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Misleading Information About Ben Carson’s Seventh-Day Adventist Church, by Nic Samojluk

Carson's church

As I read the following political report, authored by Jessica Taylor, I was surprised by the following description of the Adventist beliefs regarding abortion. Surprised because it is evidently misleading.

“Carson has drawn scrutiny for some of his comments on abortion and other social issues. Where does the church stand on those?

The church says it does not condone abortion except in cases to save the life of the mother, and abortions are not performed in any of its hospitals. …”



My Comments: Jessica Taylor, the author of this article, seems to have relied on Google for the information she provided about the beliefs of the Adventist church regarding abortion, and based on the facts I have discovered as a result of careful research, I am convinced that her statement is misleading and unreliable.

A person reading her report will be led to believe that the Adventist church is pro-life, when in fact it is definitely pro-choice. All the reader needs to do to verify this is to inspect the following documents that have been published by the Adventist and public media. Here is a small sample:

A. The Testimony of Adventist Historian George Gainer

George Gainer, a respectable Adventist historian, wrote a well documented report dealing with this issue. In it, he provided a step by step account of the development of the Adventist policy on abortion, a document known as Guidelines on Abortion approved by the General Conference Autumn Council in 1992.

It is regrettable to say that said document opened the door for elective abortion in many of our Adventist hospitals. This abrupt change in policy took place in 1970 and thousands of innocent unborn babies were slaughtered inside our own medical institutions.

Recently, the tendency has been to let abortion clinics handle this kind of business and our Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland does have such a clinic. In other instances, office space is rented out by our hospitals to abortion doctors.

Some years ago, I publicly asked this question in the city of Redlands, and Ted Wilson, our General Conference president, responded that the number of abortions done inside our Adventist hospitals is almost down to ZERO. But he added that abortions are now performed inside abortion clinics. What difference does this make for the unborn? The result is the same: a death baby.

Ref. : “Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines”

B. The Evidence Found in the Guidelines on Abortion Document itself

Said document justifies the killing of innocent unborn children under a variety of circumstances, including cases of rape, incest, malformations, and when the unwanted pregnancy affects the mental health of the pregnant woman. Mental health includes, of course, the depression caused by an unwanted pregnancy. And do not forget that this kind of depression is a temporary condition, while the abortion is permanent and irreversible.


C. The Testimony of the Adventist Health System Representative

Recently I wrote to the Adventist Health System which controls the activities of a large number of Adventist hospitals, and here is the response I received from the AHS representative:

Hi Nic,

Regarding your request for our policy/practice regarding termination of pregnancy:
Adventist Health System is dedicated to the preservation of life and the welfare of every human being that is cared for in our hospitals. When a situation requires the termination of pregnancy be considered, we follow the guidelines set forth by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


D. The Evidence Provided by Another Adventist Representative

Some years ago, when Adventists were competing against the Catholic organization for the privilege of building a new hospital in Germantown, Maryland, here is the argument the Adventist representative provided:

“Adventist HealthCare is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which has no religious policies governing health care. Adventist hospitals perform abortions and provide a full range of reproductive care, Parris said.

“We understand that these are decisions made between a woman and her physician, and we do not interfere with that individual decision,” she said. …”


In the event you are still unconvinced, let me know and I will provide additional evidence that our Adventist Church is pro-choice instead of pro-life. The church’s argument is: We are neutral on this issue. How can the church be neutral on a major moral issue like the violation of the biblical injunction against murder? We need to repent of this serious moral sin and seek forgiveness from the Creator of life.



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