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Abortion Quotes from Danny Shelton’s “Spiritual Vigilantes” Book, by Nic Samojluk


I am assuming that you know that Danny Shelton is the founder and current president of 3ABN, one of the most influential Adventist independent ministries. Recently, he published a book dealing with the Ten Commandments entitled “Spiritual Vigilantes.”

The publication of this book has historical value, because it is the first time that a well-known Adventist leader has spoken against abortion in this century.

It is no secret that the Adventist leadership has succeeded in keeping the abortion issue out of sight because of its active participation in the financial profit derived from the killing of unborn children starting back in 1970 when Pastor Neal Wilson, the then president of the North American Division of the General Conference publicly declared that the Adventist Church was leaning towards abortion.

I read with great interest Shelton’s book and took the time to copy the comments he made regarding the violation of the sixth commandment of God’s Law. Below, you can read his opinion about the morally shameful practice of depriving the unborn of their right to life.


“The sixth commandment, found in Exodus 20, says, “You shall not murder.” This commandment, written by God, the Creator of life, could not be clearer! It’s straight to the point. “Murder is a sin against our fellow men and against God.” [12]

“Abortion is taking the life of the unborn. Until the Roe v. Wade court case of 1973, abortion was considered murder, yet the Supreme Court legalized most abortions. However, the killing of unborn babies is still a sin in the courts of Heaven, which supersedes the United States Supreme Court.” [29]

“As followers of Christ, there are step we can, and should take, to uphold the “You shall not murder” commandment. Those who vote for candidates that support and champion “Pro-choice” abortion groups should ask themselves whether or not, in the courts of Heaven, they are accessories to murder. Over 60,000,000 unborn babies have been murdered since Roe v. Wade became the law of the land in 1973.

There may not be degrees of murder, but wouldn’t you agree with me that murder against the most defenseless human beings in our society—the unborn—seems especially atrocious?” [35]

“I would challenge each reader to research Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.” [35]

“Her statements were “code” aimed at reducing the population of the black population in the early 1900s.” [36]

“But what if you find out that the candidate of your choice ran over that small child with the intention of killing him/her?” [36]

“Or, let’s say that you not only witnessed the murder of another human being, but you actually handed the attacker the blunt instrument to make it happen. Should you be charges as accessory to the crime? [37]

“The fact that the United States Supreme Court ruled abortion to be legal does not negate the fact that it is still murder according to God’s Ten Commandments. [43]

Note: Shelton’s book “Spiritual Vigilantes” is free. You can order a single copy or 100, 200, or even 1,000. Generous donors are donating large sums of money to make this project feasible. One donor gave $100,000. I have ordered so far 210 copies and have distributed half of those to others. I believe that every Adventist should read this book.

Link for Ordering:



  1. Danny Shelton is as out-of-touch with reality on this issue as is this website.

    • Your reality does not match that of the Bible. You need to wake up from your lethargy.


      • And you fanaticize that your reality does match the bible? Hmm. It would be interesting to imagine you back in the 10th Century BC. I suspect that you would fit in very nicely.

      • If you are questioning the giving of the Ten Commandments then I feel sorry for you. Both you and I will be judged by those rules.


  2. Could a person be on the membership roles of the KKK and faithfully pay their monthly dues while at the same time convince someone else they are not prejudice toward people with black skin? Could someone convince you that the KKK is really a good organization with a loving heart toward their creator and His people even though it’s leadership allowed some of its members to commit some very unloving acts toward a few other people? If they called themselves the remnant would that help convince you? Or what if they once had a prophet among their membership like the Jews once had. Would that convince you? The temple in Jerusalem was once called the house of YAHUAH. Yahushua came to tell the caretakers he was leaving “their” house desolate, but they kept on calling the place the house of YAHUAH until He destroyed it, their city, and most of its inhabitants. How could they be so blind?

    • Yes, but I suspect that that the destruction of Jerusalem was inspired by the Devil. Of course, God removed his protection from the city that had taken the life of the Son of God.


      • The the destruction of the Israel was a fulfillment of YAHUAH’s continual warnings that were ignored. They chose a life of lawlessness that led to their destruction. They replaced the laws of YAHUAH with the doctrines of men. A way that seemed right to men but lead to death. The blind leading the blind.

      • How sad that God’s Remnant church has chosen to replace God’s Law with a document created by fallible human beings. Said document is based on tradition instead of the sure Word of God. Those Guidelines on Abortion are an expression of our human rebellion against heaven. They dare to permit what the Lord has forbidden: the taking of innocent human life. The only solution to this terrible mistake is repentance and confession.


      • Amen. Repentance, to change, is an individual responsibility, not a corporate one. Only the repentance of SDA leaders individually can influence corporate policy and practice to change. Those that dare to spearhead this transformation will be casualties of their own career paths as the controling resistance defends their career paths entrenched in the current corporate culture. Unlike most SDA ambassadors, Danny Shelton’s livelihood is insulated from dependence on the SDA corporate culture. The 64,000 dollar question is, who among SDA leadership will dare to fall on their sword over this aposticy called abortion? It has been 45 years with none daring to stand up for righteousness and repent. They place their careers above righteousness, carnal success above salvation. Those that say they are Yahudeem (Jews) but are not.

      • When Ted Wilson in 1970 announced that the church was leaning towards abortion, he was speaking on behalf of the North American Division of SDA. Someone representing the NAD must apologize in the name of the church, and the same corporate that approved the “Guidelines on Abortion” must void them and ask God for forgiveness to make things right.


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