extension to write the doctoral dissertation.

The Heavy Investment of Time

Given the fact that I had to take care of my real estate work during business hours, I had no other choice but to study and do the research work in the wee hours of the morning and the late evening hours before retiring for the night. In theory, this seemed like a clever arrangement, but in practice, I later discovered that my business was impacted by the effort to burn the candle on both ends. To this I must add the hundreds of hours I have been investing into this pro-life project since I closed my real estate business in 2010.

The Non-productive Nature of My Pro-life Project

Had I elected to work on the opposite side of the life fence, I could perhaps by now be a millionaire like Dr. Edward Allred. We do share the same Alma Mater. We both graduated from La Sierra College [La Sierra University now]. He chose the killing of unborn children as his life work and is now a millionaire; I chose to work on behalf of the unborn and became a pauper.

Your Chance to Share in my Financially Unproductive Investment

If you look at my life endeavor from the financial investment point of view, I must admit that it represents a loosing proposition. Given my advanced age, there is no way for me to recover even one percent of my investment. This, plus the incredible discount I am offering for my new book on abortion, should convince you that I am not after financial profit. My printer set the price at $22 dollars, and I applied the maximum discount available: 60 %, which means that you pay only $ 9.00 for a book that cost me thousands to produce.

How to Order my Book on Abortion

To secure a copy of “Murder in Paradise” click on the following link. The book should be available also on Amazon soon, but you will save money by ordering through my printer.


  1. Nic, the reason you could not reach the SDAs is that they (we) live in a time of positivism, you know, where truth is relative. This is because the correctness, that is, the political or governmental correctness has replaced God truth. Good news is the only news allowed. Its all good. (funny thing is that when its all good guess what? Immorality is good.

    (truth is like art- it requires drawing a line somewhere)

    Even with your lettered name and dissertation people will not likely listen. Adventist media is also in the positive mode where only entertainment is allowed. Exhortation? Our Bible worker tried that one. HE was immediately dismissed.

    It is my sincere belief that if Jesus showed up and taught the sermon on the mount today he too would be readily dismissed. We have figured out a way to turn Paul’s message into the pc its all good messages of positivism and thus we no longer have the Christ of CHRISTianity. We have PAULianity.

    • Gary,

      What you stated is so evident and true that I feel no need to add anything to your comments. I was especially impressed with your suggestion that when we accept that all is good, then immorality becomes good as well.


  2. Just ordered the book, Nic! Looking forward to getting it!

    • Tammy,

      I’m glad you did. If you can spare the time, share with me your expert opinion of it.


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