Posted by: adventlife | October 5, 2016

“General Conference Leadership Considers Takeover of Unions That Ordain Women” & Comments by Nic Samojluk

Adventist church 6

“With Annual Council a week away, preliminary meetings are taking place at the General Conference this week to finalize agenda items. The Division Presidents met on Tuesday and voted overwhelmingly to recomend the disciplining of unions they see as being in rebellion. Today it will be the all the Division officers and General Conference officers and vice presidents (GCDO).

What is being proposed is that the General Conference take over such unions—unions where women are ordained—and operate them as missions attached to the General Conference. That would mean that the GC would then be able to remove union leaders and replace the leadership with their own appointees. Then a new constituency meeting could be called to attempt to reverse the ordination vote. …”


My Comments

What follows is my comment regarding the proposed move that could split the church over the issue of abortion:

“Ted Wilson might be willing to split the church over a minor issue, like women’s ordination, which poses no threat to the lives of anyone; but he won’t move a finger to threaten a split over a major one like abortion that has decimated the lives of thousands of innocent unborn children since 1970 when elective abortions were allowed to take place in some of our Adventist hospitals.

Even today, most Adventist medical facilities still follow the guidelines on abortion approved by the 1992 Autumn Council, a document that justifies the killing of innocent unborn children under a variety of circumstances. Thus a document created by humans voids the murder prohibition inscribed by God’s finger on tablets of stone.

A split over a major issue like this one would be justified, but women’s ordination? We seem to have lost the moral high road and respect of those who still hold God’s Word in high esteem and we need to repent of this great evil and seek God’s forgiveness.

We failed in Germany over half a century ago, we failed in Rwanda, and we failed in North America over the same issue: the value of human life. Is this the way we are preparing our people to stay firm when the predicted persecution of the Remnant takes place?

Nic Samojluk, Advent Life Editor


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