Posted by: adventlife | November 23, 2016

Pro-life Response to the “Back Alley” Illegal Abortions Argument, by Nic Samojluk


Following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States, some of the ardent defenders of abortion are bringing back to life one of the main arguments used in favor of the legalization of abortion prior to the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court ruling : “Abortion must be legal because women will otherwise have no option but to resort to the back alley alternative.”

One of the Advent Life readers included this type of reasoning in a posting he submitted to this forum recently. Here is what he wrote:

The Pro-Abortion Argument

“From my understanding our church has allowed abortion in extreme situations, because they have a concern for the women involved they know they will go to a backyard butcher nothing will stop a woman from having an abortion…so by not banning it outright, it gives the opportunity to counsel and try to prevent the woman from doing it….not saying I agree with that stance, but that’s just what I’ve understood in this whole issue in other countries women and babies are dying because of underground abortion it’s all very secretive”

Another reader of this forum named Peter Soteria responded to said comments with the following posting which I thought worth repeating here for the benefit of all the readers of this forum:

The Pro-life Response

“It is being done freely in our hospitals and clinics as birth control! 1000’s of them. It should not even be considered regardless circumstances. Let them go to facilities that don’t have a problem assassinating the most innocent!

The reasoning you give above is the exact same as saying, “We should commit murder because some will commit murder no matter what we do, but because of our disapproval of murder, even if we actually participate in it, some might change their mind and not commit murder.”!!

Or the same as saying, “We should keep Sunday holy too, because no matter what we do or say some will keep it, but by our keeping Sunday holy, even though we sort of believe we should keep the 7th day holy, some might change their minds and keep the true Sabbath.”!!!”

This type of reasoning Peter Soteria thought to be foolish, dangerous, a lie, evil, deceptive, etc.!”

What do you think?



  1. What do I think? You are exactly right. Here is an equally right comment:

    Or the same as saying, “We should keep “the LORD” holy too, because no matter what we do or say some will keep it, but by our keeping “the LORD” holy, even though we believe we should keep “YAHUAH” holy as scripture says, some might change their minds and keep the true Creator’s true name, YAHUAH holy. ”!!!”

    Is the sixth commandment more important than the third commandment? Is the 4th commandment more important than third commandment? While breaking the 3rd and 4th breaks the most important commandment according to Yahushua – love YAHUAH, breaking the 6th commandment violates the second most important commandment according to Yahushua – love your neighbor.

  2. Sadly, many Adventists don’t take the time to research or evaluate the issue for themselves. This allows for the type of morally incoherent arguments that come from the far secular left to take the place of a biblically reasoned understanding of the basic value of unborn human life. And this is not to mention the statistical lies that became the emotional strength for the argument mentioned above. Seat belts save far more lives than they take. Making abortion illegal will save more lives than the back alley abortionists will take.

    • Thanks for the common sense contained in your response.


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