Posted by: adventlife | July 7, 2014

You might have missed the following Advent Life News stories!

Book Review 3

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Buffett Gave Over a Billion to Abortion

The Left Can’t Stop Distorting the Hobby Lobby Decision

Adventist Church Encouraged by Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision

4 Year Old Boy Piano Player

Top U.S. court affirms 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act

This is Mindy: And this is how I destroyed her life by making her a porn star

Terminally Ill Groom Fulfills His Last Wish to Marry his Fiancé

Navy veteran begs VA: Please don’t starve me to death

Dr. Ben Carson: U.S. commits ‘human sacrifice’ through abortion

SDA Official Birth Control Statements

Michigan Conference Did Not Support Samuel Pipim’s Re-baptism

From abortion provider to pro-life activist

Hey Liberals: If You Want Birth Control, Just Go Buy It, No One is Stopping You

Miracle Garden a Dubai

If Fences Don’t Work, Why Is There One Around The White House?

A Saline Abortion Survivor’s Testimony

The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

Russian Monastery Choir


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