Posted by: adventlife | November 1, 2016

My Response to a Pro-choice Blogger, by Nic Samojluk


I want to share with you a short exchange of comments between myself and a pro-choice blogger. The blogger’s comments are highlighted.

“Nowhere does Scripture state that a woman must bear the child resulting from a rape. You are, in my view, much too obsessed with the subject and as a male you have no idea of the trauma a rape victim endures.”

You are correct. I have no idea about the suffering a rape victim goes through. Nevertheless, the harm caused by rape can be softened with time and the grace of God. A woman who has been raped can eventually recover from the terrible ordeal. The victim of abortion does not have such hope.

You are also right in stating that I am obsessed with the genocide of the unborn in which our church did participate starting back in 1970 for the sake of profit. So is God. Being obsessed with a serious topic is not wrong when the harm to the cause of Jesus Christ is so great.

We Adventists have been obsessed with the sacredness of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is sacred, but so is the sacredness of human life; and let’s not forget that “the Sabbath was made for man,” and not the reverse.

For several decades now our SDA leaders have been obsessed with protecting the headship of men. We invested millions of dollars and three General Conference sessions in our fight against women’s ordination; and zero dollars for the protection of the right to life.

Our priorities are as twisted as that of those who killed Jesus and rushed home to keep the Sabbath Holy.




  1. Hi Nic…
    I hope your thoughtful reply was well received. A few other things crossed my mind as I read it.
    The pro-choice people are most comfortable advocating abortion where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. This is because the first crime against the innocent woman draws the attention (and sympathy) away from the second victim- the child to be killed. But the fact remains that the great majority of the fifty millions or so of these killings have had nothing to do with rape or incest, or ectopic pregnancy, and everything to do with escaping the consequences of immorality.
    Being a man, and never having had to struggle with the rape/incest situation, I can’t sit in judgment in such cases, and my arguments for choosing life are more easily dismissed by committed pro-death people. But I can stand on vantage ground when I move the discussion to encompass that vast, silent majority of the dead children, killed for no other reason than their being inconvenient.
    I sometimes wonder whether the father and mother have any idea of the intense guilt, regret, and sorrow that they will face after the deliberate destruction of their little child. We need to pray for them-they also are victims of our hedonistic, selfish culture of wickedness.

  2. Nic, Good response but this statement you made caused me to think if scripture supports what you said: “We Adventists have been obsessed with the sacredness of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is sacred, but so is the sacredness of human life;”

    It is easy to find scripture that says the Sabbath is sacred (holy), YAHUAH is holy, His Word is holy, His name is holy, and He calls us to be holy but I can not think of any scripture that says human life is holy. If you know of one please share. Thank you. Richard

    • Well said, Richard. Well said!


      • Why do I always get 3 of the same emails? From: Advent LifeSent: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 3:30 PMTo: dee2087@yahoo.comReply To: Advent LifeSubject: [New comment] My Response to a Pro-choice Blogger, by Nic Samojluk

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      • I have three web sites: Advent Life, Advent Life News, and Advent Life Books. If you are following all three of them, this might be the reason, because my articles are published in all three of them. If you are not following them, then this would be a mystery to me.


  3. Nic, can I send you a private message?

    • Of course you may! I did send you an email with my email address.


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