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Shocking History of Abortion in Adventist Church! [Adventists and Abortion Series] Video by Andrew Michell, Comments by Nic Samojluk

New Revelations Connected with Abortion and Gambling

This new video created by Andrew Prolife Michell contains dramatic revelations that might surprise many Adventist members. These new discoveries are the result of hard work and the providential guidance from above.

A New Pro-life Voice Among Adventists

The author of these videos had no idea that the Adventist Church had abandoned the pro-life example of the early Adventist pioneers. When confronted with the fact that many Christian believers had embraced a pro-abortion attitude towards the merciless slaughter of the unborn, he reacted by praising the Lord for being a member of a pro-life church that kept all Ten of God’s Commandments.

When he discovered that his Adventist Church had compromised with evil on this issue, and that it had profited from the killing of innocent unborn children starting back in 1970, and that a large number of Adventist hospitals did participate in the offering of elective abortion services to their patients, his moral shock was so great, he determined to do something about this. The result is a series of videos he is working on right now.

A Trumpet Sounding Message for our Adventist Leaders

His voice is like a trumpet sounding the alarm among God’s “Remnant” people, chosen by God with the task of warning the world about the imminent Day of Judgment of God Almighty. His sacred ministry is in response to what we find in the writing of the Prophet Isaiah, who recorded the following centuries ago:

English Revised Version
”Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and declare unto my people their transgression, and to the house of Jacob their sins.”

A Morally Offensive Behavior by Adventist Leaders

Back in 1970, when faced by a potential loss of revenue at our “Castle Memorial Hospital,” Adventist leaders decided to compromise on a moral issue that opened the door wide for elective abortions in our medical institutions.

This was followed by the naming of the greatest abortionist in the history of California among the honored donors to La Sierra University and Loma Linda University with a total disregard of the fact that the donated funds were stained with the blood of innocent unborn children, and in violation of the church’s policy of refusing money generated from gambling business.

A Morally Abhorrent Example for our Youth to Follow

If you watched this video created by Andrew Prolife Michell, you might have noticed that the name of Dr. Edward Allred, one of the honored donors, is accompanied by a statement suggesting that this notorious abortionist is a good example for our Adventist youth to follow.

Pro-life Andrew Needs our Moral & Financial Support

If you believe that additional Adventist pro-life videos should be created on behalf of the unborn, Then consider supporting the work of Andrew Pro-life Michell, the creator of this video, with your heartfelt prayers and financial contribution:

The Time and Expense connected with the creation of videos like this one

The research and production of this video involved the investment of large amount of time, dedication, and expense. Videos of this quality are not cheap.

Pro-life Michell is willing to produce additional pro-life Adventist videos but he needs our moral and financial support. He did not ask me to write this. I am doing this on my own initiative, and I am praying for his success in this self-assigned mission.

Will you join me? If you will, here is the link you need to do this. Make sure you click on the Donate button located above the picture. You can also send him a personal message thanking him for his unselfish hard work.


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  1. This video needs to go to every SDA pastor on the planet. Hope you also posted on advindicate for all those party-line types to pontificate over.

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