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My Answer to Some Relevant Pro-life Questions,by Nic Samojluk

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I want to share with you my response to a list of pro-life questions I received from a motivated Adventist pro-lifer that is eager to share this information with others. I will skip the queries and go directly to my answers:

Elective Abortions

There is a chance that ParkRidge does not offer elective abortions to their patients. Not all Adventist hospitals participated in the offering of abortion services. Here is a list of institutions that

“Castle Medical Center, Hadley Memorial Hospital, Hanford Community Hospital, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Porter Memorial Hospital, Portland Adventist Medical Center, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Sierra Vista Hospital, Walla Walla GeneralHospital, Washington Adventist Hospital, and White Memorial Medical Center.”

Ref.: “Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines, by George Gainer”

Bear in mind also that some Adventists use the term “elective” in a restrictive manner to exclude the so called “therapeutic” kind that includes pregnancies resulting from rape, malformations, and those that affect the mental health of the woman.

In other words, the unborn baby might be normal but is killed because the father was a rapist or the woman is mentally depressed and is having a hard time facing an unwanted pregnancy. This is against what the Bible teaches. We have no right to punish the innocent baby for the sins of the parents.

The Adventist Health System Policy Regarding Abortions

Do you know whether Park Ridge belongs to the Adventist Health System? If it does, then there is a chance that they are offering certain kinds of abortions. If I were you, I would contact ParkRidge and ask them. This is what I did and got the following response from the Adventist Health System representative:

“Hi Nic –
Regarding your request for our policy/practice regarding termination of pregnancy:
Adventist Health System is dedicated to the preservation of life and the welfare of every human being that is cared for in our hospitals. When a situation requires the termination of pregnancy be considered, we follow the guidelines set forth by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Of course, said guidelines justify the killing of the unborn under a variety of circumstances including pregnancies resulting from rape, when there is malformation, or when the unwanted pregnancy affects the mental health of the woman.

Adventists may call these kinds of abortions “therapeutic,” but innocent and healthy unborn babies are sacrificed for the sake of lifestyle.

Have Adventists Done Away with Elective Abortions?

Ted Wilson publicly declared in the City of Redlands in 2011 that the number of elective abortions in Adventist hospitals is down to almost zero, but he added that abortions on demand are now done inside clinics.

Is the fact that abortions are now done inside abortion clinics an advantage to the unborn baby? The result is the same: a dead baby!

Our Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland has such a clinic, and a few years ago, when the Adventists were competing with the Catholic organization for a permit to build a new hospital in Germantown, the Adventist argued that such grant should be denied to Catholics because they do not offer abortion services to their patients.


Wilson added that Adventist hospitals offer only therapeutic abortions now. In other words, we offer killing innocent unborn children as a form of therapy. Did Ellen White ever condone killing as a form of therapy? Have you ever heard anyone saying: “I wish I had been given that therapy before I was born?

You asked regarding pro-life material. Here is a list of some that have been published:

Pro-life articles I have published;

Books I have written;

“From Pro-life to Pro-choice,” and “Murder in Paradise”

And U-Tube Videos I have posted.

Television Programs and a Booklet by Adventist Evangelist Steve Wohlberg

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  1. I still have to love the church’s continued use of the term “termination of pregnancy”. All of my mother’s pregnancies were “terminated” and my sister and I are both here to attest to the fact.

    • Perhaps we should in the future avoid offending ISIS terrorist and report the beheading of Christians as simply “terminations.”


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