Posted by: adventlife | December 24, 2015

Truth in Advertising, by Nic Samojluk

Book Review 3

Four decades ago I decided to get out of teaching and secure a Realtor Broker’s License. One of the first lessons I learned was that I needed to take a course in Ethics. As I studied those lessons I discovered that as a Realtor I would be required to make a full disclosure of relevant facts affecting the property I advertised for sale and that I was expected to disclose my knowledge of any defects connected with the property I was showing to potential buyers.

My question is: As Adventists, are we allowed to advertise the teachings of our church without disclosing to prospective future members the fact that our church did allow our medical institutions to offer elective abortions for the sake of profit starting back in 1970, and that even today our hospitals are guided by a document known as Guidelines on Abortion which justify the killing of innocent unborn children under a variety of circumstances, including when the pregnancy is the result of rape, when there is evidence of malformations in the developing baby, and when the unwanted pregnancy begins to affect the mental health of the pregnant woman?

We have no problem disclosing the teaching errors of the Catholic Church, but we fail to reveal our own shortcomings. We have trumpeted in the past the faults of others, but are silent about our own! We describe our church as a Commandment keeping organization, when in fact we are ignoring the commandment that prohibits the shedding of innocent blood! Don’t the unborn have an inalienable right to life?

Should we not repent of this great sin against the Creator!


  1. Our church has been corrupted. We have not followed sister White’s advise about health care or health care facilities, if we had, we might not be in this mess.

    • Whether the church repents of this departure from the right path or not is not our business. Like Jeremiah of old, we must give the warning and leave the results to God’s providence.

      What we need right now is to pray for the Lord to send more workers to his vineyard. The number of pro-life Adventists is growing, but this growth is rather slow. I have a list of around 100 Adventist pro-lifers–we need thousands of them!


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