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Is the Adventist Church Still in the Abortion Business? by Nic Samojluk

Shady Grove Hospital

As editor of Advent Life and Advent Life News, the question I am most often asked is: Is the Adventist Church Still in the Abortion Business? Every time I am asked this question, I try to do some checking in order not to misinform the readers.

Recently an Adventist pro-lifer sent to me a link to the Florida Hospital, which is a part of the Adventist Health System, and as a result of some exploration of their web page, I discovered what I needed in order to answer this question with as much accuracy as possible.

Abortion Services at our Adventist Florida Hospital

“Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Dilation and curettage (D and C) is surgery to remove tissue from inside the uterus. The gynecological specialists at Florida Hospital are among the profession’s most highly skilled in performing the procedure for both diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. A team of professionals in women’s health care combines compassionate care with the most advanced technology available to provide women with emotional reassurance as well as surgical expertise. …

Doctors often use this technique to terminate a pregnancy for health or elective reasons.” [Emphasis supplied]


“Conditions Related to Dilation and Curettage

A dilation and curettage (D and C) is used as a diagnostic tool as well as a treatment for several related conditions. A doctor may recommend a D and C to

  • Diagnose or treat abnormal or excessive uterine bleeding
  • Remove benign fibroid tumors or polyps
  • Detect cancer of the endometrium of uterus
  • Prevent infection by removing pieces of the placenta that are not passed naturally during child birth or in a miscarriage (also called a surgical evacuation)
  • Help determine reasons for infertility
  • Treat an embedded intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Treat thickening of the uterus
  • Provide a therapeutic or elective abortion” [Emphasis supplied]


This tends to confirm my own investigation into this matter. Some months ago I contacted the Adventist Health System, which controls a large number of Adventist hospitals, and received the following confirmation:

Adventist Health System Abortion Policy

“Hi Nic,

Regarding your request for our policy/practice regarding termination of pregnancy:

Adventist Health System is dedicated to the preservation of life and the welfare of every human being that is cared for in our hospitals. When a situation requires the termination of pregnancy be considered, we follow the guidelines set forth by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


Previous Confirmation by General Conference President Pastor Ted Wilson

I would like to briefly refer to an event that took place five years ago In the City of Redlands, California: Pastor Ted Wilson was in town and held a conference on behalf of Adventist retirees. When his address was over, he announced that he would answer some questions from the audience.

I took the opportunity to ask about the incidence of elective abortion in our Adventist hospitals. He replied that the number of abortions had been reduced to almost zero. Then he added that abortions were now performed inside clinics.

I thought that he was referring to public clinics, but when I went home I discovered that some of our hospitals do have clinics that offer abortion services to their patients. A good example is our Shady Grove Hospital in Germantown, Maryland.

An Adventist pro-lifer I know decided to contact Shady Grove Hospital by telephone and their representative informed him that said institution followed the Adventist Guidelines on Abortion approved by the General Autumn Council back in 1992.

This means that our Shady Grove Hospital performs the following type of abortions enumerated in said guidelines:

  1. Rape
  2. Incest
  3. Malformation
  4. When the life of the pregnant woman is in jeopardy
  5. When the mental health of the female is being affected



I conclude from all of the above that our Adventist Church is still involved in the abortion business. This is highly regrettable because our Adventist pioneers took pride in their pro-life position on abortion; they considered that the killing of innocent unborn children was a direct violation of the Sixth Commandment which forbids murder and the shedding of human blood.

I pray for the day when the Adventist Church leadership will repent of this great sin against heaven and seek forgiveness for this serious deviation from moral duty. If we are against rape, theft, and the sexual abuse of children, which cause great harm to the victims of such criminal behavior; how can we be neutral regarding the taking of human life and actively participate in the massive slaughter of the innocents?

Time is short, and if we fail to acknowledge our sin, the Lord will come and take our ministry from us and give it to others who will perform God’s will on earth.

New International Version
Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. [Revelation 2:5]


  1. Thanks Nic for the update. Sad but true.

  2. Unfortunately, abortions are just one of the corporate sins found in the Gen. Conference sponsored SDA church system today. Until there is a public confession and repentance of this corporate sin, the appropriate biblical response of an individual is to follow the counsel in 2 Cor. 6:14-18 and Rev. 18:4. God is no respecter of denominations. Jer. 18:6-10.

  3. Abortion is a terrible blight on our SDA Church and its health systems.

  4. While it seems likely that the wording on the Florida site is indicating that they offer elective abortions it may be that the info you posted was simply an explanation of what the D&C procedure involves. Sorta like a medical help line. Many Adventist hospitals that offer elective abortions are very careful to employ language or medical terms that appear vague in order to not draw attention to what they are doing. Like our “guidelines”/”suggestions” which say nothing in particular and allow everything in general one probably needs to investigate deeper before one can actually determine whether or not the hospital actually performs abortion on demand. Being untrustworthy is one of the natural consequences of an organization who doesn’t take a stand against an evil that they have been known to practice. I hope the pressure will remain on our church to stop our suppport for this barbaric practice until they can’t stand it anymore and do SOMETHING!!

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