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Is the General Conference Impotent to stop Abortion in our Medical Institutions?, by Nic Samojluk

General Conference of SDA

In my many conversations with Adventist leaders and laypersons, I have often been confronted with the following question: “Do you believe that the GC has the power to stop abortions in our Adventist medical facilities?” Here is a question I received yesterday from one of my pro-life friends.

“I wonder how much control the church can exercise over the hospitals, even if church leaders were truly pro-life. My understanding is that the church has little control over the health wing of the denomination.”

How Much Power does the GC Have Over our Medical Institutions?

I do agree that the General Conference of the Adventist Church has rather limited power to control the services offered by our medical institutions to their patients for the simple reason that our healthcare is owned by independent corporations such as the Adventist Health System/US located in Silver Spring, MD; the Adventist Health System with headquarters in Florida; the Adventist Health System of the Indian Ocean; and the Adventist Health System/West in Roseville, CA.

Does this mean that the GC has no say in this matter? At first sight the answer seems to be “yes,” but a closer examination indicates that this is not so. Actually, the Adventist Church has all the power it needs to solve this situation. The secret resides in the “Adventist” name.

The Ownership of the Adventist Name

It is true that the power to control our healthcare system resides in each of the Adventist Health System corporations, but those individual legal entities do not own the “Adventist” name. The name Adventist belongs exclusively to the General Conference of the Adventist Church.

This means that if the GC wants to get out of the abortion business, all it needs to do is to notify each one of those corporations that if they want to continue using the Adventist name, they need to stop offering abortion services to their patients.

The Legal Power to Control the Use of the “Adventist” Name

The Adventist Church has shown plenty of evidence of their legal power to control the use of their name. It has used said power more than once. A few years ago, for example, when the General Conference lawyers became aware that a pro-life group named “Adventists for Life” was using the Adventist name “The SDA headquarters, based in Silver Spring, Md., reacted quickly, asking Facebook to remove the offending page.” [1]

What was the stated mission of the “Adventist for Life” organization? Saving the lives of unborn children. Instead of embracing such a lofty and humanitarian mission, the church took quick action to blot the program out of cyber space.

Contrast this with the church’s attitude towards the “Adventist Health System” which has used the Adventist name with impunity for years in spite of the fact that several Adventist medical facilities were profiting from the killing of innocent unborn human beings.

Is the Adventist Church Willing to do What is Right?

The main question is not, does the GC have the power to control what is taking place in our medical institutions, but rather is the church willing to do what is right. This leads us to ask the following: Why would our church want to continue violating the moral code that forbids the killing of innocent unborn human beings? The answer seems to be the profit from the lucrative abortion business.

My theory is that the reason that prompted our church to compromise with evil in the first place back in 1970 is the same that keeps us interested in continuing this sinful tradition. You may ask: What happened back in 1970?

How Profit and the Fear of Revenue Loss Led us on the Wrong Path

Forty-five years ago the State of Hawaii legalized abortion. Our “Castle Memorial Hospital” [CMH] received a demand from one of the donors for an elective abortion for his daughter, and the non-Adventist physicians of said institutions supported this petition adding that if the request were denied, they would take their patients to other medical facilities.

This was contrary to the policies of Adventist institutions at that time but a denial might jeopardize the financial solvency of CMH. The hospital management contacted the church for advice regarding this unusual matter, and the answer came back from the North American Division [NAD] of the church that opened the door for elective abortions in our Adventist hospitals.

A Major Shift in our Church Policy Regarding Abortions

This major shift regarding the offering of abortion services by our Adventist medical institutions became evident when Neal Wilson, the NAD president, made the following incredible public announcement:

“Though we walk the fence, Adventists lean toward abortion rather than against it. Because we realize we are confronted by big problems of hunger and overpopulation, we do not oppose family planning and appropriate endeavors to control population.” [2]

The result of this incredible change in policy was that elective abortions was added to the services offered by several Adventist hospitals to their patients.

Is Profit Still a Factor?

Someone may suggest that after four decades of profiting from abortion, the profit factor might have evaporated. Evidently this is not so. You might be aware that the Adventist Health System does share a portion of its revenue with some of the Adventist institutions, and that the man who built a fortune from killing innocent unborn children has been sharing some of his blood money with his alma mater.

Recent examples are the endowment gift to Union College and the large donations to La Sierra University by Edward C. Allred, a former LSU graduate, who shared a significant portion of financial gain from its multi-million-dollar abortion and gambling businesses.

Adventist Health System Makes $2 Million Endowment Gift to Union College

“At the Union College Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 9, Rich Reiner, Executive Vice President of Adventist Health System (AHS) and President/CEO Multi-State Division, announced Union College will be receiving a $2 million gift from AHS. Adventist Health System, a Florida based health care provider that operates 45 hospitals in 10 states including Colorado and Kansas, has given Union College $2 million to create a permanent endowed chair for a professor in the Division of Business and Computer Science. …”

La Sierra University’s Edward C. Allred Center Honors Notorious Abortionist

“In 2010, La Sierra University founded the “Edward C. Allred Center for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship” in his honor. It hardly seems possible that La Sierra University, which still purports to be a Seventh-day Adventist school, would name anything after a man who has left such a trail of wreckage in his wake, a man who made his fortune eliminating two generations of humanity, and now spends his days devising ways to separate gamblers from their money. …”

Do you think that it is proper for an Adventist institution to accept blood money from a man who enriched himself by killing innocent unborn human beings? Should not LSU return this tainted monetary contribution? Even Judas felt constrained to separate himself from the 30 pieces of silver given him as a price for the life of an innocent man.

Should the Adventist Church Get Out of the Abortion Business?

Considering the fact that our church began offering abortion services in our medical institutions for the wrong reason, that technological advances have revealed that the unborn are in fact human beings, and that killing innocent individuals is prohibited in Scripture, would you agree with Adventist pro-lifers that it is high time for us to get out of the abortion business? If you do, then please, sign the petition that is being circulated for said purpose. The link is listed below. [5]

Two Books Dealing Abortion by an Adventist Author

If this topic is of interest to you, I suggest that you read two books published by the only Adventist investigator who wrote his doctoral dissertation on abortion and the Adventist Church. You can secure your copy of said books through Amazon, but you can save some money by ordering them directly from the printer. The author is offering a sixty percent discount on them from the original price suggested by the printer. They include an exhaustive list of material published by the Adventist media about abortion covering the years 1970 through 2006. The link is listed below. [6]


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[6] Nic Samojluk, “From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Attitudes Towards Abortion.” and “Murder in Paradise”

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