Posted by: adventlife | January 7, 2015

Recent Adventist Statistics on Abortions, by Nic Samojluk

Adventist Health System

Some Adventists are under the false impression that our Adventist medical institutions no longer offer abortion services to their patients. A friend of mine named Jack Priest contacted the office of the North American Division and received the following information regarding abortions performed in our medical institutions:

“Dan Jackson did some checking …For AHS and Maryland out of perhaps 47,000 births only 100 abortions were done and none elective. Only for complications or to save the mother. They are following the GC guidelines.”

This frank admission means that 100 innocent unborn human beings were killed in a direct violation of the Decalogue in our own medical facilities that were founded with the mission to heal—not to kill!

Rape Cases

Take the case of rape, for example. The developing baby might be physically perfect, but must die for the sin of the rapist. This is condemned in the Bible. We let the guilty rapist live, but kill the innocent child. What kind of justice is this?

We think that by labeling such killings as “therapeutic” we get off the hook. There is nothing therapeutic about taking the life of an innocent human being; the act is murder. The objective of true therapy is healing—not killing.

Mental Health

We apply the same so called “therapy” to cases involving unwanted pregnancies if the woman complains that her mental health is affected. Well, pregnancy is temporary, while death is permanent. How can we justify imposing the death penalty on the unborn child when the woman’s mental depression connected with her unwanted pregnancy will likely end in a few months?

A Higher Moral Standard

Abortion is either morally right of wrong. If it is wrong, then by helping the pregnant woman destroy her unborn child, we become accomplices in the commission of a moral crime. The church must be held to a higher ethical standard that that existing in a morally depraved society.

The Need to Discard Humanly Created Tradition

I conclude that our Adventist church must get out of the abortion business and get rid of the document we created in a direct contradiction of the guidelines found in the Decalogue. We cannot afford to replace God’s infallible dictum found in Exodus 20 with a humanly created tradition. We need to thrash our “Guidelines on Abortion” and return to a “Thus said the Lord.”


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