Posted by: adventlife | November 24, 2016

The Life at Conception Act


I want to share with you, the readers of Advent Life, the following message I received from Martin Fox, who is the president of the National Pro-Life Alliance

“Thanks to you and other National Pro-Life Alliance members, support for the Life at Conception Act has grown tremendously.

In fact, the Life at Conception Act has reached an all-time record number of cosponsors in this Congress.

Yet even with our steadily growing support, our battle to pass a Life at Conception Act and end abortion-on-demand isn’t going to be easy or happen overnight.

But I find confidence and strength as I reflect on the fact that past generations have struggled — and prevailed — against similarly grave evils, such as William Wilberforce’s battle against slavery over a century and a half ago.

You may already be familiar with his story, which was recently depicted in the film “Amazing Grace.”

William Wilberforce was a British Member of Parliament who fought for over forty years to put an end to slavery.

He doggedly re-introduced his bill to abolish the international slave trade every year. At first, his efforts were overwhelmingly defeated.

Conventional wisdom believed that slavery was a permanent staple of British life, essential to the British Empire’s economy — much like activist judges want the people to believe that the “right” to abortion is “settled law.”

But Wilberforce kept his determination, and ultimately he was victorious.

Twenty years after he began, Parliament abolished the slave trade. And another twenty years after that, they ended slavery itself.

And like Wilberforce in his battle to end slavery, I am confident that we will ultimately emerge victorious as well, as long as you and I keep up the fight.

In fact, I am certain that William Wilberforce would be in the trenches with you and me, fighting to protect the unborn, if he were alive today.

Indeed, his great-great-grandson, Fr. Gerald Wilberforce, recently noted that “with the passage of time we look back in horror at how we devalued human life [through slavery]. I truly believe we will look back in years to come, repent and ask forgiveness for what we let happen to the unborn child.”

Whenever great moral sicknesses infect a society, the road to recovery is usually long and rough. But together there is no doubt you and I will ultimately prevail.

For Life,

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance”

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