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Gosnell & the Trial of the Century

Gosnell & the Trial of the Century

President Obama’s and the Media’s Silence About the “Trial of the Century”

You may wonder how come President Obama and the public media are ignoring this story which has been described as “the trial of the century.” Obama’s excuse is that he cannot comment on an “active trial.”

Does this make sense? Notice that one month after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, he said, “it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this, and that everybody pulls together – federal, state and local – to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened.”

And when his Obamacare was being litigated at the Supreme Court, didn’t he publicly voice his opinion about the case? How come he now is so reticent about commenting on the murder of a woman and of seven born alive babies—which is equivalent to infanticide?

This morning, in his speech at a Planned Parenthood event, he glorified the work of this organization whose expertise is the killing of innocent unborn babies, but said nothing about the atrocities committed by the infamous Dr. Gosnell.

And why the public media silence on this issue that prompted 21 conservative leaders to sign a letter “demanding coverage of the gruesome trial”? Could this be “because they feared it would undermine their political stance on abortion.”

President Obama’s Infanticide Vote When he Was an Illinois Senator


When the Born Alive Bill was being discussed at the State of Illinois Senate, Barack Obama voted against it on the excuse that it would infringe on women’s right to abortion. Here is what Rush Limbaugh said about this:

Obama’s infanticide vote was the ‘most shocking, underreported, significant story I can ever remember’

Testimony of Rep. Steve Scalise

Here is what Rep. Steve Scalise said:  “If someone went into a hospital and shot seven babies and a mother with an AK-47, the media coverage surrounding the trial would rival a natural disaster, yet seven babies and a mother are dead at the hands of an abortion doctor using a scalpel, and the mainstream media’s silence on this story is deafening.

By failing to cover this story and turning their backs on the culture of abortion in this country, the media has failed in their duty to provide unbiased coverage of this horrific tragedy.” [See and similar stories dealing with abortionist Gosnell!]

A few days ago three victims died as the result of two bombings in Boston and there was an immediate outcry by the media and the story has been alive in the news nonstop since. Gosnell is being tried for the murder of eight human beings, but reporters have no interest in the outcome of this legal action. Can someone explain this to me?

Some may ask: How did this doctor manage to carry out this illegal activity for so many years without any supervision from health authorities? The answer is quite simple. He was under the protection of those in power who ignored their duty to inspect the premises of Gosnell abortion clinic for fifteen years.

Under Oath Testimony by Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic Workers

Here is an example of some of the under oath comments made by those who worked in his clinic and saw first hand the incredible disregard of human life and the proper care exhibited by this abortion practitioner:

Seven Abortions Finished After the Babies Birth

A former Kermit Gosnell employee testified that she saw more than 14 babies born alive; at least seven of them were killed by severing their spinal chord.

“One of her photographs, shown to jurors on a large screen, showed specimen jars containing the feet of aborted fetuses, which Dr. Gosnell said he kept for DNA purposes. Another showed ‘the largest baby she had ever seen’ aborted at the clinic. The gestational age has been estimated by some trial experts to be nearly 30 weeks. …

Gosnell stands accused of seven counts of first degree murder in the death of seven viable babies prosecutors say Gosnell aborted alive and then murdered by slitting their spinal cords; and one count of third degree murder in the death of a woman who died from an overdose of Demerol and other pain killers administered by Gosnell’s untrained employees.”

A Born Alive Baby Swimming for his Life Inside the Toilet

While she worked for Gosnell, Cross testified that at least twice a day, six days a week, babies would “precipitate” or be birthed before Gosnell ever arrived. She said “Dr. Steve” – Steven Massof, an unlicensed medical school graduate with a ghoulish curiosity about abortions – would be there to snip the babies’ necks. She saw him do it around 50 times. When babies “precipitated” in Gosnell’s presence, he would do the dirty deed himself.

Cross sometimes worked from 8:00 am until 3:00 the next morning helping with procedures. She routinely saw babies born alive, moving, breathing, and moaning.

“Once in Gosnell’s absence, Cross saw a large baby delivered into the toilet. She saw his little arms and legs moving in a swimming motion as he struggled to get out of the toilet bowl. Cross held her hands 12-16 inches apart to demonstrate to the jury how big the baby was. Adrienne Moton, who was the first worker to testify for the prosecution, snipped the baby’s neck in front of the mother while she sat bleeding into the toilet. Moton then took the body away and put it into a container.

A Born Alive Baby Breathing on its Own for 20 Minutes Prior to Being Killed

In 2009, Cross testified that another co-worker, Linda Williams, called Cross over to see a baby that had just been born. Cross saw the baby’s chest heaving up and down in steady breathing motions. Linda reached down and lifted the baby’s hand up, but the newborn pulled it away on its own strength. Cross said she saw the baby breathing for about 20 minutes before Williams murdered the child by severing its spinal cord with scissors. Cross demonstrated again with her hands that the baby was about a foot long. …”

Pretty much everyone who worked for Gosnell administered medications without supervision, even though none were qualified to do so. …

Fed up with the conditions and the appalling way women were treated at Gosnell’s clinic, in 2008 Cross began to document the clinic’s horrific conditions with her personal camera. The full-color photos were shown to a darkened courtroom on the large viewing screen. …

In 2009, Cross again became pregnant. This time she decided to keep her baby. Again, Gosnell was not pleased. He confronted her and attempted to pressure her into an abortion. He wrote her letters to her continuing to question her decision. “How can you work here being pregnant?” he asked. He offered her a discount on her abortion. Gosnell’s attitude toward her pregnancy offended Cross. Wasn’t it supposed to be her choice?



  1. There are 2 million homeless American yet Mr.Barack Hussein Obama want to bring thousands of Syrian refugees .1 out of 5 Americans is living below the poverty level,50 million American are on welfare,Does he care.???

    • What is even worse, there is no way of verifying the identity of those who want to come here. Some of them would likely be potential terrorists. It would be better to provide for their needs in their country of origin or an a nearby country in the Middle East. This would prevent a culture shock for them.

      Nic Samojluk

      • There also a theory that These young Syrian Refugees are an ISIS conspiracy in infiltrate the WEST. There is already 30 million of Muslims in Europe breeding Jihadist like the ones who carried out the Paris Massacre.

      • Very interesting and deserving serious concern. But, even if the majority of them were true refugees, there is no doubt that we will discover that some of them are fifth columnists.


      • l hope people will see the whole picture.Regards.

      • Some will, but most will not, I guess.


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