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The Final Test & the Three Strikes Law, by Nic Samojluk


As I study the past, the present, and the future, I am beginning to wonder whether history is being repeated today. What took place in Germany during the reign of Hitler and what happened in Rwanda might be an accurate predictor for what will happen in the future to the Adventist Church. This could be illustrated by the Three Strikes Law of human behavior.

Germany: The First Strike

So what happened in Germany when the religious liberty was curtailed and finally eliminated by Hitler? How did the Adventist leadership react to this harsh test of fidelity to God’s Commandments? The SDA leaders decided that compromising on two of God’s commandments: the “Sanctity of Human Life” and the “Sanctity of the Sabbath” was a small price to pay in order to save the church from extinction in the countries ruled by Hitler.

The Adventist leaders of Germany and Austria decided that it was preferable to agree with Hitler in his demands that our Adventist members join the military and engage in the killing of enemy soldiers and in the desecration of the Holy Sabbath in violation of two of God’s commandments than defy the ire of the Hitler’s regime and face the destruction of the Adventist church. This is why our SDA leaders eventually apologized for this moral failure over half a century ago:

German and Austrian churches apologize for Holocaust actions

“Noting the sixtieth anniversary of the end of World War II, Seventh-day Adventist church leaders in Germany and Austria have released a declaration saying they ‘deeply regret’ any participation in or support of Nazi activities during the war. The church bodies ‘honestly confess’ a failure ‘in following our Lord’ by not protecting Jews, and others, from that era’s genocide, widely known as the Holocaust. Millions of people perished from war atrocities, including more than 6 million Jews who were exterminated in Nazi persecutions during the 12-year period of 1933 to 1945.’ …”


Rwanda: The Second Strike

The second strike took place in the country of Rwanda. Again, God’s “Remnant” people failed the moral test when Adventist leaders and lay members decided that it was preferable to violate the sanctity of human life and kill their own fellow Adventists rather than face being killed by those engaged in the tribal genocide that took place in said country some years ago. One of those Adventist leaders is probably out of jail by now for his crimes against humanity. Read the following comments regarding this tragic event:

No Sanctuary in Mugonero: Reflections on Rwanda

“Within three days, an estimated 20,000 Rwandan Tutsis were dead. Within a hundred days, that number had reached more than 800,000, most slain by machetes imported specifically for the extermination. It was the fastest and most efficient killing spree in the twentieth century: the dead accumulated in Rwanda three times faster than the rate of Jewish dead during the Holocaust. …/

Even more alarming in the aftermath of the genocide, however, is the fact that Adventists were not only among the victims. On February 19, 2003, Pastor Ntakirutimana was sentenced by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to 10 years in prison for complicity in crimes against humanity. The Tribunal found that Pastor Ntakirutimana, together with his son Gerard—the head doctor at the Adventist Mugonero Hospital—aided and abetted Hutu killers, going so far as to order the removal of church roofing so that Tutsis would have nowhere to hide. …

[There might be a “bright” spot though:] During the genocide, he told me, some Adventists maintained their Adventism by scrupulously resting from killing on Sabbaths. …”


The U.S.: The Third Strike

I cannot predict the future, but given our Adventist attitude towards the current genocide in the United States that has so far destroyed the lives of around sixty million innocent unborn children in our country since the legalization of abortion—many of whom were killed inside Adventist hospitals with the blessings of our SDA leaders, I am tempted to conclude that this act may be the precursor to the third strike that will eventually brake the camels back.

In fact, if you read what our own Adventist historian recorded a couple of decades ago, you will discover that when our church faced the moral test back in 1970, our SDA leaders decided that it was morally acceptable to compromise with evil rather than risk bankruptcy in the case of our Castle Memorial Hospital in Hawaii. You can read George Gainer’s report entitled “Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines” here:


Of course, what started in Hawaii did not stay in Hawaii. The practice of offering elective abortions to their patients spread to other Adventist hospitals with impunity. Filthy lucre entered through the door and the fear of God went out the window. More recently, the number of abortion in our SDA hospitals decreased due to the fact that the tendency became to let abortion clinics handle this nefarious traffic.

Our Current Adventist Position on Abortion

Many Adventist pro-lifers have asked me whether the Adventist church is now out of the abortion business. I decided to write to the Adventist Health System that controls the activities of a large number of our hospitals in order to get an accurate picture of the situation and was informed that our medical institutions follow a document created in 1992 by the General Conference Autumn Council known as Guidelines on Abortion. To access this document click on the following link:

Ref.: file:///C:/Users/Nic/Desktop/LINKS%20FOR%20ADVENT%20LIFE/Guidelines%20on%20Abortion%20Link.htm

Said guidelines justify the killing of innocent unborn children under a variety of circumstances including when the unwanted pregnancy is the result of rape, incest, when there is evidence of malformation in the unborn, and even when the pregnancy affects the mental health of the woman. Of course, every unwanted pregnancy will result in mental depression, which means that most affected women will likely face the strong inclination to resort to abort the unwanted baby in spite of the biblical injunction against the shedding of innocent blood.

Are We Adventists Faithful to the Remnant Motive?

If we have replaced the four words forbidding the murder of the innocents inscribed in tablets of stone by the Lord with a humanly created document known as Guidelines on abortion, do we still deserve to claim the title of Remnant? The Bible describes the Remnant as those keeping God’s Commandments, but if we keep only Nine of them, then what right do we have to continue claiming to be the Remnant with the last message of God to a perishing world?

The Third Strike & the Final Test of Loyalty to God

Ellen White predicted that the final test of loyalty to God’s Commandments would take place when the U.S. government, abandoning the fair principles of its Constitution, will issue a death decree against those keeping the Sabbath as a day of worship. My question is:

If we failed in Germany over half a century ago when our SDA leaders compromised over the sanctity of the Sabbath and the sacredness of human life; if we compromised over moral duty in Rwanda a decade ago; if our leaders failed the moral test back in 1970 and even now by honoring a document created by humans that is in direct conflict with the Decalogue, what is the likelihood that we will have the moral strength to remain faithful to God when the death decree will force us to choose between God’s Law and he laws created by humans? Let’s ponder the following question posed by Prophet Jeremiah:

New International Version
“If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?” [Jeremiah 12:5]

Both the Fourth and the Sixth Commandments are reminders of the story of Creation found in Genesis One. The Sabbath tells us about who God is, and the Sixth Commandment reminds us of the One who created human life in the beginning and who creates human life in the womb—the sacred chamber designed by the Lord for the protection if human life.

The Final Test of Loyalty According to Jesus Christ

As Adventists we like to emphasize the fact that Ellen White described the Sabbath as the final test of loyalty to the Creator. World events seem to indicate that this will probably be the case. Nevertheless, I ask the question: Can anyone back this up with a text from the mouth of Jesus? Did Jesus ever predict that the Sabbath would be the final test of loyalty to the Creator? If we can’t, then is our Adventist eschatology faulty?

I don’t think so, provided we do not ignore in the process what the Lord predicted will determine our eternal destiny as recorded in Matthew 25. He told us that our eternal future will be determined by the way we treat “the least of these” and I am having a hard time finding another group of human beings deserving the label of “the least of these” than the unborn.


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