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3ABN Danny Shelton Condemns Abortion thus Departing from GC Position on this Issue, by Nic Samojluk


With the publication of a new book—“Spiritual Vigilantes”– by Danny Shelton, the president of 3ABN, a divergent position on abortion has developed within the Adventist denomination. Will this event break the two decades of silence on this issue within Adventism? We don’t know.

Historical Background

When the State of Hawaii legalized abortion back in 1970, our Adventist leaders were faced with a serious moral dilemma. Half of the medical staff at our Castle Memorial Hospital [CMH] demanded the right to offer elective abortions to their patients.

One particular philanthropist who had donated a sizable sum of money for the construction of our Adventist hospital in Hawaii demanded that the management provide an abortion for his young daughter. When the directors of this Adventist medical facility hesitated, the non-Adventist physicians at said institution threatened to take their patients elsewhere in the event their demands were not met.

This unusual situation reached our General Conference, the Adventist leaders panicked, the fear of the Lord went out the window, and our Adventist church allowed our CMH to offer elective abortions on demand in a direct violation of God’s Law which prohibited the killing of innocent human beings.

Soon after, other Adventist hospitals took advantage of this new situation and thousands of innocent unborn children lost their lives inside our Adventist medical facilities. Thus, killing became an integral part of our original mission–healing.

The Adventist Controversy Regarding Abortion

Many Adventist members were alarmed at this change of policy regarding killing, and a vigorous controversy developed within the Adventist community. The debate lasted over two decades, and then it abated following the publication of a document known as “Guidelines on Abortion” which justified the killing of innocent unborn human beings under a variety or circumstances, including when an unwanted pregnancy began to affect the mental health of pregnant women.

Think of this, the church decided that the temporary mental depression of a woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy had precedence over the permanent deprivation of life of an innocent unborn baby. The deleterious effect of said abortion guidelines was that human beings justified the violation of one of God’s commandments in the name of mercy toward pregnant women. Of course, profit from the killing of unborn babies was a major factor in this shameful moral decision.

Is Silence the Right Answer When the House is on Fire?

Yesterday, I saw the following story as I was watching the daily news. A young man noticed that an apartment complex was on fire. He could have said to himself, “Alerting the dwellers of all these apartments might be risky. This is none of my business!”

He did not hesitate; he rushed to the rescue of those who were in great danger of loosing their lives; he started banging on doors and yelling: “Fire! The apartment is on fire,” and no one lost his life. This was a large apartment complex; had he chosen a silent response to the danger, a large number of people might have perished in the inferno.

The Wrong Answer to a Tragic Situation

When two decades ago the Adventist leaders chose the silent response to the growing genocide of the unborn, this was the wrong answer to a tragic situation. Innocent unborn children were being dismembered and poisoned to death inside abortion clinics, and those with the last message to a perishing world decided to side with the enemy of souls. We even allowed abortionists to carry out their murderous plans inside our own medical institutions.

Honoring God and the Mighty Dollar

Our morally blind Adventist leaders decided that there was nothing wrong honoring both God and the mighty dollar at the same time. We erected a statue of the Good Samaritan on the campus of our Loma Linda University, and we placed several plaques in honor of the greatest abortionist in the history of California a short distance from this monument.

Something similar took place on the campus of La Sierra University. A significant portion of its newer building was named after the same murderer of innocent unbor children in gratitude for his philanthropic support of Adventist education—a man responsible for the untimely death of 250,000 unborn children.

Breaking the Silence on Abortion

By coincidence, or perhaps providential intervention, two pro-life voices suddenly appeared among Adventism. One of them, a talented video creator named Andrew Michell, and the other one a successful TV personality and writer. Will these daring pro-life leaders manage to break the silence on the topic of abortion? Only God knows!

Michell’s pro-life videos are already having a powerful impact on the conscience of many Adventist leaders and members; and the book recently published by Danny Shelton, the president of 3ABN, is being widely distributed to avid readers and promoters. The title of the book is “Spiritual Vigilantes,” and is free to the public.

How is this possible? This incredible project was made possible by the generosity of donors. One of them gifted $100,000 for the project, others are donating $20,000, $10,000 as well as other large and small donations.

You can request a few copies or hundreds of them. The only thing you will be asked to pay for is shipping. Here is a link for you:

Link for the Book:

Link for Michell’s Video:



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