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A Ray of Hope on the Horizon, by Nic Samojluk


Dear Adventist Pro-lifers,

I am writing to you while the rest of Loma Linda people are sound asleep. I woke up at 2:15 AM and started thinking about the future of our Adventist Church. After trying to go back to sleep for an hour or so without success, I decided to get up and write to you.

The Reason for my Concern

You may wonder what is the reason for my deep concern. The reason is quite simple. The hour for the Loud Cry is here and the church is asleep at the wheel. Those who founded our denomination were decidedly pro-life, but 47 years ago, Pastor Neal Wilson, the father of Ted Wilson, publicly announced that our church was leaning towards abortion because there was too much hunger and there were too many people in the world.

Financial Worries and a Wrong Turn

What prompted Wilson to make such a surprising announcement? It was a special situation at our Castle Memorial Hospital in Hawaii. The State of Hawaii had legalized abortion, and the non-Adventist physicians at said medical facility demanded the right to offer abortion services to their patients and threatened to take their patients elsewhere in the event their request was not satisfied.

This special situation was elevated to the North American Division. Fear of bankruptcy gripped the mind of Wilson and other leaders of the church, and the decision was made that the church would allow abortion as another service to be offered to the public at our medical facilities. The fear of men entered through the door and the fear of the Lord jumped out the window.

Blinded by the Sight of Financial Profit

Both Wilson and many others leaders of the church saw in this an opportunity for profit. Many of our Adventist hospitals decided to participate in this new service to the community. Thus KILLING soon became an integral part of our HEALING ministry. Someone estimated that approximately 15,000 innocent unborn children suffered the baleful result of this new policy at the hands of our own physicians.

A Case of Unusual Financial Success

A young 1964 LLU graduate, who initially wanted to be an evangelist but later switched to medicine, inspired by this unusual altered church policy saw in it a chance to make money.

In a relatively short time, thanks to his ingenuity and hard work, he built a chain of over twenty abortion clinics, managed to kill at least 250,000 innocent unborn children, became a millionaire, and donated a sizable portion of this blood money to several Adventist educational institutions, including Glendale Academy, La Sierra University and Loma Linda University. He also built a church at his horse race facility.

Evidently the leaders of these educational institutions saw nothing wrong in accepting said philanthropic donations, LSU put his name on one of his newly erected buildings, and each one of these institution placed plaques in their buildings in grateful recognition of such magnanimous financial donations.

The Moral Problem

The moral problem is that the God’s Remnant Church, the one keeping ALL of God’s commandments and charged with preaching the final warning message to a lost world saw nothing wrong in profiting from the violation of God’s Holy Law.

Can the church succeed in fulfilling its sacred ministry under these circumstances? You decide! We used to criticize the Catholic organization for altering one of God’s commandments, but we have done the same, and in a much shorter time. We replaced the sixth commandment with a humanly created tradition known as Guidelines on Abortion.

Our Humanly Created Guidelines on Killing

I have solid evidence that our Adventist Health System, that controls a large number of Adventist medical institutions, are following the norms established–not by the Lord, but rather by humanly created guidelines on killing the most innocent members of the human race—the unborn.

The Lord used four words to prohibit the shedding of innocent blood. We used 1314 words to modify and void said prohibition. The document is known as Guidelines on Abortion and is followed by our Adventist Health system. Said guidelines were created 47 years ago, were modified and voted by the General Conference Autumn Council in 1992.

Several Adventist pro-lifers have contacted the General Conference asking why our Adventist medical facilities are profiting from killing. The cursory answer they received was: “Read our guidelines on abortion.” Is this the answer we give to people inquiring about the reason we worship on the Sabbath? Don’t we respond with “Read Exodus 20”? Why is it we tell people to go to tradition instead of the Bible when dealing with a question related to abortion?

High Impact Pro-life Videos to the Rescue

Fortunately, in answer to the prayers of many Adventist pro-lifers, a talented young, energetic Adventist artist responded to God’s call and has so far created over 20 high-impact videos which you should watch.

Here is the link to those high-impact videos. Make sure to watch as many of them as you can, but do not overlook Andrew Michell’s dramatic challenge to Adventist leaders such as Kevin Paulson, Stephen Bohr, Mark Finley, John Bradshaw, and every SDA member of our church.

I am convinced that it is our privilege and moral duty to share these videos with as many Adventists as possible




  1. Even the pagan US government is beginning to reform their evil ways. Maybe the church will continue to follow their lead. Take a look:

    It’s a major development in the fight for unborn babies.

    Finally – for the first time ever – the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has made it the official policy of the United States that life begins at conception.

    Sign the Petition Now
    The abortion industry is in trouble. HHS has consistently expanded abortion and funneled taxpayer money to abortion.

    That changes now. HHS has just released its strategic plan for the next four years, stating that it will pursue policies that “protect[] Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception.”

    As these policies are put it place, it could save countless lives.

    Now we have a crucial opportunity. The ACLJ is filing an official public comment in support of HHS’s strategic plan implementing the policy that life begins at conception.

    We need you to be a part of this critical public comment. Our urgent deadline is in two days.

    Sign Our NEW Petition: Support HHS Pro-Life Policy Initiatives.

    Jay Sekulow
    ACLJ Chief Counsel

    • Thanks for sharing the content of such wonderful news.


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