Posted by: adventlife | June 16, 2014

Stories You May Have Missed

Book Review 3

You may not be aware that Advent Life has a new face, a new name, and a new address: The new name is Advent Life News, and the new Internet address is

Advent Life will be still available, but all the new stories will be published under the Advent Life News name and address. To access these stories you might have missed, click on the links listed below. We published one item in the month of May and fifteen items in June. Other stories will follow.

And here is my recommendation. As soon as you access our new Advent Life News web site, click on FOLLOW. This will allow you to receive automatically in your mailbox a message every time we publish a new item, and you will no longer miss a single story we publish.

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  1. Very inspiring and interesting blog. Best regards.

    • Thank you! Your comments are appreciated.


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