Posted by: adventlife | February 13, 2017

Adventist Evangelism & Full Disclosure


Full disclosure is expected and required in the sale of products to the general public. It is expected in the industry and medicine. A physician who hides the fact that his patient has a terminal disease runs the risk of loosing his license to practice medicine; a Realtor who fails to disclose to a potential buyer that the house he is about to purchase is full of termites is exposing himself to a lawsuit; a car manufacturer who fails to correct a serious mechanical defect is liable to face an expensive eventual recall of its product and a multi million dollar payment for damages

My question is: Do Adventist evangelists, who are selling a spiritual product to the public, free from the full disclosure laws expected from industry, medicine, and the sale of real estate? Can Adventist evangelist hide from those interested in joining our denomination any serious doctrinal defects with total impunity? Is honesty les important in the “sale” of spiritual products to the trustful public?

  1. In 1970 the Adventist Church did allow our Adventist hospitals to engage in elective abortions to their patients and thousands of innocent unborn babies perished inside many of our medical facilities. Should our evangelists disclose this fact to those contemplating joining the Adventist denomination?
  2. Our Adventist evangelists describe our church as a God’s Law keeping organization, but fail to disclose the fact that we have replaced the Sixth Commandment of the Decalogue with a document we created known as Guidelines on Abortion that justifies the killing of innocent unborn children under a variety of circumstances, including rape, incest, and even when an unwanted pregnancy affects the mental health of a pregnant woman. The result is that a perfectly formed unborn baby is sacrificed for the sake of convenience. And let’s not forget that a victim of rape can eventually recover from the terrible ordeal, while the victim of abortion has no such hope. The act is final and irreversible. Should Adventist evangelists disclose this to those interested in joining the church?:
  3. Our Adventist evangelist traditionally describe the Catholic Church as guilty of having altered the Fourth Commandment of he Decalogue, but we are silent about the fact that we Adventists have done the same to the Sixth one. Technically speaking we are keeping only Nine of God’s Commandments. Should our Adventist evangelists disclose this to those ready to join God’s Remnant church?
  4. When our Adventist denomination was founded, our leaders were definitely pro-life and they condemned abortion without any hesitation or euphemism. They were not afraid to label abortion as “murder” and a direct violation of God’s precepts. Should our Adventist evangelists reveal this in their evangelistic efforts?
  5. Our flagship university, LLU, has replaced the traditional “Hippocratic Oath” that forbade abortion with the “Physician’s Oath” in order to make room for abortion. Should those who preach the Gospel reveal this unfortunate fact to those ready to join the church by baptism?
  6. Two of our best known universities, LLU and LSU, are honoring the most infamous serial unborn child killer in the history of California, a man who became a millionaire by poisoning and dismembering the bodies of innocent unborn babies. He is known to have aborted at least 250 victims during his nefarious career. His name is listed among the most notable financial donors to these Adventist schools. His main focus was on killing as many Blacks and Hispanics as he could, and LSU built the Edward Allred Learning Center in his honor. Should this shameful fact be disclosed in our evangelistic efforts?

I am convinced that it is high time for our Adventist evangelist to embrace the full disclosure rules that are prevalent in manufacturing, industry, commerce, and real estate. People working for the Gospel should excel in matters of disclosure and honesty. There is no excuse for hiding major defects in the product we are selling to the public. We are selling the good name of our Adventist denomination, but those joining the church are unaware of the fact that we have compromised with evil on the matter of abortion.

English Standard Version
“‘Cursed be anyone who takes a bribe to shed innocent blood.’” [Deuteronomy 27:25]



  1. Regarding item number three, the Adventist church is not keeping 9 of the ten commandments. They reject the personal name of our Creator, YAHUAH and therefore violate the third commandment. They are not truthful about abortion, about YAHUAH’s commandment for women to be silent in the churches, about Yahushua rising on the Sabbath and therefore violate the eighth commandment. Yes it is a sad state of affairs for those who Yahushua spoke of in Mark 7:6-8
    And He said to them, “Rightly did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written: ‘This PEOPLE HONORS ME WITH THEIR LIPS, BUT THEIR HEART IS FAR AWAY FROM ME. [7] ‘But IN VAIN DO THEY WORSHIP ME, TEACHING AS DOCTRINES THE PRECEPTS OF MEN.’ [8] Neglecting the commandment of YAHUAH, you hold to the tradition of men.”

    Yes I fully expect my comments to be hidden from view because I dare to speak contrary to the traditions of Adventist, pointing out their error. Many cry out for revival but none can come to those who reject truth by clinging to tradition while stopping up their ears.

    • I may not agree with everything you say, but I am not planning to hide your comments from view. I am glad we do agree on the issue of abortion.

      Nic Samojluk

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