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ALL Seventh-day Adventists Support Abortion – Official Documents


Yes, a pro-life position by the Adventist church is attainable by simply empowering the same entity that approved the abortions guidelines back in 1992. It can be done this year. All we need is for the new members of the Autumn Council representing the entire world church to include this in their agenda.

What took place in San Antonio, Texas, in 2015 can be a guide to what could happen again. The representatives of the worldwide church revealed then their willingness to defeat the will of the North American delegation on the issue of women’s ordination. The same could be done on the abortion issue by the Autumn Council.

Perhaps the Lord is preparing the conditions for this miracle to take place.

Here are some highlights I jotted down from the above referenced video:

The General Conference Executive Committee includes representatives from the worldwide church, therefore it speaks for the entire world church.

In 1992, 93 percent of the representatives voted in favor of the guidelines on abortion and only 7 percent against said document.

In 1992 45 percent of the representatives were from the North American Division [NAD].

Since 1992, the year the guidelines on abortion was approved, the demographics of the church have changed in a dramatic way. The power has shifted away from the NAD. Today the NAD representation is only 8 percent of the total world church.

The GC Executive Committee meets every year, which means that doing away with the abortion guidelines is within the reach of the church if the altered voting power of the church is appealed to.

Silence is implied admission that you agree with what the church has been teaching and practicing regarding the violation of the biblical murder prohibition.


  1. Has anyone researched the procedure necessary to get a voting item on their agenda?

    • I did some investigation two years ago and was informed that a member of the
      GC Executive Committee had to make such a request.


  2. Then we need to find out the names of the people on the GC Executive Committee and post the names and contact info so folks can write to them and urge them we need this item on the agenda.

    • Here is additional information that could be used:

      Who is on the Executive Committee?
      Leaders of Denomination Organizational Structures
      · General Conference President
      · President, Ted N. C. Wilson.
      · E-mail:
      · General Conference Executive Secretary
      · Executive Secretary, G. T. Ng.
      · General Conference Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer
      · Treasurer, Juan R. Prestol-Puesan.
      · General Vice Presidents
      · Guillermo E. Biaggi, Abner De Los Santos, Thomas L. Lemon, Geoffrey G. Mbwana, Ella S. Simmons, Artur A. Stele.
      · Undersecretary
      · Myron A. Iseminger.
      · Undertreasurer
      · Undertreasurer, J. Raymond Wahlen II.
      · Field Secretaries
      · Elias Brasil de Souza, Dowell W. Chow, Jonathan M. Duffy, L. James Gibson, Nancy A. Lamoreaux, Derek J. Morris, James R. Nix, Magdiel E. Perez Schulz, Brad Thorp.
      · Division Presidents
      · East-Central Africa Division: President, Blasious M. Ruguri,
      · Euro-Asia Division: Mikhail F. Kaminskiy.
      · Inter-American Division: President, Israel J. Leito.
      · Inter-European Division: President, Mario Brito.
      · North American Division: President, Daniel R. Jackson.
      · Northern Asia-Pacific Division: President, Jairyong Lee.
      · South American Division: President, Erton Carlos Kohler.
      · South Pacific Division: President, Glenn C. Townend.
      · Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division: President, Solomon Maphosa.
      · Southern Asia Division: President, Ezras Lakra.
      · Southern Asia-Pacific Division: President, Ezras Lakra.
      · Trans-European Division: President, Raafat A. Kamal.
      · West-Central Africa Division: President, Elie Weick-Dido.
      · Division Executive Secretaries
      · Division Treasurers, Department Directors
      · Presidents of Unions
      · Past presidents of the General Conference holding credentials from the General Conference
      Leaders of the Church’s Entities and Institutions
      · President-Executive Director of Adventist Development and Relief Agency International
      · President of Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
      · Editor of Adventist Review, Adventist World
      · Editor of the Adult Bible Study Guide
      · President of Adventist Risk Management Inc.
      · President of Adventist University Africa
      · President-Executive Director of Adventist World Radio
      · President of Andrews University
      · Director of Archives, Statistics and Research
      · Director of the Biblical Research Institute
      · President and Board Chair of the Ellen G. White Estate
      · President of Hope Channel
      · Director of the Geoscience Research Institute
      · President of Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center
      · Editor of Ministry

      • Are not these people the same ones that Andrew “prolife” Michelle sent numerous letters and emails to? He got no response until he pretended to be a wealthy Chinese man requesting a mailing adderss to send a sizeable donation. I am not suggesting anyone give up here. I am just making the point that if this noble effort fails, more forceful nonviolent methods may be required. It is worth noting they seem very attentive to the sound of money.

      • Some of the names might be the same, we do not have the list of those he has mailed already. But, remember that all we need is one person willing to request that abortion be placed on the agenda.


      • Wow, only one, that is encouraging. I wonder if the one person that responded to Andrew is on that list. He voiced his support for prolife. Are you in contact with Andrew?

      • Of course, that one must be an official member of the GC Executive Committee! This is what I was once told.


      • Anyone from the Philippines on that executive Committee? I would not be surprised if all members on that committee are pro-abortion by design (unofficially of course). Leadership may be corrupt but they are not without intellectual clout.

      • Abortion is still illegal in the Philippines, I believe. The suspicion that all the members of the Executive Committee might be pro abortion is extremely unlikely. Their membership is determined by the office they occupy at the time, a process controlled locally.


      • There is a ray of hope then.

      • Yes, and I received an email from a Union president saying that he has written to the General Conference inquiring regarding the feasibility of placing the abortion issue on the coming Autumn Council of the GC Executive Committee.


      • Awesome

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