Posted by: adventlife | September 7, 2015

Can abortion be sometimes morally neutral?, by Nic Samojluk

Abortion & guilt 3

I want to share with you, the readers of this forum, the following exchange between a motivated Adventist pro-lifer and myself. This was harvested from a Facebook blog you may be tempted to visit.


John Bockmann

As you point out, the Bible is full of instruction that directly bears on abortion, perhaps most obviously the sixth commandment.

In Spectrum magazine’s “Abortion” issue, John C. Brunt addresses this point directly–and sidesteps it forthwith (page 16):

“It is not within the scope of this study to answer the question of whether abortion is murder,” he says.

Great! He might as well discuss sports or gossip after that, because if you’re going to examine the moral implications of abortion, you’re going to have to address “whether abortion is murder.” The facts are clear:

1) The child is living
2) The child is human
3) The child is innocent of any crime
4) Therefore, those who intentionally kill the child are guilty of shedding innocent blood. That’s “murder”.

God hates murder. God forgives murder. But we cannot receive His forgiveness without confessing our sin.


Nic Samojluk

My dictionary defines murder as the intentional killing of an innocent human being. I conclude that whenever the aim is to deprive the unborn of life, a murder is involved. This is why I included that adjective in the title of my second book on abortion: “Murder in Paradise.” I am currently adding 70 pages to said book, and I am not changing the title of the book in spite of the objections of my critics.

I grant that the guilt associated with the destruction of a conceptus might be less than the killing of a baby ready to be born, but I would suggest that the intentional destruction of human life is never morally neutral. Said guilt is enhanced whenever profit is the motivating factor behind abortion.

This is why I am convinced that the Adventist Church is guilty of a crime. We actually led in the legalization of abortion. We allowed our hospitals to offer abortion services on demand three years before it was legalized in the U.S. mainland in 1973, and we never confessed this great sin against heaven. Confession must always precede forgiveness.

Confession must be accompanied by a change of behavior. As long as we refuse to do away with our “Guidelines on Abortion,” the “Revival and Reformation” mantra will not amount to more than mere window dressing.


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