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Advent Life News Stories you Might Have Missed

Book Review 3

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The Adventists 2 Trailer

Million-Dollar Salaries in Adventist Healthcare

The 7th Day Beaver Trailer

Doug Batchelor: Who Are the Seventh-day Adventists?

Senator Cruz: Secure the Border, End the Amnesty, and Celebrate Legal Immigration

The True Origin of Aids and Ebola

Passion of the Christ Actor Jim Caviezel Calls Abortion America’s “Great Sin”

A Glass Harp Performance


Can a Church be Neutral on Moral Issues?

Man Beats 1-Year-Old Baby to Death With Belt Because He Peed on Him During a Diaper Change

Andre Rieu – The Last Rose

Pregnant After Rape: How a tragic event resulted in a great blessing!

Judge rules Ten Commandments monument must go

Heritage Singers – Holy Spirit Rain Down

Navy removes Bibles from guest rooms

Before you read anything or watch a video

The Door to Hell

Do Not Pass me By

Must-see Video: Inside IS

Florida Man Killed Girlfriend’s Three-Month Baby, Threw Him Out the Car Window Onto the Highway

A Campaign Grows to Liberate Child Brides in Developing Nations

NATO Pledges to Stand by Ukraine with “Unwavering Support”

ISIS Overtakes Iraq’s Largest Christian Town, Tens of Thousands Flee

Documented Court Testimonies [1]

Unborn Baby Dies in Car Crash, But Canada’s Law Claims No One Died

Doug Batchelor’s Response to the Call for Unity with Rome

And Can it Be

Abortion Has Cost the U.S. $16 Trillion in Lost Revenue, The Size of the National Debt

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