Posted by: adventlife | June 29, 2016

Do Not Buy Nic Samojluk’s Book “Murder in Paradise”! An Interview with the Author.

Murder in Paradise

Advent Life: Good morning, Mr. Samojluk!

Nic Samojluk: Good morning.

A.L.: I understand that you do not want readers to buy your book “Murder in Paradise.”

N.S.: That is correct.

A.L.: This sounds like a rather strange request, Isn’t it?

N.S.: Yes, it sounds that way.

A.L.: Is there something wrong with your book?

N.S: On the contrary. It is the best book on abortion published by an Adventist author.

A.L.: Then why on earth would you ask people to stop buying your book?

N.S.: Because it is now available to readers free of charge on the Internet.

A.L.: And why would you make it available free of charge online?

N.S.: Because thousands of innocent unborn babies are routinely victims of abortion, and our Adventist medical institution are still participating in this inhumane genocide.

A.L: I thought that Adventists were no longer in the abortion business!

N.S.: Have you heard of a church document known as “Guidelines on Abortion”?

A.L.: Yes I have!

N.S.: Why would any organization have a document like that if they no longer provide abortions? Our Adventist Health System, that controls the activities of Adventist medical institutions, is guided by said abortion document.

A.L.: So you want all Adventists to have free access to your book on abortion in spite of the heavy investment of finances and time you have made in producing this book?

N.S.: Yes, I do. I have decided to forego the profit connected with the publication of this book for the sake of the unborn, and yesterday I finished the time consuming task involved in uploading it on the Internet. One visible advantage is that the hundreds of illustrations are in color instead of black ad white.

A.L.: Can you provide the readers with the Internet Link to this online product?

N.S.: Yes, I can. It is:

A.L.: Do I need to click on “Murder in Paradise”?

N.S.: Yes, you do!

Note: You probably have guessed by now that this allegorical interview never took place. It represents a literary device in order to convey important information.

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