Posted by: adventlife | March 24, 2016

My Response to Dr. Taylor’s Comments Regarding Abortion, by Nic Samojlukb


Ervin Taylor commented on Should Ben Carson’s Church Get Out of the Abortion Business? By Nic Samojluk

“Should Dr. Ben Carson’s Church Get Out of the Abortion Business? That is a “Have you stopped beating your wife?” type question. The Adventist Church is not in the abortion business and never has been. Some Adventist physicians do abortions as part of their medical practice. The Adventist Church wisely does not tell them how to practice medicine. And that is a good thing.”


Your comments raised several issues I would like to address:

“The Adventist Church is not in the abortion business and never has been.”

Your claim that the Adventist Church is not and has never been involved in the abortion business must be based on wishful thinking and or perhaps a willing ignorance of what the facts of the case are.

I suggest you read what Adventist historian George Gainer documented for posterity on the pages of Ministry some years ago, and the document known as Guidelines on Abortion approved by the General Conference Autumn Council back in 1992. You will discover that some of our hospitals began offering elective abortions to their patients back in 1970 with the full knowledge of the church leadership.

Between 1975 and 1982, for example, according to a Washington Post report, our Washington Adventist Hospital terminated the lives of 1494 unborn infants, and the church never apologized for this shameful departure from moral duty. Our medical work was founded with a healing ministry objective. Killing should have never been added to what we do as a church.

Ref.: Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines:

Ref.: Guidelines/Abortion

“Some Adventist physicians do abortions as part of their medical practice.

You seem determined to minimize the work of Adventist physicians performing abortions. It is true that the church cannot control the behavior of every Adventist doctor. They are free to engage in killing in addition to healing, but we should not rent office space to those who depart from the healing mission of the church.

What would we do if one day ISIS succeeds in defeating the U.S. and imposes its sharia law on our citizens? Would we then agree to rent rooms to rapists because it is legal? And do not forget that the victims of rape are in most cases allowed to survive and eventually recover from such a tragic ordeal. The victims of abortion are not granted such benefit. The action is final and irreversible.

May the Lord grant repentance and forgiveness to his children!

Nic Samojluk


  1. “Some Adventist physicians do abortions as part of their medical practice. The Adventist Church wisely does not tell them how to practice medicine. And that is a good thing.”

    If the record of Adventism’s historical and current support of and participation in the abortion business were not so well documented Dr. Ervin’s comments would still be lacking in spiritual, moral, and intellectual clarity.If one considers elective abortion to be an amoral part of the “medical practice” then one surely considers the unborn to be of no value in God’s eyes. If the SDA church has no right to tell it’s “right hand of the gospel” what are moral and what are immoral medical procedures then neither would the non-German have any right to tell Dr. Mengele how to run his medical clinic in Poland. And if the church’s official organizations are not subject to the church’s oversight they should not call themselves Adventist.

    • I greatly appreciate your timely and wise comment. They came exactly the day I needed them. Praise the Lord!

      Nic Samojluk

      • Dr. Taylor seems to represent that faction of “highly educated” Adventists whose mindset is developed at the feet the popular culture where science and anti religious philosophy is god. Even the most overwhelming of evidences in every field of human existence have no powers to pursuade those whose hearts are set to believe that evil is good and good is evil. The lack of worth of the unborn has been engrained deeply in our increasingly Godless culture. It will not go away overnight. Fight on, Nic. Your efforts at reform may not be realized until after you are gone. Remember, “Whatever a man sows is exactly what he will also reap.”

      • May your prediction come true is all I can say! Thanks again for your timely and powerful comments.

        Nic Samojluk

  2. I sure do appreciate all the time and effort and $$$ you have invested in trying to open the eyes of the members of the SDA Church, Nic. The membership is bent on putting this subject as far UNDER THE RUG as possible. As individuals the SDA’s do not believe in “once-saved/always-saved” but sadly as a church, they do. The don’t seem to understand that they have divorced themselves from the Lord by the stand they take on this subject, ALONE.

    • Hi, Tammy!

      I believe that many Adventist leaders have developed a blind spot regarding the abortion issue.

      BTW, are you aware that there is a new pro-life young man who is creating pro-life videos that are quite powerful in spreading the pro-life message to the Adventist church?

      His name is Andrew Michell. He converted to the Christian faith while in solitary confinement. Someone offered him a Bible; and, since he had nothing else to do, he started reading it. His life changed so much that the governor commuted his jail sentence and later on granted him a full pardon.

      If you are interested, I suggest you google the following link. You will find many of his pro-life videos there:

      Nic Samojluk

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